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I wanted to let you know that it was decided not to have a blog post today due to unforeseen circumstances. The final stop is on Monday, and then I’ll announce the three Blog Tour Winners on Tuesday.

I thought you might be curious as to what was in the post. Here’s the background information, excerpt, Fun Finn Facts, and I’ve also included my host book review and tour schedule:

“Last Ride of the Night” was written for the much missed and loved Susanne Burke’s ‘Fiction in a Flash Challenge.’

The image was of a Ferris wheel. I love going to our local county fair every year if I can. I enjoy the exhibits, food, and a few rides. The Ferris wheel is not one of the rides I like since the height and constant stops terrify me.

But it got me thinking, what if being way up at the top became a good thing? If it was the safest place to be. Pete and Lacey find themselves in that situation, stopped at the top, unable to believe what they see.


The monsters remained in the shadows, waiting. My husband and I sat at the top of the Ferris wheel. I would have enjoyed the view any other time, but not with death lurking below us. Pete wrapped his arm protectively around my shoulders as the last hopeless scream faded away. It was the older man who operated the ride, the same man who had winked at us and said we had the wheel all to ourselves because it was almost closing time. We didn’t even know the name of the hero who had stopped the ride right before—

No, I couldn’t think about that.

I tried to dial 9-1-1, but there was no signal. I couldn’t text or email. There was no way to communicate or get information.

“We’re safe up here, Lacy.”

“What if they climb up?”

“These creatures can barely walk. They’re like zombies.”

I nodded, watching the monsters approach a building where a family had taken shelter. I’d seen that beautiful family in line when we got our favorite chocolate swirl ice cream in a cup. The two young boys had been so excited about their first monster truck show. I hoped the actual monsters didn’t find them now.


  1. I have three kids, two girls, and one boy.
  2. My husband and I flew on a water plane over the Alaskan Fjords. I was thrilled when we landed in the water and could stand outside the plane. I have secretly always wanted to be a bush pilot.

Angie and Mandy are ordinary teenagers until a horrible tragedy tears their lives apart. It’s heartbreaking, and I wondered if the family would survive what’s happened. They don’t. Mandy takes the blame and is sent to live with her aunt and uncle. Here she becomes Lisa and finds some understanding. Angie, who doesn’t step up and do the right thing, can’t live with her guilt. She runs away, only to find life hard and survival harder. It’s at a funeral that the two girls meet again as adults. This is when pain and anger collide with a touch of love and forgiveness. Right or wrong, each character deals with the pain and loss in their own way. The past was gone and mishandled, but these broken people had the present moment. That’s when hope came into the story and brought back something that seemed impossible. I was taken on a journey through all my emotions. “Sisters” was a hard story to put down, and I highly recommend it.

Here is the tour schedule.

A link will be added to the list as each stop becomes available. There will be a post with the link and author information included here for each stop.

Three winners will be randomly picked from the tour comments for a $20, $10, or $5 Amazon Gift Card on May 16th!

Since it’s a short story collection, each stop will be different.

In the Tree’s Shadow Pre-order Tour:

Tuesday, April 4thRobbie Cheadle “Book Video.”

Wednesday, April 12th Sally Cronin “Pre-order Book Promotion.”

In the Tree’s Shadow Release Tour:

Monday, April 17thGwen Plano, “Stranded.

Tuesday, April 18th Joan Hall, “The Dolphin.”

Wednesday, April 19thJohn Howell, “Lyrical Dragon.”

Thursday, April 20th Staci Troilo, “It’s Only a Dream.”

Friday, April 21stCraig Boyack, “In the Shadows.”

Monday, April 24thHarmony Kent, “The Boy.”

Tuesday, April 25th Jan Sikes, “End of the Road.”

Wednesday, April 26thStephen Geez, “The Day the Ground Moved.”

Thursday, April 27thBeem Weeks, “A Day at the Lake.”

Friday, April 28th Sandra Cox, “In That Moment.”

Monday, May 1st Jacquie Biggar, “The Bench.”

Tuesday, May 2nd D. Wallace Peach, “Effervescent Potion.”

Wednesday, May 3rdMae Clair, “When the Lights go Out.”

Thursday, May 4th Jacqui Murray, “Faith.”

Friday, May 5th Yvette M. Calleiro, The Bike.”

Monday, May 8th Miriam Hurdle, “Playdate.”

Tuesday, May 9th Marcia Meara, “Alone.”

Wednesday, May 10th Annette Rochelle Aben, “Deadline.”

Thursday, May 11thKaren Ingalls, “The Bonsai.”

Friday, May 12th“Last Ride of the Night.”

Monday, May 15thBalroop Singh, “Man on the Pier.”

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    1. Something about being able to float on water after being in the air that fascinates me. A place I used to want to live.

    1. Exactly, Liz ! Not a place you’d catch me and this might be the only time , it would be good to be up there.

    1. I really enjoyed doing them, John 😉 Everyone came up with such great responses.

  1. Wow. The wonderful things you do here. Amazing.
    Judith Borrow. I’ve had the pleasure of reading her work: The Heart Stone was amazing!!
    Thanks for all you do. I bless you.

    1. Thanks, Selma 🙂 I have Heart Stones on my TBR list and look forward to reading it. I send the blessings to you too. Xo

  2. I’ve been in a bush plane or two and they’re always fun. I like the ones that land on big squishy tires, but I love the ones that land on water. Mine landed on the ocean down in the southern islands.

    1. I haven’t been on one that has big squishy tires, only the normals ones, that does sounds fun but the water was a wow. South islands sounds fun too. My husband got sick on it so I’ll have to go with my youngest daughter when I get to try this again:)

  3. We have water planes landing in Victoria’s inner harbor but I’ve never been on one- how exciting, and in Alaska, too!
    The Ferris Wheel is the only ride I enjoy, lol

    1. That would be fun in Victoria Harbor! There is something exciting about Alaska 🙂 Lol…everyone in my family likes it but me.

  4. You are quite the adventurer, Denise. Of all things I ever aspired to be, a bush pilot was not one of them. 🙂 This has been such a fun tour. I hope you’ve made a ton of sales. Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

    1. I can be adventurous at times, Jan 😉 i could easily image when I was younger having a house in Alaska on a lake where the only way in was by bush plane. Thank you, Jan for being a part of this tour. Happy Mothers day to you too. Xo

    1. Thank you, Sandra 🙂 I was an adventuer at times! Happy Mother’s Day to you too. xo

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