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Here’s Suzanne Burke’s ‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021’ Image Prompt #40.

I went with a Haibun Poem which is the combination of a prose paragraph and a Haiku/Senryu.

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay


My pulse quickened as I set the black and gold mask down for the last time. That was my past, and the gold mask was my future. The musical notes sent a knowing quiver through my body. I was born to wear this. The musical birthmark was on the front of my neck like the others before me. I gently stroked the smooth pearl that had adorned the chosen few. Its energy flooded my senses, opening a world saturated in astonishing colors like a rainbow. The autumn feathers that showed my status would always garnish my meticulously braided red hair. In just an hour, I would stand before my people and accept this honor. Then healing and prophecy, from the music of our ancestors, will release my silent voice.

The new fairy queen
Put on the magical mask
Becoming its song.