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by Harmony Kent

“Fallout” is a post-apocalyptic story that left me thinking and then rethinking again. Set in space where humans settle after the earth becomes uninhabitable, a virus is released changing their way of life. My favorite character, Priya is alone and brutally attacked. Her strength and relationships with the other characters had me rooting for her, and I loved the pet she acquired. Told through several POVs, the reader gets a full picture of a complicated situation that I enjoyed. The characters are flawed and realistic. It surprised me how many times there was a new twist I wasn’t expecting. This is a glimpse into the human condition where power, lies, and manipulation have taken over society. Ms. Kent skillfully gives us a dark peek into a possible future in the hands of a cruel leader. This is a great science fiction read that I recommend.


Moments We Love

by Balroop Singh

This is a thoughtful collection that shows life through potent images. There are three sections Love, Harmony, and Life, but the essence of existence connects it all. I was drawn to the sweet poetry dedicated to Ms. Singh’s grandchildren, and “Redwoods” was a favorite, but I fully enjoyed the beautiful words throughout the book. I love how nature is mixed into the poems and felt like I was sitting next to Ms. Singh watching the sunset with her. There is a surreal quality to “Moments We Love” that shows another way of looking at things. I highly recommend this collection if you are a fan of poetry.

Makita (Cats of Catarau, #3)

by Sandra Cox

I read Shardai (Cats of Catarau #1)” and loved it. So, I had very high expectations for this story and wasn’t disappointed! Makita died and was in a beautiful place but insisted on using a life to go back to her best friend, Bennie, the dog. He needed her was her only thought. I’m a huge fan of animals, especially cats, and Ms. Cox has a way of getting into a cat’s mind that makes me believe and root for them. A darker subject was introduced into this tale, a Pit Bull fighting-ring. My heart broke, thinking of all the pain and suffering these animals go through for greed and profit.  Luckily the sadness balances out with the ingenuity of the animals, along with trust, and loyalty. It was a heartwarming story of a cat and her devotion to her animal family. If you love animals, especially cats and dogs, this novel is for you.

Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories

by Stephen Bentley, Greg Alldredge, Kelly Artieri, L. Lee Kane, Michael Spinelli, Robbie Cheadle, Kay Castaneda, Justin Bauer, and Aly Locatelli

I bought this anthology because I was already a fan of Robbie Cheadle. I loved her historical fiction based on real-life stories as expected, but the other authors and their work also intrigued me. This collection is a great variety that includes horror, sci-fi, suspense, and mystery set in various locations that all held my attention. There’s a brief introduction to each author, and I enjoyed getting to know them before reading. It’s a great assortment of short stories and a fantastic way to be introduced to new authors.  I highly recommend “Death Among Us.”

Ferrasium (The Windflowers Trilogy #1)

by Wendy Scott

This was set in ancient Egypt, but it reminded me of ancient Rome, too. A young girl Kalli was taken from her family for a test all girls go through once they reach puberty. Her life changed in horrible ways from that point. It was a cruel and brutal world she found herself a part of that forced strength from her. While I bonded and rooted for Kalli, there were other storylines giving a complete picture of her situation. After an animal was killed in the beginning, I almost put the story down. I didn’t though because it already invested me in it. My first thought was that person who did that needed to pay for that cruelty. I felt a lot of emotions reading this, which speaks well for Ms. Scott’s ability to tap into that. This is a full story that dives deeply into the dark side of humanity with betrayal, greed, power, slavery, and privilege. I will be reading the next installment to see what happens to Kalli next.


Fairy Dust (Bedtime Tale #1)

by W.J. Scott

A young girl named, Evelyn, didn’t believe in the unseen or magic. Evelyn finds out whether it is real or not in this sweet story. I found the characters charming, full of wonder, and uncertainty. The last line summed up my personal belief, which I won’t share here and ruin the ending. I will definitely be reading this with my grandchildren!


Embrace your inner child by reading a great book! D. L. Finn

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    1. I think you will really enjoy Fallout, Jan. I’ve had a productive reading month, which always makes me happy!

    1. I was excited to read your new book, Harmony:) It capped off a great reading month perfectly! Love snd hugs back.

  1. Wow, great reviews, Denise. I’ve read a couple of the books and presently I’m reading Fallout. Sometimes it seems there is not enough time in the day! ♥

    1. Thank you Gwen. I’m sure you are enjoying your current read. I wish I didn’t require sleep and could keep reading through the night. I’m not sure I’ll ever catch up on myTBR list, but I’m glad I will never run out of books to read.

    1. Thanks, Jacqui:) I always say I’m not adding another book to my TBR list, then I run across one or two I can’t pass up.

  2. What a great collection of authors and books. I’ve read Fallout, Moments We Love, Death Among Us and Shardai (Cats of Catarau #1). Cats #3 sounds both gritty and engrossing. You did an excellent job sharing what sets each of these novels apart. I truly enjoyed all those I read, and I wish all of the authors the very best with their releases. A nice collection and review roundup, Denise.

    1. Thanks. Mae! It was a great month of reading. I always appreciate your reviews since we have similar reading taste:)

  3. Thanks for including Death Among Us here, Denise. It is appreciated. I have Harmony’s new book on my TBR and have read Balroop’s lovely book. The others also look great and I will investigate them.

    1. I love posting about the good books I read:) I think you will enjoy Harmony’s book and the others, too. Thanks Robbie!

  4. Thanks DL, A great selection. I now want to read more of Balroop Singh’s work which I first came across on Vashti’s blog a while ago. Kind regards Maretha 🌸

  5. Hi Denise. My comments haven’t been showing up at your blog, but I’m trying again. A wonderful collection of books. I’m so impressed by how much you can read. Loved seeing something from Robbie here. Hugs on the wing!

    1. Sorry you are having issues, Teagan. No idea why my site does that. Usually it does show up. I noticed I have to wait a bit as it slowly processes. Nothing I’ve done has helped! Other times its fine. I love when I have time to read…I do it on and off but been on a roll. Hugs right back.

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