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Here’s Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 271. This week is a theme prompt.Yvette M. Calleiro provided this month’s theme: Beginnings & Endings.

I’m right in the middle of replacing my very old computer. I reflected on that day many years ago when I opened the box, carefully unpacked it, and set my computer up. Our time together had just started. Now, I’m moving all its information to its replacement and look forward to working without the computer freezing up every few moments or the long periods of waiting. But after all the good years we had together, I needed to say my final goodbye as our partnership ended.

Once shiny and new
towering grace held the world
you were everything
but time downloaded your essence
you’re efficiently replaced

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  1. I haven’t had a desktop for 12 years! I always have a hard time to part my laptops. At one point, I had two old laptops and turned them on once in a while. It took me great strength to take them to Best Buy for recycling them.

    Great poem and perfect response to the challenge, Denise!

    1. Thank you, Miriam 🙂 it is hard to part with them i hadn’t given thought where the computer will end up yet.

    1. It is, Priscilla. Thank you, I have a feeling there will be many good computing years ahead.

  2. A new beginning for sure! Beautiful poem and great response to the prompt, Denise. 💗

  3. “Time downloaded your essence” … a wonderful line!
    Changing computers can feel like losing an old friend … or enemy, depending on the history!
    Great poem, Denise. Love it 💕🙂

    1. Thanks, Harmony 🙂 Yes, it can quickly become an enemy of time too when things start going wrong, like the constant freezing and reloading.

  4. When I was in the mining industry we used to throw the old ones in the crusher and run them through the mill. Turns out they all have a bit of gold circuitry and we could recover that. Makes them a fairly high-grade chunk of “ore.”

  5. Lovely new beginning Denise! I bought a new Mac last year, as everybody said they work well for ten years but my old one is working good and so I didn’t discard the old one 😊 Also, Word and Powerpoint in the new one demand subscription but is free in the old one!

    1. I find computers can last much longer than ten years, which is nice. Nice to have a back up if you need it. Everyone seems to want a subcription now.

  6. A great tribute to an old friend. Good luck with your new computer. I am a laptop person and kept the old one as a backup – just in case.

    1. Thanks, Eugenia 🙂 So far so good. I have both a tower and laptop and use them both, and like you said have a back up just in case.

    1. That’s tough making a system change on top of moving information. I just boughtba used mac laptop a while ago, still learning, but computer is still windows since thats what all my kids are familiar with and work on. Yes, many more years of writing to all of us.

  7. Thank you, Jacquie 🙂 I do remember those days. I used to turn the computer and eat my breakfast and read the paper while it started and loaded. Then of course it was time to connect to the web…lol

  8. I find the computer switching process stressful, Denise, but you sound so calm! I hope that means it’s going well. And a wonderful poem. “towering grace held the world / you were everything” What wonderful lines. Our computers are the windows to the world indeed.

    1. Thank you. Diana 🙂 There is stress mixed in there, with the expectation of a mistake or two on my part, so I wasn’t suprised when it happened…lol. it would have been easier without our internet acting up, but I’m getting there! Might even add in another hard drive next. .well, not me but my daughter. Too many pictures. It has become our world, so different than the typewriter days.

      1. I rely on my daughter (and 8-yr-old grandson) at times. I don’t find it intuitive at all and always get overwhelmed. Glad to hear youre going through it. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I am 🙂 Taking a technology break! Hope yours is going well xo

    1. There’s nothing like having a laptop to be mobile. I like having both the PC and laptop, so There’s backup at all times. Thanks, Marje!

  9. I agree, sometimes I also find myself growing sentimental about things that have served me well for many years. I’m sure your new computer will provide years of great operation. Well done, Denise.

    1. It is easy to get attached to our computers. I know my new one will provide years of use. Thanks, Mark

    1. Thank you, Sally. We do seem to bond with our gateway to the world and just have to adjust to a new guide. Xo

  10. I related to your poem so much – too much! Over the past month I have also had to retire my wonderful (years old) PC. I didn’t want to, but she was getting old and creaky (oh dear, I hope no one says that about me!). I needed a tech guy to come and help with the transfer. It was painful, but now everything is so much faster and sweeter. Congrats on your “computer” move!

    1. I hated to part ways too, but it was time to move on. I moved it all over for the first time by myself. That actually went okay. Still putting on all the programs I use and finally have my i internet back. Happy new computers to open our portal into the world xo

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