July poetry and book reviews

pretty roseHere is a poem from the “Just Her Poetry” which I hope to release in a few months. This is a runner-up for being used in “The Button”:


I feel her trapped in me…

That scared little girl from so long ago.

I’ve tried to reassure her…

To embrace her…

To comfort her…

Yet, she still hides…

While trying to protect me…

In scared and illogical ways that don’t.

She doesn’t know that though, she’s too little.

Too young to understand, that I’m okay now.

That it is safe…we are safe.

I keep trying to reach her.

With the hope that someday

She will feel protected

And not try to hold me back…

In her attempt to keep us safe.

That together we can move forward…

Just the two of us…. in trust and wonder.


cusp of night pic

Cusp of Night (A Hode’s Hill Novel)

by Mae Clair

“Cusp of Night” is a suspenseful story that has two timelines blending together beautifully. Maya moves to Hode Hill and sees a man attacked by what she believes is a monster, and at home she experiences strange events at 2:22 am. While all of this is taking place in modern times, the other timeline, set in the late 1800’s, explains the life of Lucinda who was born with blue skin. I love all the details Ms. Clair adds that enhance the story-line and characters including: the history of mediums and people with blue skin–which I’ve never heard of before. I’m already a fan of Ms. Clair and expected a lot from this book…I wasn’t disappointed.  This is a stand-alone read, but I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series. A must-read for paranormal/thriller fans.

lodestone pic

Lodestone: (Witch-Hunt) 

by Wendy Scott

Ms. Scott wrote an entertaining story told from two different time-lines. Sabrina the healer-witch lived in times when magic had been removed, while Lauren lived in the past when there was magic. How their lives intersected I found fascinating. As Sabrina sets out to right the wrongs of the past she develops a relationship with an apprentice monk Micah, that was one of my favorite parts of the story. Getting the history through Lauren’s journal though showed that even with good intentions and a mother’s love things can go very wrong– was the strength of the story. It was a long process to get Sabrina to the place she needed to be, and many people suffered along the way– and after. If you like a story with a quest, magic, forbidden love, fantasy with dark undertones, you will enjoy this book!

Embrace your inner child by reading a book this summer! D.L. Finn

21 thoughts on “July poetry and book reviews”

  1. ❤️️Your poetry touches me deeply, Denise. I’ve also read and loved “Cusp of Night” and have “Lodestone Witch-Hunt” on my TBR. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Beautiful poem, Denise. And, the photo of the roses is perfect. I very much look forward to reading the collection. ♥

    1. Thank you Gwen. I got to go see the rose gardens in Portland on vacation…was amazing! I am excited to be releasing my first poetry book:)

  3. What a beautiful July poem, Denise. That little girl hides in us all and occasionally, she rises to the surface. I loved both of these books and your reviews do them justice!

    1. Thanks, John! I think you are right about carrying that kid inside of all of us.

  4. An excellent and insightful poem, Denise. I can relate to the other, younger self we carry within. So true of all of us!

    Thank you too, for the lovely review of Cusp of Night. I am thrilled you enjoyed the story and delighted to find a review here on your blog. *happy dance*

    1. Thanks, Mae. Glad to hear you related to the poem. Yes, I think that child is inside of all of us. Yay for happy dance:)

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