Some more books read!

This week I’m sharing the books I’ve been reading.

A Desolate Hour

By Mae Clair

“A Desolate Hour” continues where “A Cold Tomorrow” ends. Everything from the first two books are explained with a couple of surprise twists I didn’t see coming. We are introduced to the Ouija board’s mysterious clue “QM”–or the new character, Quentin Marsh. Quentin fits right into the town seamlessly as he searches for more information about his family’s curse on behalf of his pregnant sister. Caden, Eve, Ryan, Katie and Sarah are back in the thick of the story, along with Mothman, men in black, and the curse. Ms. Clair has weaved folklore and history into an amazing tale. I loved the first two books and this final novel didn’t disappoint—in fact it took everything up a notch. I’ve grown to love this town and the people in it and was glad for the journey they took me on! I highly recommend this series for those who love an entertaining, well-written story with some paranormal, a bit of reality and a little romance.

His Revenge

by John W. Howell


I have eagerly awaited reading more about John Cannon after “My GRL”. Mr. Howell has a unique way of writing that brings the reader into the action quickly. The story continues with John waking up in a hospital after stopping a terrorist attack. I felt the anxiety of not being able to move one’s arms or see– like the main character when he awakened.  As soon as John arrives home, the action begins and never lets up until the last page. While the plan is to go meet the president to be honored as a hero…well, nothing goes the way it should because his enemy has “other” ideas. This book, like the first, kept me up late, into the night because I wanted to see what was going to happen next.  I immediately started reading “Our Justice” the third book in this series—after finishing “His Revenge”! If you love a thrilling, suspenseful, and action-packed story you’ll love this book!


I was going to share leaves from our “Thankful Tree” this week. Unfortunately, we lost my mother- in- law this weekend and that didn’t get done. I’ll share more about that in next week’s blog and where I found my gratitude during this.


Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

12 thoughts on “Some more books read!”

  1. Wonderful reviews, D.L. Both are amazing writers. Thank you for sharing these leaves from your Thankful Tree. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gwen! Yes, very lucky to be reading such amazing books in RRBC! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to add what our family was grateful for this year from our Tree, but I updated the blog to reflect that.

    1. I did! I am in the last few pages of “Our Justice”. I will finish it tonight…can’t wait to see how it ends, thanks, John.

  2. D. L., thank you so much for the wonderful review of A Desolate Hour. I’m delighted to hear my characters and the story resonated with you.

    Please accept my sympathies in the loss of your mother-in-law. Sending wishes for peace and comfort for you and your family.

    1. Hi Mae! It was everything I look for in a story–great subject, writing style and a place I can totally get lost in. Thanks:)

      Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. It is much appreciated.

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