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As you know, I love nature. I am at peace amongst the trees, by the river, or with an animal. You find this in my poetry and writing. There are times, though, when I lose my way. Stress builds up, and things get scattered. I take those times to sit and be in the forest or by any water. Usually, I get the balance I am seeking.

Sometimes, though, I seem to need a bit of extra help when messages from beyond come in different packages. I won’t go into the full message, but my takeaway from it.

Recently there have been many messages. The first one to get my attention was a bite from a black widow. Unusual since they usually hide. This one was sitting mid-air where I turn on the hose to water the plants. With very few side effects, I took this seriously and gratefully because it could have been so much worse. Spiders coming around me have always carried the message to be more creative. I apply this to my writing. Black widows can also warn that we are on the wrong path. To work on oneself and work on artistic endeavors. They are powerful females, and I believe here is the message I am one too.

My next event followed soon after with being attacked by several ground nesting bees on my ankles, while my husband and I were clearing our property for our home insurance (it was renewed.) 😊 They didn’t appreciate me raking over their nest. One clung to me as I raced back to the house. I finally got it off and got inside. Bees rarely bother me, so this was a new message to pay attention to my surroundings and trust my intuition. Got it! They are close by when I go outside, so I am paying attention to what is around me.

Coyotes have been making their presence more known lately. I’ve seen three this summer when I’ve never noticed any around the house or forest through the years. Maybe I’m paying more attention? One was walking through our front yard, and I only glimpsed it. The second time I was leaving the house in my car, one crossed the street and then stopped and stared at me. The third time I was exercising and saw two out the window. This couple headed for the Magical Trail. Seeing them includes the need to be more playful, adaptable, patient, and even having good luck. Also, I can handle what is coming to me.

Not a good picture, but here is the frog from that night.

Now the oddest of the bunch. A couple of days ago, I was in bed watching a movie while my husband played music. It was a calm, warm summer night. Right then, something wet splatted onto my arm, and I immediately hit it away. Then I jumped out of bed, flipped all the lights on, and began my search. Soon, I saw a little frog hopping along the floor. I have no idea how he got into the house or my bedroom, but he was there. The little frog gave me the most intense stare when I captured him. He was soon moved to the outside water fountain. I looked up a frog’s meaning and was relieved to find it was good luck. Jumping on me could mean a period of growth, abundance, and getting to know myself better.

Then there are the white feathers. I see many of them on my walk, and we don’t have white birds here, gray yes, white no. I feel only love coming from those, though.

So, many messages lately signal to me that a change is coming. I can already see the start of it and my part to play. It may involve a helping role while ensuring I take care of myself. A balancing act. I’m hoping that it will all work out for the best. It sounds like everything will ultimately be okay according to the messages received. Fingers crossed.

What about you? Do you get little messages too? Does it make it into your writing?

I’ll end this with a haiku:

magic hand

gentle breeze

blows forest magic

in my soul

Embrace your inner child by reading a magical book! D. L. Finn

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  1. I’m not paying attention to little messages. The big ones are in my face and all around me. A major shift is coming but I’m unsure what it means.

    1. There does seem to be plently of big messages with the little ones right now, Lynda. I’m hoping for a postive shift but it will definitely be a lesson filled one. Hugs xo

  2. I’ve seen signs before when I prayed for guidance, but I’m seldom aware of messages unless I seek them. I don’t think I would have thought to look up the significance of animals I came in contact with. Very interesting.

    So glad you didn’t get seriously hurt, and happy you’re embracing whatever changes might be coming your way.

    1. You make a good point of seeking these messages when asking for help. That is a wonderful first step to pray for guidance. I can’t remember exactly what made me look it up a while back but it an important guidance since then. Maybe its where we look?
      Thank you, Staci. Yes, have to embrace that change for sure. Xo

    1. Thank you, Harmony 🙂 That’s my hope and that it is means some postitive shifts in the world too.

    1. I am very lucky to live in the forest even with the droughts what goes with that. Thanks, Craig 🙂

  3. Hi Denise, great you have nature to feed your intuition and inspiration. Without these incidents, we would not have your post here. 😉 I too, feel a change in the air. It may just be the cooler temperature on the horizon now that summer is receding. I hope that whatever it is, you’ll persevere and succeed. xo

    1. I am very lucky to have nature feed my inspiration and intuition too. Definitely wouldn’t have this post without all these interactions;) I’ll take that change of cooler weather and some rain. Thank you, Eden, I hope the same for you 🙂

  4. You are so wise to pay attention to the messages, Denise. YES! I believe they come to us when we need to be aware of something that we’re missing. The frog being in your bedroom, then jumping on you, is so out of the norm, it had to be a sign. I love that you are tuned in enough to look them up and incorporate them into your psyche. Life is a balancing act and we need all the help we can get! A beautiful haiku!

    1. Thanks, Jan 🙂 When the frog jumped on me it was so odd it could only be a message. I knew it was time to take all these things more seriously. Life sure is a delicate balancing act where I need to hang on until I can get my feet planted better. The heads up by the frog and rest was much appreciated, that hanging on will work out. Xo

  5. I love the idea of following messages from the animals around you and finding positive influences from nasty bites and stings. Bravo! The frog is the best story! Love it!

    1. Thank you, Sarah 🙂 It’s easy to get busy and forget to be grateful and notice those little things. The frog I couldn’t ignore. Still can’t figure out how he got in and was able to pass by our cats so freely but he sure did.

  6. You are highly intuitive Denise… comprehending mute messages is a skill that is acquired when we pay attention to our surroundings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thanks, Balroop 🙂 I think writing poetry about nature put me more in tune with it. We all need to pay attention to our surroundings and I think we get wake up calls to do so.

  7. An informative post, Denise. We have so many animals around us that their visits seems so ordinary. I’ll pay attention and see if there are some meanings around them

    1. Thanks, John 🙂 We are surrounded by animals and it can become very ordinary. That frog though stood out to me and got me to thinking. I have plenty of interaction with squirrels as they prepare for winter. One overachiever was throwing green pinescones to the ground when I put birdfeed out yesterday. I had to move quickily to avoid getting hit. I don’t know if that was a message or wrong place wrong time. At least I noticed. It is interesting though when you get repeats of the same thing over amd over. I hope you find some!

  8. Hi,
    I keep discovering that it is the small things ,or small scenes, or sudden coincidences that I need to pay attention to. They ´may not mean anything to anyone else, but these events speak to me. I enjoyed reading your article.
    Shalom aleichem

    1. Thank you, Pat 🙂 Yes, they are something others wouldn’t notice but they sure get our attention. They become more than just coincidences we definitely need to pay attention to. Xo

    1. Spiders only bother me when they are above me or on me. I get busy writing to discourage that 😉 I was in awe of how beautiful coyotes are, and the bees, I prefer they keep their distance but gratefully accept their honey.

  9. Ouch about the spiders and bees, but kinda cool about the frog. I see so many animals every day that I don’t think about specific messages from what animals I see. (Boars, cows and bulls, horses, snakes, armadillos, deer, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and guinea fowl.) I do look for signs that God might be sending me, though, so anything unusual tends to stick out.

    1. Sounds like you have an abundance of nature and animals surrounding you too, Priscilla. I do too, with deer, bears, deer, squirrels and such but those moments when its different or stands out sure does beg for attention. Yes, I do believe we get the signs we ask for although not always where we expect or want them to be.

    1. My theory was I didn’t end up in ER like the people I’ve heard of that have been bitten did, so figured I got lucky…lol. Either that or I now have a super power.

  10. I love this post, Denise! What beautiful meanings behind our random encounters with nature. I can’t say I’ve put much thought into these kinds of situations before, but I’m certainly going to start!
    Your mentioning of the feathers reminded me of a dear friend. She recently shared with me that she has found a single white feather in her house. This has happened on multiple occasions. Strange thing is she lives in town, in a suburb so there’s no real reason for the feathers to appear. Me being me, I did the research, and it’s definitely a positive thing. All about love and being watched out for. <3 Nature never seizes to amaze me.

    1. Thank you, Mar 🙂 I couldn’t help notice them after a while. Then I began to wonder. A good sign for your friend and I really do feel love when I find them. I figure they are either from an angel or someone who is still watching over me. Nature is a pretty magical place. xo

    1. I figure either and angel or someone watching over me. I had one twirl around me once and then land at my feet. Later that night one floated by while i was reading. Definitely a good thing. xo

  11. I know this is not the response you intended, Denise, but I’m just glad you are okay. I would have been in the emergency room or worse.
    Although I do look for animal messengers, I’m not in a place where I can see that many. Anyhow it’s something I’ve done since the mid 1990s when I was given the “Medicine Cards” (and book) by Jamie Sams and David Carson.
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. I am very lucky, Teagan. I made a point of staying calm and being surrounded by crystals until I passed what I considered the danger part of it. Thanks goodness for writing to keep my mind off of it. The bad effects to watch for never came…whew!
      I have the very same book and cards, “Medicine Cards.” That might of pointed me in the direction of looking too.
      Hugs on the wing right back to you.

    1. I definitely have had my share recently. I do notice more wildlife with all the fires we’ve had. I make sure they have water as they pass through. We’ve ended up with a different type of squirrel, gray is our normal guests, that must of relocated. He is loud, throws pinecones, I had to jump out of the way of one, but he’s also entertaining. I dont’ mind any of that until I run into a spider or something else odd.

  12. You seem to be getting strong messages, Denise, and a lot of them. It’s a time of transition with the season’s change and you’re getting strong guidance, at the very least to be observant. Lots of power in there too. An inspiring post. I’ll have to pay more attention. 🙂

    1. Yes, very strong messages, Diana. It is a time of change in the season and worlsld and I think I nay have needed that strong nudge to hear it. At least I’m paying attention 🙂 I hope you get all good messages. Xo

      1. I love that! When I see one circling I know I need to see the whole picture. I love what they tell us.

  13. Speaking about white feathers, Denise, do you know the story of John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon and a white feather? “One thing Dad said to me should he pass away, if there was any way of letting me know he was going to be ok the message would come to me in the form of a white feather. Then something happened to me about ten years ago when I was on tour in Australia. I was presented with a white feather by an Aboriginal tribal elder, which definitely took my breath away. One thing for sure is that the white feather always represented peace to me.” Julian then started his White Feather Foundation. Their mission is “to bring awareness to worthy organizations by amplifying their voices, expanding their supporter communities and providing funding for their projects and initiatives.”

    1. I didn’t know that story, Ken. What a great message Julian got and I love the foundation he started from it.

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