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Lion Scream: Syllabic Poetry About Southern African Wildlife

By Robbie Cheadle

“Lion Scream” is a creative collection of poetry, photos, information, links, and a short story. The poetry tells a story of the wildlife in South Africa. It is not always a pleasant narrative with the loss of their habitat or cruel hunters maiming for profit. I learned a lot about the animals and found all the poems fascinating on many different levels. Ms. Cheadle discusses the Sixth Mass Extinction and Climate Change effect on animal life through her visits to wildlife reserves and personal interaction. She shares extra reading through links to learn more, which I appreciated. This was a meaningful way to bring the plight of animals to people’s attention. The short story, at the end, tackled another important subject of our youth’s mental health and the medication used. I won’t pick out my favorites because the message is too important. A book not to be missed by those who love animals and the world we share with them.

Black Opal Amulets #3

By Sandra Cox

“Black Opal” is the third book in the Amulet series. Sabina is a famous singer who has the power amulet. While singing on stage, she is almost killed but is saved by Adam Morelly, the nephew of a mob boss. There is an immediate attraction between them that she chooses to ignore because of his relatives. Yet, he is determined to keep her safe from someone trying to kill her. Seeing Maureen and Bella back from the first two books is fun. I love their friendship and how they are there for each other no matter what. At the same time, a killer on the loose wants everything these women have, including Adam. There is a sweet moment when Adam also finds a kitten, Bones, in the garbage and takes it in. An excellent addition to the series that can be a standalone read, but I enjoyed reading it from the beginning! A book and series I can easily recommend.

Tall, Dark and Undead

By Sandra Cox

Suzanne gets attacked by three men in an alley on the way home. A kickboxer, she can usually take care of herself, but this time she was overwhelmed. A hero appears, a handsome mystery man with strange eyes with unusual abilities, and saves her. He gets her to the hospital, where she recovers. A strong woman who has made her job as an assistant at the hospital her entire focus, finds herself drawn to two men, one a cop and one a vampire. I love the developing relationship between her and Adrian. He is a vampire with a conscience and a vegetarian, or he doesn’t feed on humans anymore. He is as torn as Suzanne as feelings grow between them. I adore the connection between Suzanne and her fatherly boss, Kess. A paranormal love story that I can easily recommend.

Lily Adler Mystery #4

Murder at Midnight

By Katharine Schellman

“Murder at Midnight” is the fourth book in the Lily Adler Mystery Series, but I could easily follow along once I got through the first couple of chapters. Set in 1816, some guests attending a ball can’t make it home because of a sudden heavy snowstorm. The host, Lady Grantham, offers her hospitality, but they wake up to a murder. Lily is one of those guests. She is a young widow who attended with her family and is known for solving mysteries. Lily immediately becomes involved in this one. Gossip and innuendos can ruin a young woman’s reputation and put a family friend, Amelia, right into the suspect’s chair. Amelia’s brother, Jack, was Lily’s husband’s best friend and is now hers. There are developing relationships, and hidden motives interweaved into this story, along with solving a murder. This is for you if you enjoy historical mysteries with a strong female character.

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews here! If I don’t like the book, I won’t finish it. It wouldn’t be fair to leave a review for an unfinished story, and life is too short not to enjoy my reading journey!


I wasn’t going to do this Vocal Poetry Challenge but in one of my I sleepless moments, it came. I did a tanka poem 5/7/5/7/7 and made each word start with the same letter which turned out to be F. The challenge was that all the words start with the same letter. I’d love for you to stop by to like, comment and/or share it. Here is the link:


Embrace your inner child, and read a good book! D. L. Finn

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  1. It’s funny how sleepless moments spark creativity (sometimes, at least). Loved your F tanka. Great reviews, Denise! I’ve been reading a lot of mysteries, but I haven’t read anything by Schellman yet.

    1. Yes those sleepless moments csn at least be creative ones, most of the time! I enjoy a good mystery and always on the lookout for a good one, Priscilla 🙂

  2. There ya go making me smile:) Thanks for the inclusion with these other awesome authors. I appreciate ya.
    I loved your tanka. So purrfect:)

    1. Almost completed your catalog, Sandra 😉 Thank you, that was sure a challenge.

  3. Thanks for the reviews, Denise. I also enjoyed Lion Scream, and I’m was delighted to read about two Sandra books that I hadn’t checked out before. Thanks for all the reviews and for introducing me to Schellman’s book two. Your poem over at vocal was great. Such a challenging challenge! But you made it flow exceptionally well. I’m impressed. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Diana 🙂 I’m still finding books I haven’t read of hers. Enjoying one of yours right now, Sunweilder and diving into your catalog. Yes, definitely a challenge using the same letter. Xo

      1. Thanks so much, Denise. That makes me happy (little dance happening right now). And I just preordered your new one about 15 minutes ago so I can get a review done before your tour. 🙂 It makes the world go round. Hugs.

    1. It was a fantastic read, Balroop:) At least those sleepless moments csn be productive! Xo

  4. Wonderful reviews and books Denise. Congrats to Robbie, Katharine and Sandra. Loved your poem too. I seem to have trouble on that site. I’d signed up because Harmony writes there too, but everytime it never remembers me and won’t even let me ‘heart’ a post. <3

    1. Thank you, Debby 🙂 I appreciate you trying and doery its giving you issues xo

      1. I had issues with that at first too. Not sure why it suddenly started working for me.

  5. Wonderful reviews, as always, Denise. Kudos to all these wonderful authors. Big congratulations Robbie, for your wonderful book “Lion Scream”. Your message is a profound and caring one, for all who love animals, and are appalled by those who mistreat both them and their land. ❤️🌷

    1. Thank you, Judy 🙂 I felt the same about those mistreating thevanimals and land.

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