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As Good as Gold: A dog’s life in poems

By Patricia Furstenberg

“As Good as Gold” is a wonderful collection of poetry for the young at heart to share with the children in your life. It gives us a glimpse of the world through an animal’s perspective. There are several themes, including seasonal and a great insight into what a dog might be thinking. Different styles of poetry are showcased, each a tiny slice of a dog’s life. It’s hard not to smile when looking through a dog’s eyes. This is a beautiful collection for dog and animal lovers of all ages who enjoy poetry.


By Sandra Cox

Eighteen-year-old Gillian has wealth, beauty, and a stunning house, but she also lives with a curse. During the night hours, she and her best friend, Merrick, the cat, can do anything they want, but at sunrise they are whisked into a big chuck of marble to spend the day. It was a genie’s tradeoff for all her ancestor’s riches. The other catch to this wish, after falling in love, the first-born daughter dies after giving birth to their first-born daughter. Gillian lives with this, especially avoiding interaction with young men. That all changes when she saves a young girl, and realizes her caretakers have hired the handsome older brother. Gillian is determined to find the genie and break the spell, while someone means her harm. I love the relationship between Gillian and Merrick, the talking cat, and her loyal caretakers. She is a strong young woman who wants to make changes while fighting her feelings. A read that was hard to put down and I can easily recommend it, especially to those who love a good paranormal romance.

Yes I Can!

Bobbi Dot

“Yes I Can!” is a whimsically illustrated young reader’s book with a positive Christian message. It is great for parents to read with their young children or beginning readers. Its theme is not only believing in yourself, but God. This is ideal for parents and even Sunday schools that want to get that message across. A fun and meaningful debut by Ms. Dot.


By Judith Barrow

Angie and Mandy are ordinary teenagers until a horrible tragedy tears their lives apart. It’s heartbreaking, and I wondered if the family would survive what’s happened. They don’t. Mandy takes the blame and is sent to live with her aunt and uncle. Here she becomes Lisa and finds some understanding. Angie, who doesn’t step up and do the right thing, can’t live with her guilt. She runs away, only to find life hard and survival harder. It’s at a funeral that the two girls meet again as adults. This is when pain and anger collide with a touch of love and forgiveness. Right or wrong, each character deals with the pain and loss in their own way. The past was gone and mishandled, but these broken people had the present moment. That’s when hope came into the story and brought back something that seemed impossible. I was taken on a journey through all my emotions. “Sisters” was a hard story to put down, and I highly recommend it.

Return to Silverhills

By Sandra Cox

I read and loved the first book, “Silverhills,” and was excited to see there was going to be a sequel. “Return to Silverhills” captivated me just like the first book did. There are many memorable characters, and revisiting the ones from the first book was like a joyful family reunion. Brandon and Alex return home with a larger family and a new friend, Lisa. Jeff, Brandon’s younger brother, is set to make a cattle run, but their cook has injured his arm. Lisa volunteers to go along and help. There is immediate chemistry between Lisa and Jeff, but she has sworn off men after what has happened to her. I love the grandfatherly relationship between Lisa and Cookie, and the sweet baby calf, Lucky, that thinks Jeff is his mother. The scenery is beautifully described, and I could easily imagine riding on the Chisholm trail with them. Lisa’s a strong character searching for her inner strength and a way to heal. As the group tries to survive the elements and cattle thieves, there is someone close to them to deal with. A fantastic western romance with healing, survival, family, trust, and love that I highly recommend.

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews here! If I don’t like the book, I won’t finish it. It wouldn’t be fair to leave a review for an unfinished story, and life is too short not to enjoy my reading journey!


Book reviews and regular posts will be back May 16th after the Blog Tour.

You may have noticed more books in my review posts. This is what I’m doing now since I want to bring in other topics but don’t want to add another day other than my challenges, new releases, or updates.

One idea floating around is Finn’s Forest. This would vary from poetry, local lore, interesting animals facts to strange orbs. Plus, I can venture out into other nature areas too.

Embrace your inner child, and read a good book! D. L. Finn

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    1. Thank you, Sue 🙂 Sorry you are having issues. I wish I understood why WordPress has these problems.

  1. Hi Denise, lovely reviews. I have also read Sisters which is excellent and As good as Gold which is delightful.

    1. Thanks, Robbie 🙂 Yes, both good reads. I believe I got the nudge to read As Good as Gold from your review!

  2. You read a big variety of books in these two reading wrapups, Denise. You also reminded me I haven’t read a Patricia Furstenberg book in ages. I love her children’s stories! Good reviews!

    1. I have been reading a big variety for sure, Priscilla 🙂 I’m with you, I do enjoy Patricia’s stories.

  3. Dear Denise, what a marvelous Easter surprise! Thank you so much for this bright and cherful review.
    I am honored to see my book mentioned in such great company. 😊
    Congratulations to all these talented women writers!

  4. What a lovely surprise AND to be included with these amazing authors.
    I think you’re all caught up on my catalog now. Talk about perseverance. You’re the woman…and the ideas slinger. Hehe.

    1. All great reads 🙂 I have one more to go.. lol I enjoyed Every moment of it too!

  5. Great reviews, Denise. I’ve read Sunset by Sandra Cox and thoroughly enjoyed it. And Judith’s book is on my reading radar. Congratulations to all the authors.

    BTW, I love the idea of a Finn’s Forest post!

    1. Thanks, Mae 🙂 I have a deeling you will enjoy Sisters. I am excited about all the things I can talk about 🙂

  6. I love your reviews, Denise. I have several of these waiting in the wings for my attention and I know I’m going to enjoy them. Congratulations to the authors!

  7. I’m so glad I checked again to see if I could comment. I can! Excellent reviews, Denise. You’ve been reading up a storm. The only one I’ve read from this bunch was Return to Silverhills, so I have some books to look forward to. Congrats to Sandra, Judith, Bobbi, and Patricia on the wonderful reviews. 😀

    1. I appreciate your determination to comment, Diana 🙂 I always love finding new books to read! Yes, been lucky to be able to get some good reading in, although its slowed down a bit. Enjoy all your reading xo

      1. It distresses me when I can’t comment, so I’m glad it was just a temporary glitch. It’s snowing like crazy here, so I hope to get some reading in today. 😀

      2. I’m the same way too about commenting and feel bad when I can’t. We finally got some warm and dry days. I officially have spring fever! Enjoy your cozy reading weather and snowy beauty. Xo

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