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To Hunt a Sub (Rowe-Delamagente #1)

By J. Murray

“To Hunt a Sub” is not only a thriller about preventing a terrorist from attacking America but a well-researched story with fascinating characters. Kali is trying to get her research project, Otto, funded when she catches the attention of ex-Navy Seal, Zeke, and a cruel terrorist. Her friends, son, and dog aren’t safe in this crucial battle. Otto not only traces the path and journey of prehistoric woman Lucy but can also find top secret submarines or why Kali has so much interest. I love it when Kali and Zeke join forces, each offering their strengths to the fight. The attention to detail made this scenario seem possible and real to me. The terrorist cruelty was chilling, while the love of a mother was a driving force. Many unexpected twists and surprises were mixed in, as who could be trusted came to light. This story had a unique way of blending our past with a current situation that would affect the future. Not a fast read, but one well worth the time spent reading. I can easily recommend this book.

Sublime Shadows Of Life

By Balroop Singh 


I always enjoy poetry by Ms. Singh and this collection was more beautifully written poems. It’s seeped in emotion that not only touches the heart but gets the reader thinking. It can be read within an hour or two but is meant for the reader to savor. Here are just a few of the many lines that caught my attention and moved me. The Land of the Dead: “Someone entered the land of the dead/Dragged life along ahead/Stirred them out of their slumber/but before muffled voices/could be heard, he was yelled at/Cursed, chastised, forced to quit. Know Shadows: “Dark moonless nights/Are the nights I crave for,/All shadows vanish and merge/Into the corridors of life. Eternal Wait: “Misty mornings/Eerie silence, long walks/Through the woods/What is this place? So familiar!/Nostalgia is painfully pleasant. Magic of Heavenly Drops: “Those soft falling drops/Tiptoe into your heart/To carry you along/Into the dripping trees. A wonderful collection that I can highly recommend to all those who loved to be moved by exquisite words.


Poetry Treasures 2: Relationships

By Kaye Lynne Booth (Editor)Robbie Cheadle (Editor/Author)Colleen M. Chesebro  (Author), Miriam Hurdle (Author), Arthur Rosch  (Author), Elizabeth Merry (Author), D. Avery (Author), Harmony Kent (Author), Leon Stevens (Author), Lynda McKinney Lambert (Author), Jules Paige (Author), M.J. Mallon  (Author), and Lauren Scott  (Author)

“Poetry Treasures 2: Relationships” is a collection of poetry from several authors. I have enjoyed the work of many of the poets, but there were some I met for the first time in this book. It was nice how it was set up to introduce the author before their poetry. I appreciated having many poets together in one collection to experience different views, feelings, and images. The individual take on relationships offered a glimpse into not only their writing but gave me a few new authors to read. There was a lot of great poetry, so I won’t single any out to share. A fantastic read I can easily recommend for poetry lovers.


I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review, in that case:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

Embrace your inner beautiful soul by reading a book! D. L. Finn

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    1. Thank you, Harmony 🙂 I always enjoy collections and getting to read so many different styles. Have a wonderful week too!

    1. I was happy to share it here, Marje. I really enjoyed it and seeing all the different styles.

    1. Thanks, Priscilla 🙂 It is hard to review a poetry or even short story collection with so many different styles. I always enjoy Jacqui’s stories. Happy reading!

  1. Thank you Denise for picking up my debut book! What a pleasant surprise! I am glad it moved you. Poetry Treasures sounds like a wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing your lovely reviews. 🤗

    1. I realky enjoyed it, Balroop as I do all of your poetry 🙂 It was a fun collection of poets.

  2. HI Denise, I am delighted to discover this wonderful review of Poetry Treasures 2, together with fantastic reviews of Balroop and Jacqui’s books. I am not much of a thriller reader, but I have read and enjoyed some of Jacqui’s ancient history novels and am starting another this week. Balroop’s poetry is always gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Robbie 🙂 I enjoyed the collection and seeing all the different styles. I always enjoy Jacqui’s stories and never disappointed with Balroops beautiful poetry.

  3. A wonderful collection of titles, Denise. Congrats to all three authors.

    I really enjoyed Jacqui’s To Hunt a Sub (talk about intense!), and have the sequel on my Kindle.

  4. Excellent reviews, Denise. I love the eclectic mix of authors an anthology offers. I really enjoyed Balroop’s book. And Jacqui’s book sounds really good. A great set this time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Staci. I love the mixture in anthologies too. It’s a good way to find a new author. You can’t go wrong with Jacqui or Balroop.

    2. To Hunt a Sub is set in present day, with the plot influenced by our ancestors. I wrote it before the prehistoric trilogies and it helped convince me to dig deeper into our past. Thanks, Staci!

  5. I enjoy your reviews Denise. Congrats to all for your lovely reviews. P.S. I couldn’t share to Twitter because you had too many characters in your link <3

    1. Thank you, Debby 🙂 Sorry about that! I wanted to be sure to get as many authors from the poetry collection as I could.

  6. I enjoyed these reviews, Denise. Congrats to everyone! It was particularly nice to see Poetry Treasures 2. I had such fun making the cover according to Robbie’s ideas. She’s lovely to work with.
    Hugs on the wing.

  7. More exceptional reviews. I love Balroop’s poetry, as I do yours. Jacqui always tells a good tale. This was no exception. I haven’t read Poetry Treasurers 2, but it sounds lovely. Nice to see a poetry anthology.

    1. Thank you, Sandra 🙂 Never disappointed in Balroops collections. Yes, Jacqui does always weave a good tale. Anthologies are fun with different perspectives. Xo

    1. Thank you, Jacquie 🙂 So very true, I might have to hit at least 100 to make it through my list…lol.

  8. While the first author, J. Murray is new to me, your review has piqued my interest. Balroop’s poetry is always top notch and I see plenty of talented writers in, “Poetry Treasures.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts with these great reviews, Denise.

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