Dolphin’s Cave

Dolphin’s Cave

Coming this year!

About the Book

YA fantasy for everyone!​

The dream always began the same for sixteen-year-old Coral Dover. She entered into the ocean alone–and ended up in a cave, on the back of a dolphin. It happened every night for the last eight years, since her parents disappeared. Coral longed to go to the place her parents plane went down, but she was stuck living in the middle of a desert. Finally, her aunt announced they were going on a vacation to the place it happened—Hawaii. Everything was falling into place, until Coral noticed unusual things happening around them. With only one person who believed her, would they find the secret that could change everyone’s lives? More importantly, were Coral and her family safe as she pursued her dream?

Genre: YA
Publisher: D.L. Finn
Publication Year: 2017
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