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Fall will be arriving this week! This is one of my favorite times of the year. When the temperatures cool, and nights are crisp. The leaves change to yellow and red bringing the landscape to life like spring does with flowers. Everything is pumpkin flavored and my Halloween decorations are already up. Like I said I’m ready.
The bears are also getting ready for winter. They manage to get into our garbage even when they are tightly clasped shut. We figure it’s better than them breaking into the garage if we store it there.
Then there are the remaining meat bees that are in attack mode, at least with me. They are also known as ground yellowjackets but they are wasps. I got attacked a couple of weeks ago—again. This time I was only moving some birdseed that had fallen to the ground. My mistake. I got stung several times on my chest and a couple on my back. It was itchy and painful at first but no infection like my husband got a few years ago. They eat rotten meat and when they sting, they bite to hold on so they can get a couple of extra stings in. Luckily they died down every year, leaving behind eggs for the coming spring. I know they have a job to do, I just wish it didn’t involve me. I haven’t been able to go outside with them hunting me down.
All a part of living in the forest.
So there’s been no walks on the Magic Trail lately. My outside inspiration is limited to star gazing. Although there is one tree we can’t sit by to enjoy the night sky. A light colored owl swoops low over us heading to the big cedar tree next to the house. After the third time, we realized it wasn’t an accident. There had to be a nest in that cedar. Hopefully, soon this night bird’s babies will fly off and we can go back to our usual spot.
Although we bought the land in the forest, we share it with many creatures. Some of these residents are not as pleasant as others.
My experiences living in the forest have made it in many of my stories. I can use it as a setting to create a mood or even danger. What if your character was allergic, like my mother, to a bee sting? That would create an added layer to a story. Or perhaps a bear enters the house through a kitchen screen like one did recently up the street. Their dog chased it back outside but not before it got into the flour and was having a snack. That would not only be scary but what if the bear didn’t leave the house like this one did?
How about you? Have any pesky critters that find their way into your stories?
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    1. I am Marje. I’d miss it too, of I didn’t, but it’s nice you can spend time in the botanicals 🙂 and trees 🙂

  1. Yellowjackets, that’s terrifying! (I have a wasp phobia.) Grizzly bears, wild pigs, an armadillo, and farm animals have made it into my stories.

    1. I have the same phobia, and they know it. They are plain mean, especially these meat bees right now. Worst, we’ve seen them in years. It’s great to include all those animals to the stories really add to the setting and definitely pulls me in, Vera 🙂

  2. We get yellowjackets and several similar wasps. There is a resident owl here, but nothing like bears where I am. I’d love to live in the forest, but fire has become so prevalent it’s kind of worrisome.

    1. Hopefully, they aren’t attacking in your area like they are here, Craig. Seems like everyone I mention it to has been stung this year or has to get a nest removed from their yard. It was nice to see an owl since we so rarely do, but I guess we were bothering her… lol. Yes, it’s become scary with the fires and very hard and expensive to get home insurance, too. We will stay as long as we can here, though.

      1. We have those, too. They don’t bother us too much, but I am amazed at their nests

  3. Oh the stings sound horrible.
    I hate wasps and run a mile when they are about. that’s the one down side to Autumn, the insects can be quite angry. Spiders webs everywhere, wasps drunk on fallen apples…

    1. They were certainly itchy for a couple of weeks, Sue. My husbands sting only bothered him for a day. I’ve made that same run, too… lol. Yes, they are all in that mode of getting ready for winter and partaking in the fall harvest. I can’t wait for the cooler weather when those bees die down, and it’s safe to go outside again.

    1. It’s kept me inside the last two weeks, Teagan. I gave outdoor watering to my husband now until they die down. My mom was allergic too, so I might be more aware of them and maybe why they seem to pay more attention to me. I only got super itchy for a couple of weeks, though after the stings, and don’t react otherwise. Thank you, you stay safe too! Hugs

  4. I love living in the forest. Our biggest problem is keeping the raccoons and squirrels out of the bird feeders, but they have to eat as well. Ouch about the yellow jackets. It’s a good thing you aren’t allergic.

    1. I do too, Joan, even with all the pests and worries. I haven’t been seeing raccoons like we used to but have an abundance of squirrels this year. Yes, they love to visit the bird feeders. In fact, they will loudly complain until feed is put out… lol. Very good thing that I’m not allergic, although the stings bother me for a couple of weeks and only bother my husband for a day.

    1. Sorry you are allergic to the bacteria they carry. That sounds different than my mom’s allergy to them. I can see why you used them as a murder weapon in a story, and for some, it is a clever plot twist but not pleasant in real life for you.

    1. It is a nice place to live, Jacqui, but unfortunately, we share it with some cranky inhabitants… lol I will have a post next week for Mae’s release to the kick off of the series. I can’t wait, and it’s a really good story 🙂

  5. Yipes! Your experiences with yellow jackets immediately brought back several terrible memories. The worst one being when a mass of yellow jackets within one of our hedges (we didn’t know there was a nest) came out and stung our ten-year-old son repeatedly. As a parent, it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    I also used to paint houses in the summer when I taught. There were times I was up on a ladder and attacked by unprovoked yellow jackets.

    1. Oh, that is a terrible experience, Pete! I hope he was ok. We ran into something similar years out walking in the forest with our kids and dogs, and the dogs ran over their nests, and the ground neat bees as we call them here, attacked one of our dogs and our oldest daughter with several stings. Both were fine, but it was scary to watch as a parent. You are so right. Funny thing is it was our black dog and my daughter had on a black shirt. They left the rest of us alone.

      I can imagine having to deal with bees painting houses. My husband was painting this last weekend and was swatting them away. I usually help, but not this time. Surprised they didn’t sting him again but they didn’t.

  6. We bought a 10 acres in Sequim, Washington Pennisuala. It’s in the middle of the forest with a portion of the land logged. We arrived late once and parekd a trailer in the middle of the land. In the morning, we found that we had bear visitors, and, we parked next to a bee hive!

    The trees started to change colors and it’s cooler here. But some days still get in the mid 80s during the day.

    1. I would think the bears would be curious of you and yikes to parking next a bee hive. I would be moving quickly. Yes, best time of year when leaves start to change and those cooler temps come in, even with those summer days still trying to make a come back.

      1. I was so happy when my older granddaughter was born in September. I had been coming to Portland to see the dramatic foliage for the last fice years. And now I can see the gradual change also.

    1. They are not my favorite of creatures that is for sure. Neither are cockroaches and they do add to stories, Liz.

  7. We don’t have a lot of yellow jackets but the wasps can be a problem. I remember one time in California I raised a coke can to my lips and a yellow jacket was sitting on it. Didn’t get stung but it was a miracle.

    1. You were very lucky, John not to get stung! We were at the river one year and one went into a soda can and that person got stung. Ouch!

    1. Yes, always a downside even to the most beautiful places, Jan. I”m with you, bring on those freezing nights and get rid of them.

  8. Wow, those bee stings sound nasty, Denise. I tend to swell/react to every sting, so the very thought of what you went through has me queasy. I am so sorry you had to endure that. Living in the forest sounds beautiful, but also not without some problems.
    I hope the baby owls take flight soon, and mom and her brood serenade you at night. 🙂

    1. Sorry you react so strongly to stings, Mae. It’s awful to have that intense itch and swelling. It’s made me stay inside until they leave.
      The forest is a beautiful place to live, I agree, but it does have a couple of downsides. That will be nice to be serenaded by the owl family. I can’t wait! Xo

  9. Those wasps sound scary, Denise, but glad you didn’t have an allergic reaction. My son has been allergic to bees ever since elementary school and carries an epipen. He’s 28 now, and thankfully, hasn’t had any other bee moments. I don’t have any scary stories to tell, but if you remember my story in More than Coffee, you’ll know about my fear of spiders. 🙂 They’re inside and out of the house, but inside is the problem. I don’t fear them like I used to but they will always be a thorn in my side, and inspiration for poems or stories. What’s funny is when we camp or backpack I never see one spider! Other than the bees and bears, you live in a magical place. 💕

    1. Sorry about your son’s bee allergies. My mom was the same way. I can live with most spiders unless they are above me or near me inside, unless they are black widows, then not a fan! I am lucky where I live even with some of the unpleasant creatures… lol

  10. I can tell you have a connection to your forest and its creatures (or the oceans) in most of your books and poems, Denise. I too have critters all around, but other than getting swooped in the early morning by Batty, we tend to live in peace. Autumn is a favorite. I hope you get to spend some time outdoors enjoying it soon.

  11. I’m also ready for fall, Denise. I love pumpkin everything, Halloween decorations, and cooler weather. Those bees sound terrifying! Glad you didn’t get an infection. Definitely wouldn’t have been a good way to start fall.

    1. Sounds we are both enhjoy this season. Yes, pumpkin everything and tine for haunted houses 🙂 Can’t wait until a freeze to fet rid of these little pests.

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