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I had an enjoyable week off and stayed close to home. My husband took an eight-hour trip on the Harley to get in some quality father-and-son time. There is no way I could sit for that long in the heat he drove through. So, while he was watching our son’s band play and exploring Oregon, I did some home projects I wanted to do. I painted my third room this summer or the living room. We had already tackled the main bathroom and a spare bedroom.

The living had a sponged wall of green and light green, one dark green and one light green. It sounded good in my mind, but not so much in the final product. So finally got the room all one color. It is what I call the forest room, so it’s a nice forest green. Next on my to-do list is the kitchen, then I’ll head outside to touch up that paint. Seems to be my summer of painting, which is fine, I’m a fan of a colorful environment.

After my husband returned, we did some final touchups on the room and I managed to take a few books off my shelf to find a new home. My birthday was very nice, we went to the movies and enjoyed a delicious BBQ. Celebrated with family a couple days later 🙂

When not taking vacation breaks, I’ve been working hard on editing my upcoming poetry collection “Deep in the Forest Where the Poetry Blooms.” Since it’s summer I’ll share one of the summer poems from the book.


My peaceful moment on a hot summer afternoon

Shared only with the bees and a single black-headed bird.

No kids asking questions…

No adults wondering what’s the next event…

No chores fill my hands and head.

I sit on the lounge surrounded by my imagination,

A blank canvas waiting to be painted with nature’s brush stroke.

By the pines and cedars who splatter their green upon me…

By the yellow sun splashing onto the greens…

By the red strawberries bursting sweetness into this mix…

While the blue sky offers a base,

To the pink, purple, and orange flowers,

Who grace our world with their beauty.

My panorama is quickly filling.

As the browns and greys,

Add the final dimensions and shadows.

In this blissful moment,

My soul’s painting has been covered completely,

By nature’s healing paintbrush.

NOTE: Watch for a special edition blog tomorrow. If you are subcribed to my newsletter check your email. I know the newsletter is late but I decided to wait until after vacation.

Embrace your inner child under the summer sun. D. L. Finn




36 thoughts on “From Finn’s Forest 4! #writingcommunity #readersoftwitter #poetry”

    1. Thank you, Harmony. It is great to have that in time off. Have a great week too. Hugs back.

  1. I used to paint houses (for more than twenty years) in the summers while I was teaching. (It’s pretty sad that teachers need to supplement their income just to get by.) While I used to like the change of pace and doing a different kind of labor, it does get tedious after a time. Doing your own rooms and house is a whole different game because you’re working on it by choice in your own time rather than going at it intensely, trying to finish by a deadline.

    Very cool that your hubby got to ride and enjoy your son’s music. What kind of music does your son’s band play?

    1. I agree, it is sad teachers have to suppliment their income. It is better to paint your own house over doing it for a job and having a time limit. Its a lot of work. I commend you for doing it.

      Our son plays in three bands right now. A punk one, which has a pop flare, a garage rock one, and a blue grass band. So it varies. Yes, they enjoyed their time together and hubby got to see the punk one, which seems the most popular there.

    1. Very busy, Joan. I do enjoy the staycations and getting aneeded project done to enjoy rest of year.

  2. Your day sounds wonderfully busy and productive. Love the book title–“Deep in the Forest Where the Poetry Blooms”. What a great twist to the phrase.

    1. Very productive, Jacqui. So pleased with the outcome. The title kept changing but this one stuck and fit, thanks.

  3. I’d have been painting with you instead of on a motorcycle in the heat also, Denise, lol. I got my painting done back in January. It was the last room that had the original paint color from when we moved in seventeen years ago. Happy belated birthday!

    1. Yay for making the colors your own now! Yes, I’m not a heat fan. He broke down in 95 degree weather an hour away for two hours, but many stopped to give him water and check on him before it got towed. Simple fix later, he had quite the adventure.

  4. I stay home and write (and look after the dogs) while hubby goes off on his motorcycle. It works well. Then I go some place cool like Ireland while he stays home with the dogs! Its all good.

    1. I only do the very short rides. It seems like you have a very good trade there, Darlene and your dogs get a lot of love.

  5. It sounds like you had both a productive AND relaxing vacation, Denise.
    The poem is filled with echoes of summer. I especially loved these lines, which took me back to my childhood:

    By the pines and cedars who splatter their green upon me…
    By the yellow sun splashing onto the greens…
    By the red strawberries bursting sweetness into this mix…

    1. Thanks, Mae. Very productive and lighter on the relaxing…lol

      Summer colors seem to trigger those childhood memories, it was all so vibrant.

    1. Thank you, Yvette 🙂 Yes, great day and so happy to have a nice peaceful green room now. xo

  6. I enjoyed your lovely summer poem, Denise. The heatwaves come and go. Your blissful moment remains.

    In this blissful moment,
    My soul’s painting has been covered completely,
    By nature’s healing paintbrush.

    Hubby and I painted our old house a couple of times. Your forest living room makes you feel cool all the time. Congratulations on the progress of your new poetry collection.

    1. Thank you, Miriam 🙂 Beautifully said. Yes, there is a coolness like the forest in the room now. It’s amazing how the colors transform our emotions.

  7. Welcome back to blogland Denise. I think you were smart taking some personal time for projects and not gagging in the heat. Loved the poem. <3

    1. Thank you, Debby 🙂 I’m so happy to have the living room all new and rearranged! Great flow now. Nice to get breaks and always nice to come back. Hugs xo

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