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Yay! It’s almost here—RELEASE DAY! Tonight “Deep in the Forest Where the Poetry Blooms” will make its way into your Kindle if you preordered or be available for those who have Kindle umlimited. Plus, the print copy is ready to go. I am planning on adding a hardback soon. The new video is at the end of this post and some information about winning a gift card.

Deep in the Forest Where the Poetry Blooms is poetry that spans over a few years after my other book Just Her Poetry was published in 2019. This current collection encompasses many different types of poetry which I put into seasons, magic, paradise, my emotions, and the back of the Harley. Plus, there’s poetry stories told through haibun style. I have become fond of telling stories in limited words like In the Tree’s Shadows. I continued those shorter stories in this book, but with a poetic twist.

Putting this poetry collection together was overwhelming at first with three hundred pages of poetry to pour through. What to use and how to arrange it was a struggle until I made it more like the first book. After making some deep cuts, I enlisted Colleen Chesebro from Unicorn Cat Publishing to edit. I knew she’d be honest, and she was. She nudged me out of auto-pilot to fly with my words again. That was all I needed to make the cuts and changes. I know I’ve said this before, but never pass by the editing stage, even with poetry.

There are still two hundred pages of poetry that didn’t fit this book but may show up later in other projects.

Next, I worked on the cover. There were several at first, but his one captured my heart. Then came the video which is below. That all went smoothly.

Formatting was the last step. Having never done formatting on a poetry book before, it took some learning. Eventually, I figured it all out. It was one of those hard learning curves that my stubborn side insisted on conquering.

I wanted to get Deep in the Forest Where the Poetry Blooms out before the Harbor Pointe Inn Series released, so that added to my final push.

This poetry represents my current journey, but I left many of those COVID-19 year references. I’d rather focus on nature, magic, healing  and exploring stories. Some of these poems were used in different challenges, including Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday or the missed Suzanne Burke’s ‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge’ so you may recongnize them.

I was going to share my favorite poem, but in the end, I couldn’t choose. Instead, here’s the video.


I didn’t do a formal blog tour this time around. But there will be a couple posts out there to watch for! I will keep you posted.

In celebration of my latest release, two $5 Amazon gift cards will be randomly given to two people who leave a comment here today.

Next week will be a Finn’s Forest Post.

43 thoughts on “New Release! “Deep in the Forest Where Poetry Blooms!” #writingcommunity #newrelease #whattoread #poetry #poetrycommunity”

  1. Congrats on the new release, Denise. I have my copy preordered!

    I’d never given thought to having poetry edited, but I can understand the need. Love your comment about autopilot and flying. It’s a great analogy of how we tend to do things as we write.

    1. Thank you, Joan 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

      It is a different type of editing, but it still needs it even if to just pick up misspelled words. Sometimes we get too caught up on the mechanics of writing we forget the emotional part of it.

  2. Formatting poetry for an eBook is tough. You have to accept that it won’t look exactly how you want it because all eReaders are different and people reader’s font sizes vary.

    1. It really was tough and very different from a story. Yes, you are right, Leon, about eReaders being different and not being able to control that.

  3. Woo hoo, Denise. I preordered so I’m expecting the book to pop up in my kindle any moment. The trailer is lovely and I can’t wait to dive in. Huge congrats on the release. Hugs.

  4. Great book trailer, Denise. I really love the music you chose.
    And—wow!–you still have 200 pages of poetry that didn’t fight in your book? You’re really going strong with your love of poems. I pre-ordered my copy of “Deep in the Forest Where the Poetry Blooms”, and look forward to reading it!

    1. Thank you, Mae 🙂 Trailers are always a labor of love.
      Yes, never short of poetry, and I do love it! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  5. I’m having trouble posting on many of my favorite blogs, but I’m crossing my fingers this will work. Congratulations, Denise, and best wishes for a huge success with this one. I’ll be heading over to Amazon for my copy shortly. 🤗❤️🤗

    1. I’m having issues too, Marcia. I can only comment in reader and share on the website. WordPress is having issues. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. Hugs xo

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