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The Contract Between Heaven and Earth

By John W. Howell & Gwen M. Plano

“The Contract Between Heaven and Earth” is an action-packed thriller with a deeply spiritual side. The story starts off with a horrific event that involves children, but they were taken to a place of safety and peace–or Heaven. Watching them arrive are Peter and Teresa who share a special love. Then, an alert is sounded and soon the couple is sent to Earth with a contract to save humanity. They go into this agreement with no memory of who they were before becoming a human. Theresa is now Sarah in a bad domestic situation and surrounded by unsavory characters. Peter becomes Brad who finds himself in a war zone and on a long path to recovery. I love the strength of both characters and how they dealt with their new lives. Individually they were strong, but I love when they meet up through outside forces– and are immediately drawn to each other. This is a story that not only entertains and is exciting, but it also makes you think about coincidences. If you love a book with a lot of action, intrigue, a bit of romance, and thought provoking– this is the book for you. It is a perfect blend of insight and excitement that I highly recommend!

The Alternative 

by Suzanne Burke (Author), Rich Bowden (Editor)

Ms. Burke wrote another amazing book of nine short stories. Each story had its own style of karma, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It would be hard to pick my favorite out of the bunch, so I won’t. There were parts where I found myself cheering out loud—other times cringing. The characters were well-written and the stories full of depth and emotion, along with some humor. If you love short stories with a dark twist, you won’t want to miss reading “The Alternative”.

The Master and the Maid: #1 in the Heaven’s Pond Trilogy (Heaven’s Pond Trilogy)

By Laura Libricz

“The Master and the Maid” is a historical fiction novel set in Germany in the 1600s. I was impressed with the research and the amount of details Ms. Libricz had in the story. I remember nothing of the thirty-year war, but I do remember the battle between the Catholics and Protestants. Greed and power is a theme that makes certain characters, like Ralf, do horrible things. This includes murder, land grabbing and accusing the main character, Katarina of being a witch. There’s a love story mixed in, but there is also the existence of a baby whose mother was brutally killed. Katarina is secretly handed this baby right after being betrayed by her lover, Willie, who sold her to pay off his debts to Herr Tucher. With Katarina just wanting to go home, she finds a new love blooming between her and her master. That relationship and the one with her adopted daughter are my favorite parts of the story. But, there is so much going on around them that surviving becomes more important. The ending answered some questions, but it also left many others unanswered for the next book–which I will be reading.

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24 thoughts on “End of Spring Book Reviews!”

  1. Thanks for highlighting these books, Denise. I’m a huge fan of short stories and love Ms. Burke! Dark twists? I’m SO there! Looking forward to reading THE ALTERNATIVE.


    1. 😀❤️️Eden, it’s so lovely to see you. I’m blown away by Denise’s review! It’s release day, so extra excitement. And YES, my friend it’s my usual shade of dark. I’m in some great company here.

      1. Soooz! Can’t wait to read it, picked it up right before release day, so I got 2 emails from Amazon to confirm I now have it!

  2. 🌹Denise thank you so much for this great review of The Alternative. I’m delighted to be featured in such great company. The book went live only an hour ago, this is such a lovely way to begin my release day.Happy Dancing down here.😊

    1. Perfect timing:) Happy release day Soooz! Loved The Alternative and glad to share it here!

  3. Thank you so much, D.L, for this amazing review and mention. I’m elated to see that The Contract is next to The Alternative and The Master and the Maid. Both of those books are amazing, and the writers (Suzanne Burke and Laura Libricz) are exceptional. You’ve made my day! ♥

    1. I agree Gwen you are all exceptional writers:) You are welcome. Your story lingers past when you finish the last page!

  4. I’ve read The Contract and The Alternative and have to agree with your reviews, Denise. Both are excellent reads. And I’ve been eyeing up The Master and the Maid for some time now. It sounds like a riveting read that needs to be on my TBR.
    Congrats to all the authors!

    1. Thanks Mae they were excellent reads 🙂 I enjoy historical fiction. Some history infuriates me though while at the same time I enjoy learning.

  5. Awesome reviews, Denise!! I loved The Contract and The Alternative. I haven’t yet read the Master and the Maid, but have it on my Kindle.

  6. Hello! Wonderful reading choices and great reviews. I’m looking forward to reading all three books. Congratulations to the four talented authors! Thank you for the reviews, Denise! 😀 xx

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