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I want to welcome Jude Itakali here today to celebrate his upcoming release, “BROKEN TIES: Book 2 Realms of the Mist.” It is available for pre-order, and my review is below.


Kamau, Ninuwe and Kena, are bound by the trials of their recent past, and forced onto a dark and magical quest through the Gifted realms of Africa. They must assemble the God-killer, an ancient weapon that can destroy the Evil One. The problem is; the Evil One has irreversibly merged with Kamau’s once closest and only friend, Irina.

War is brewing. Monsters are slipping into the greater human world. Gods are toying with them. The mission demands sacrifices that seem too costly to pay, and yet they must also navigate a desperate love triangle and the personal ambitions of young adults.
With allies who blur into enemies
Will Kamau and his friends find the strength to sacrifice anything,
And do whatever it takes,

Can they give up all that they hold dear, to save people they barely know?



The term Luzan is one I derived from the Zulu and the San of Southern Africa. The Luzan share strong characteristics with both tribes.

Anubis and Anput are the ancient Egyptian gods of death. In some myths, they were one, in others they were siblings, lovers… and others. I used them as the past forms of my goddesses of death, the Blessed Sisters, who are twins and oddly in the form of little girls.

I did create a number of my own myths and legends and history. Look out for their cameos.


“Okay, listen closely,” her voice was serious now. “You know about Gifted magic and touch. The gods intended it that way, so you would always be close to the earth and nature. In many ways, it is you who bind them to this world, or else they would have no sense of identity.”



I wanted to talk a little about magic here on Denise’s stop of the tour, but the excerpt above pretty much sums up what actually makes the Gifted, gifted. I had an array of what kind of magic system to use as there are countless myths and lore from African traditions. However, I wanted to use a worldly system that you can find anywhere; touch.
While the events in this book take place on the African continent, there are mentions of a Gifted world that exists all over the world. That’s probably why I wrote this in the contemporary modern day, because it is meant to be for a global audience, just set in Africa.

I read and enjoyed “Realms of the Mist” and was eager to read “Broken Ties.” The story opens with a couple watching a mountain that’s activity foreshadows what is coming. This scene pulled me back into the exquisitely described world Mr. Itakali created. Ninuew, Kamau, and Kena have joined forces to fight the Evil One in the Gifted Realms. Unfortunately, the Evil One has taken over the body of Kamau’s best friend, Irina. The group has to assemble a weapon that will take out their enemy while dealing with their issues. There is growth in these characters from the last book, especially Kamau. I feel for the choices he has to make. Some surprising twists made me unable to put the book down. Reading the books in order would be better with such a beautifully crafted realm and story. The end offered some answers but also set up the story for book three, which I enthusiastically await to see what happens next. You will enjoy this story if you love fantasy, mythology, and moving descriptions!
Pdf/epub copies of Broken Ties to three of the most regular participants in the blog tour comments section, as well as a copy of CROSSROADS for each.



Jude Itakali is a poet, writer, and fiction author from the suburbs of Kampala, Uganda.

His latest novel, “Broken Ties” is the second in his debut fantasy trilogy, Realms of the Mist, with the third book in production.

Jude’s poetry has been featured in No.1 bestselling anthologies like Hidden in Childhood and Poetry Treasures, as well as his first poetry collection; “Crossroads (Winds of love)”.

When not crunching numbers into a computer, or pursuing infrequent exercise routines, you can find Itakali writing fiction in a small cubicle, or under a tree writing poetry and short stories for his website Tales told different.

You can get Jude’s tour schedule by visiting his blog:


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  1. D. L. and Jude,

    Magic is a unique force, could it be natural? Could everyone possess it?
    Some say having faith of any kind is magic. All the best in reality and the magic it holds!

  2. Fabulous review, Denise. I loved this book (and series, as well). I’ll post my review this week. Jude has created a vibrant world with engaging characters! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Bravo Jude! Thanks so much, Denise.

  3. A wonderful review, Denise, and it was great to get the scoop on the mythology in the book. I thought some of it was created from Jude’s imagination, but wasn’t sure. Congrats to Jude on another fun tour stop. Thanks for hosting.

    1. Thanks, Diana:) I always love learning the behind the scene information on a story.

    2. Thank you so much, Diana. Yes, I’d say about half was newly created, and the other half was based on real existing legend, history and myth. The realms are all created from scratch.💜😇

  4. I found Jude’s discussion of the role that myths and legends play in the Realms of the Mist trilogy particularly interesting. (I like his blog tour avatar, too.)

    1. Thank you, Liz. Hehe, I dressed my avatar real nice for the tour. Even dyed the hair. I’m having such a great time on the tour. This has to be the fun part of marketing.😃

  5. I am seeing Jude’s new book all over the blogging world and it’s great to have it pop up here. It sounds like an amazing story! Thanks for hosting, Denise, and best wishes to Jude.

    1. Thank you so much, Jan. Yay! If it’s being seen, then it’s working. The last one had a complicated launch. It wasn’t self published and I had to relaunch when I got back my rights. So I’m happy to be settled with this one.🙏🏾

    1. Hi, Felicia. You know, I’ve been so engrossed in book 2 but the other day I was plotting book3 and went back to read some of book1 and it was a different experience after reading book 2. Different in a good prequel way. But I’m the author and Denise is the reader so she is in a better place to advise on which to start with.

    1. Thanks, Robbie 🙂 Jude really created a unique and fascinating story.

  6. Nice review Denise of Jude’s book!

    “Will Kamau and his friends find the strength to sacrifice anything,
    And do whatever it takes,”

    Gosh I expect so.. and I love the word definition to make things clearer for me.

    He’s on a roll and you sure created a lot of buzz.

    Congratulations~ 🎉

    1. Thanks, Cindy 🙂 It’s a good read! Jude sure is on a roll and his book is getting well deserved attention.

      1. I don’t know what you did for twitter. I kept getting loads of notifications from people retweeting and posting.🙏🏾🤓

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