Trying New Things, 2019


Last year I participated in the Gish Scavenger Hunt with my daughter, Danielle. I posted about it in Trying New Things. It’s that time of year again. I joined a team with Danielle and she researched the items for us to do. One of my tasks was to create a poem about the character, Pikachu. My other two were to make a garbage portrait out of my non-recyclable trash and try something new.

In a mother, daughter, and granddaughter effort Danielle dressed up as a monster (like the monster under the bed) and my oldest granddaughter read to her while I took pictures. 69207798_10157770417253013_3438159163404845056_n

To continue our work we next made a dress out of water balloons for my granddaughter and then she had to accept a wedding proposal of a water balloon instead of a ring. My grandson unwillingly stepped in as the bearer of the water balloon–as long as I promised not to share those photographs.  Then the day ended with a water balloon fight out front.

We always manage to have fun doing this together, but an essential factor is the charity/donations component. Yes, there are prize winners but we don’t participate with that in mind.

Here’s what I came up with this year:


The sweet-voiced character brings back old smiles.

His presence is high on the movie screen or TV

I’m not alone in this memory. I’m sitting with my young son

I ask questions, and he eagerly educates me

We collect cards from kids’ meals or stores

Birthdays are brightly themed…

Christmas contains the yellow cartoon…

And Easter baskets have red and white balls.

When I clean out a drawer and find a card tucked away

When I see the newer interactive Pokemon game

When the show comes on TV or I run across an old DVD

I remember that youthful boy and hearing, “Pika Pika.”

Together in memories, we watch Pikachu and Ash

That moment in the past brings a smile to the now.

I’m not gifted artistically but here’s my attempt at a self-portrait:

garbage portrait

To try something new I read one of my poems…really fast:



Direct from the website:

GISH is on a mission to wake up the world and change it for the weirder and better— and Gishers make it happen.”

I’m all for embracing that inner child whether from reading a book or being a “Gisher”! D. L. Finn


33 thoughts on “Trying New Things, 2019”

    1. I was, Miriam:) Doing fun stuff with family always brings the best smiles even later.

  1. This was such a cool post, Denise. You definitely “embraced your inner child!” It sounds like an amazing time and a lot of fun.I loved your “self-portrait” and smiled over that quick-read of your poem. Thanks for the smile!

    1. I definitely did embrace that inner child, Mae:) I can’t say I’ve ever tried to do a self portrait of myself, or anything, out of garbage. I was just going to read a poem but I was only given second seconds for my portion so I read it as fast as I could…lol. Always glad to give a smile.

      1. Misha Collins runs it and does Random Acts of Kindness, too. He does a lot of good in this world.

    1. Thanks, Rob:) No, I’ve never read my poetry in public which is why I started with reading it more publicly and found out I had 6 seconds for my portion of this task. So I spend it up and got it down to 7 seconds. Couldn’t hit 6!

      1. I’d love to see how you’d perform a longer poem. I have a hard time watching most video taped poetry readings but I didn’t with this. It was your affect and delivering. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks Joan it was. I can’t say I’ve ever tried to make anything from garbage so that was different for me.

    1. Thanks Balroop. Sometimes it just fun to do silly things. My daughter’s put a lot more effort into hers, where I placed it so it had a head and body. Good way to see how much garbage we have, too.

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