Special guest: Danielle from TraitWare!


Please welcome today’s guest my youngest daughter, Danielle from TraitWare. The picture above is from a trip we took to Walt Disney World–and after a good soaking!

Danielle has an offer, a couple of cute cat pictures, and a giveaway of a $20 Amazon gift car. (Winner of gift card is Billy Ray Chitwood–Congrats!)

My name is Danielle, and my main paying job is the Technical Product Manager for a start-up security company called TraitWare. In my free time, or lack thereof, I dance for a couple of choreographers at CSUS, travel to different places to teach dance classes, and I am also attempting to write a book (all, of course, while making sure my husband knows that I still actually do exist). I have also spent my fair share of hours reading and editing for my mother and have gained some skills for me to offer my services of beta reading in exchange for any willing takers to test and provide feedback for a product my company just released.

The product is actually a WordPress plugin to replace usernames and passwords with the ability to scan a QR code using a smartphone or tablet. This plugin focuses on the admin dashboard login (sites using wordpress.org or the premium of wordpress.com). We all have to remember way too many complex passwords. The simple “password123” just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, with this app, we are allowing users to use their phone with their fingerprint, or a collection of preselected pictures to sign in, rather than a bunch of letters and numbers that we have to type out.

The idea behind this trade of services is to get feedback from real users, as well as possibly gaining some paying customers. Now, currently, our product offers a 14-day trial. As I know how the lives of an artist can be, I would like to offer an extension to this. So, if you so choose to be a part of the future (*wink wink*), I will extend the trial to 30 days. In order for me to do this, I will need each of you to email me at support@traitware.com after you setup the plugin. This is also the email which will be used for feedback, questions, concerns, etc during the 30 day trial period (and even beyond if you choose to stick with it). Also, be aware that there is a live marketplace where actual reviews for users of the plugin can leave their 2 cents. However! If you hate it, I’d prefer you tell me why first, so we can work to improve it and turn that 1 into a 5.

If you’re still sticking with me and want to know more… GREAT! I will tell you more. If you’re over this and just want it to end… here’s a picture of 2 of my cats. They’re 11 today!

Thanks for moving past these adorable cats so that we could discuss some business. So, a few requirements will need to be met in order for you to actually become a beta tester.

  1. You need to have a WordPress site which has the ability to add plugins
  2. You need to have a smartphone that is one of these:
    1. Android smartphone or tablet with an operating system of 6.0 or higher (Marshmallow)
    2. iPhone 5S or newer
    3. A newer iPad
  3. Space on your phone to install the TraitWare app from the app store
  4. Access to be able to add a plugin to your “yoursite.com/login” dashboard
  5. The ability to follow directions The patience to follow through with the complete setup (I promise it only takes a few minutes)

If you have all of those, welcome to your beta testing instructions!

  1. Sign in to your wordpress admin dashboard by going to yoursite.com/login
  2. Select “Plugins” on the left hand side
  3. At the top, select “Add New”
  4. Search “traitware”
  5. Select “Install” and then “Activate”
  6. At the top of the page, select the link “Set up your account today!”
  7. Make sure the email in the box on the left is one you have access to and select the button to send yourself an activation email. *if it is not, please create a new user with an email that you do have access to. The user role needs to be set to admin. Log out of your current account, and log back in as the new user
  8. Download the TraitWare app to your mobile device, check your email, and open the TraitWare app to scan the QR in the email you just received
  9. Complete the app registration and return to your WordPress site
  10. Scan the QR on the right of the WordPress page with your shiney, new TraitWare app
  11. VOILA!

There are more detailed instructions here. And if you’re really diggin’ this and want to know more about who we are, check out our developer specific blog here!

Thanks for dropping by! Just leave a comment and you are entered to win the Amazon gift card. Thanks, Danielle!

Please note that the strikeout was intentional and my daughter’s sense of humor…it runs in the family.

Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn