A Poem and Review

lake tahoe

Here is another poem (to be included in “Just her Poetry”) written from the back of the Harley on an amazing trip to Lake Tahoe at end of October:


The beauty of the mountains

Warms my essence

Yet, at the same time

Chills my exposure.

The tall pines reach out to me

Offering the breath of life

That fill my lungs,

While the smaller trees

All planted firmly in the granite

Spill yellow and red

Every direction…

Which allows my eyes to feast

The nature that swaddles my soul–

From the back of the Harley.

The journey continues

Into this surreal landscape

Where I find my peace in the beauty.


I always enjoy celebrating the first review on Amazon! Here is the first one for “This Second Chance“:
D.L. Finn captured all the things I like reading about in this book. Good, evil, things we can’t explain and most of all love and family. I had a hard time putting it down wondering how the characters would get through their challenges. I highly recommend it.

Thank you to all who take the time to leave a review after you read a book–it is the best gift any author could receive!

I am thankful and blessed for each and everyone of you– for being in my life in person and over the internet! I will be sharing some of what my family added to our “Thankful Tree” this year in next week’s blog!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it:) If you don’t take a moment to be thankful for all you have in your life.

NOTE: It is that time of year when I need to mention I live in the forest. Why is this important? Because, sometimes our area gets a storm that will knock out our power, internet and phone. When this happens, I light a candle, sit by our wood stove, and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, it also means I won’t be able to access my blog or newsletter. So, if I disappear for a while, know I’m enjoying the weather! If a blog or newsletter gets sent or posted where you see mistakes or something is missing, it is because I work on them online–if the power is out I can’t do that. I apologize if that happens and will fix it as soon as I am able to!

Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

30 thoughts on “A Poem and Review”

      1. I used to love going over to that area which we lived in the Bay Area. Once you get past Sacramento its a nice drive:) Beautiful spot to have lived!

  1. beautiful … and I love that you live in a forest. I’m on the 5th floor so I think I live in the sky… There’s nothing ahead of me for 30 miles or so until mountains… the view is spectacular. Great poetry.

  2. Thanks for sharing another great poem and congratulations on the review! I just saw you already put up your Christmas tree and I find that wonderful. Really excited about the holiday season after several very stressful months, so I welcome the idea of making it as long as possible 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Kalin! Thank you! Yes, isn’t it wonderful to be able to put the stress on the back burner and look forward to the holidays??? I’ve moved up my decorating a week so we can enjoy it on Thanksgiving, too! Now, I wait for the snow to go along with it:)

  3. A lovely poem, D.L. I’ve been to Tahoe and it is indeed a beautiful place.
    Congrats on the great review as well. I’m certain there will be many more to follow. 🙂

    And you live in a forest? Ohhh, that sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you, Mae!

      Tahoe is a beautiful spot! We live about 1.5 hours away so its a nice day trip.

      Yes, blessed to live in the forest! I always wanted to live like Sleeping Beauty in that cottage–got my wish! Although, I don’t have the water wheel yet…you never know:)

  4. A Harley and a poem–what an incredible mx. I love t!! I have ‘No fairy tale” climbing-its way to the top of my TBR list. Hope to be able to get to it soon as the cover keeps drawing me in. Enjoy your honored day!!

    1. It is an interesting combo…inspiration flies at you quite literally! “And the Whippoorwill Sang” is doing the same on my reading list! “The Cat who wanted a Dog” is enjoyed by my grand kids and grandma, too:) Thank you, Micki!

    1. Thank you, Jan! Yes, always good to get a good first review…Thanks for ALL your support today!!!!

  5. Beautiful poem, beautiful area. I felt like I was traveling with you. Congratulations on the review and belated Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

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