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Here’s Colleen Chesebro’s 24 Seasons Syllabic Poetry Challenge No. 5. This is what I’m using from the list, “Black Cats as Symbols of Good Luck,” since I have two beautiful black cats, Coco and Luna. I used the haiku format or micro poetry of 5/7/5.
Black Cat in space and new moon
sweet purring black cat
furry muse rests on my lap
warms my chilled old bones

79 thoughts on “24 Seasons #Syllabic #Poetry #Challenge No. 5. #poetrycommunity #poem #haiku #micropoetry #blackcats”

    1. They sure are, especially when it’s cold out, Vera. They seem to prefer my husband’s lap over mine too. I think you are right about it being bigger.

    1. Thank you, Jacqui! They do have beautiful fur. I know our black lab had that too. Lol when it gets cold they are definitely old.

    1. Thank you, Luanne. Aren’t they great kitties? My other two are tiger strips. I will visiting soon to see your poem. Can’t wait.

      1. They are beautiful cats. I don’t have any tiger striped kitties right now. Two black, one gray, one orange and white, and one tortico. That is because I lost my tabby Felix and my tabico Tiger a year ago :(.

  1. That’s very nice! I also have two black cats. Well, one is a tuxedo, but still mostly black. One is solid black, even his nose and whiskers.

    1. Thank you, Lisa 🙂 They are the best, and so are tuxedo kitties. Wow, that is rare to be fully black with any white mixed in somewhere.

  2. I once saved a black cat… but an angry adult let it go free.
    I’ve also cared for and enjoy Tuxedo cats.
    I get to visit friends with cats – purrs are good. 🙂

    1. Glad you were able to save the kitty, too bad it was set free for you. I love tuxedo cats and nothing like a good purr!

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