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I haven’t ridden a bicycle in 20 years, yet lately, my husband and I have been talking about riding them. So, when a mountain bike went on sale at a price we couldn’t ignore, we decided why not? Thinking they’d be sold out at that price, we found one locally and a half-hour away. We headed home and got them assembled. Helmet on, I carefully sat down and pedaled.

At first, it was hard to keep my balance and I wobbled. The seat was uncomfortable, and the handlebars made me huddle over. Still, I felt adventurous and headed onto our magical trail that my husband had been working on for the last year. I could navigate my way through the first part but then had to get off and walk it up the hill. After that, I was feeling each bump and some parts of the trail weren’t wide enough to accommodate my lack of practice.

So I headed back to the driveway. Here I found my balance in the simple back and forth. My husband would join in my driveway riding, then head to the front part of the trail, and meet me at the end of our driveway. With the sun in my face and the wind blowing in my hair, I remembered the days of my youth. The carefree expression on my husband’s face said it all. It was like years hadn’t passed for that moment, but then reality interrupted. My body insisted I stop. So I did and carefully parked my new bike with a smile on my face.

Since we had matching bikes, I had to add some bling to mine. I borrowed some Disney stickers from my granddaughter and made my mark with hearts, kittens, and flowers. It was mine now as my husband made some small adjustments to my bike for comfort.

The next day feeling inspired, I added riding my bike up and down the driveway after our walk with our dog, Sara on the magical trail, along with running a small part to this new routine. It is what I now call the Denise-a-thon, walking, running and riding. Yes, I stroll more than walk fast, my jog is a slow trudge matched by my husband’s fast pace, and I only ride up, and down the driveway three times, but it’s a good start.

I’ve been having a bit of youthful fun, and I haven’t fallen off the bike. Although I took a fall during the run portion of the Denise-a-thon when my toe caught a root while I was trying to pass Sara. She seems to think it’s important for her to lead, but when she gets in front of me, she slows way down. Luckily I was okay except for some rather long scratches on my calf and some bruising, from a pile of branches, which are just about healed.

So going down that day and getting those bicycles, I’ve added some fun to my exercise. As the magical trail expands, we keep finding new ways to enjoy it, like adding in bike riding. Then it’s not just the same walk every day with the dog, but it’s always a place to enjoy the peace of the forest. Where we can walk, run, ride bikes, and in the winter snowshoe and sled. My daily walks needed a change which the bike provided, and so does my writing. I’m looking for that writing bicycle to bring back that spark to my rather lackluster writing year. I know that inner child is there waiting patiently down the path on her bike with lots of new stories to share with me as we ride through the paths of life together.


trail collage 1

Embrace that inner child with a bike ride! D. L. Finn

34 thoughts on “A New Bicycle”

  1. I love the Sasquatch sign. You knew I’d zero in on that, right?:)

    I have a bike in my shed that I haven’t ridden in years. In fact, I’ve been thinking of getting rid of it because it’s taking up room. You’ve inspired me to give it another peek. It’s probably been 5-8 years since I took it out for a spin. I don’t have beautiful forest trails to traverse (they look awesome!) but I have some paved bike paths nearby. You’re inspiring, Denise. Happy riding!

    1. Lol…I had to post that picture. It’s my favorite trail addition, along with my dragon. Glad you spotted it!

      I thought I’d never want to ride my bike and I didn’t for years until now. Never know, I guess and having those trail helped. Trying to navigate on our road became scary, so it all fell together. I hope you get to enjoy your path and trails on a bike or walking. Thanks, Mae:)

  2. Wow, Denise, you inspire me! I no longer have a bicycle but I wish I did. Reading your account brought back so many memories of country adventures. I never had a mountain bike, but my faithful Schwinn took me down many roads. Thank you for the refreshment! ♥

    1. Thanks Gwen. This is my first mountain bike I used to just ride on our street but that isn’t really safe anymore. Now to figure out all those gears, but I’m really enjoying myself.

  3. Wow!! You are most adventurous, Denise! I haven’t ridden a bicycle in well, I can’t remember when. It’s been a long time. Your magical trail is so appealing to me since I live in the middle of a huge metropolis. Enjoy it enough for me every time you go on it!! Kudos to you for staying fit, healthy and young at heart!

    1. The magical trail has been a huge gift and I feel so blessed to have it. I think you’d appreciate the old guitar on it. It’s been so long for me, too and I’m taking it slow and just enjoying something new. I will definitely think you you along the way and understand we used to live in the Bay Area so this still blows me away I live here each day, even with the fire dangers.

      Yes, I am trying to stay as healthy as possible and adding some variety to that. Thanks, Jan! Xo

  4. Wow! What a great trail you have to ride on! I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but we don’t have a good place to ride, either. There is no shoulder on the road to town, and when I used to ride the mile and a half in to work, I had flashing lights to make sure drivers saw me. But wow, I’d love to take a spin on your Magic Trail, Sasquatch or not 😀

    1. I didn’t have a place or desire to ride for many years. We don’t have a bike lane and everyone drives so fast since they paved our road. I’m very lucky to have this new addition thanks to my husband. He just keeps adding on:) Our Sasquatch is the friendly type unless he gets fed after dark:)

  5. That’s amazing because lately my husband and I have been talking about getting bikes too! We haven’t ridden bikes in a while either but somehow we’ve gotten the urge to do so. Beautiful bike trail! Fun post!

    1. That’s funny we both had the same idea…I never thought I’d ride one again and here I am! Hope to be hearing out your bike riding soon:)

  6. Way to go, Denise! I tried to get on my grandson’s bike last summer and long story short, made everyone laugh. 🙂
    Maybe I need to give it another try. Your trails look lovely!

    1. Thanks Jacquie, but I’m sure it was amusing to watch my get my balance back…lol. I tried the trails again this week, but for the most part they are too narrow. I seem to need alot of room to get that balance back. This will take some time! The trails are amazing thanks to my husband!

  7. Good for you Denise! I don’t know how to ride a bike. Most of my siblings do, I just didn’t have a chance to learn as a kid. When I tried to learn as a young adult, I knew how to be afraid already which was not helpful. I fell many times and that was the end of it.

    The trail looks good and now you have more variety of ways of exercise.

    I was thinking about going boulder climbing with my husband. We did it many years ago at Joshua Tree. It would be fun to revisit that place.

    1. I can’t imagine trying to learn how to ride as an adult. Riding again knowing how took some time. Yes, we know more fear as adults, too.
      Boulder climbing at Joshua Tree sounds like fun! Revisting good times is always fun!

      1. I think the new parents these days have their kids ride the balance bikes without paddles. The kids learn to balance before paddling. Autumn did quite well. My daughter has a website Tinybeans posting photos or videos every day. I saw my granddaughter riding that ride two weeks ago.

    2. That makes sense to do it that way. Must be a lot of fun for the kids and the grandparents wstching:)

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