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I’m sharing a poem I wrote after an unusual experience in Hawaii and all my adult and children’s books. I don’t expect you to watch all seven trailers, just the ones that interest you. I’ve included my short stories with their blurbs, too. If you’re intrigued, all you have to do is click on the title!

danielle and turtle


I swam next to my youngest daughter.

Face mask pressed tightly to my face,

Snorkel positioned, providing air.

A large silver-fish followed us

Circling in a mutual curiosity

Slicing slowly through the salty water

I snapped pictures capturing each moment.

Blue, yellow, black, green, and silver sea creatures

Decorated the clear cobalt liquid,

Until an eye-catching fish swaddled in a rainbow

Lured us in another direction.

Our flippers propelled us through the dull gray coral.

Unexpectedly, the reef burst into pink and purple.

Here the tiny yellow fish with black spots were on diverse display.

A school of thin blue-fish glided at the top of the water

While I floated above this underwater magic…

Trying to record these memories.

Suddenly, to my left, something large caught my eye.

In-between my daughter and I was a substantial sea turtle– a honu.

I met the honu’s gaze and wisdom was reflected back

We swam for eternity, just the three of us

Our souls recognized the significance of this occasion.

Then the honu glanced at me one more time

And with a slight nod from her, that I returned

She sped away into the riptide.

Gone from our sight, but not our hearts

I’m gifted with a saturating-perception of potential

From the blissful time, we swam with a honu.







What happens when you’re living the good life after retirement and your world suddenly turns upside down? Will and Cass Henderson learn the truth after a family member is murdered, but no one believes them because they’re the prime suspects. The Hendersons have a red-eyed killer in the family, and they’re next on its kill list.


All alone on Christmas Eve, Kenzie was feeling the betrayal of her recent break-up. While the sky was heavy with the dark clouds of an impending storm, she walked home from work to clear her head. Lost in her memories, Kenzie was completely unaware she was being followed by a man with green-eyes. Was this not-so-human being the good or evil that lurked around her? On the most magical night of the year, will Kenzie be able to save herself from that evil or will she need some divine inspiration? The outcome will depend on whether she can find the strength to forgive as the storm not only rages outside, but deep within her soul.


Can you believe everything you read? Steve must answer that question when he finds a strange blog while searching for his friend’s address. It was crazy to consider the government would poison a lake to find Bigfoot–and Steve wasn’t crazy. But, there were also some truths weaved into this unbelievable tale. Steve began to question his comfortable reality as he kept reading.





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71 thoughts on “#RRBC OCTOBER-WEEN BOOK, BLOG & TRAILER BLOCK PARTY @dlfinnauthor”

    1. Awe, thanks Forrest! That’s quite a compliment coming from such an accomplished and inspiring fellow poet:)

  1. I liked your Honu poem, Denise. I’m going to Maui tomorrow and will be there for a week. Great trailers and blurb of your books. I’ve read The Button and I have Just Her Poetry in my Kindle. This is a fantastic party. You put a lot of work to prepare for it.

    1. Thank you, Miriam:) I look forward to hearing what you think of Just Her Poetry.I hope a honu finds you on your trip. Have a fantastic time, aloha:)

    1. Hi Robbie:) Thank you. I look forward to hearing what you think. I had fun writing in the 80s.

    1. Thanks Joan:) I had fun revisiting that time and place.
      Should be a fun day. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Denise, I admire you for your versatility. I am in awe of your talent after reading Red Eyes…
    Your poetry that also tells stories amazes me. I look forward to reading more of your books. Those are lovely videos, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Balroop. I think it’s me trying to find where I want to invest my energy. You write beautiful image-filled so your kind words mean a lot to me.

  3. Hi, Denise. Great block party post. I just filmed the Sip ‘N Review show highlighting No Fairy Tale yesterday on the RRBC YouTube channel. Best wishes to you.

    1. Hi Beem! Thank you::) I’m always behind but I will check it! Thank you for always posting the links and dropping by.

    1. Thank you, John:) I’m still a novice at creating these videos, luckily my daughter helps with the blending between frames.
      Happy you stopped by!

  4. What a beautiful poem memorializing your snorkeling adventure! And to swim with a honu must have been a spiritual experience for sure. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us, Denise!

    1. Thank you, Julie:) You are right it was a spiritual experience for both of us, and amazing to share!

  5. What a fabulous post! I enjoyed all the trailers immensely, they provide a stunning glimpse into the books your talent has created. The poem you shared helped me revisit my own sweet memory of snorkeling on our Great Barrier Reef with my daughter. It was a magical and moving experience. Your stop on this great tour has added a smile to my day. Thank you.💕

    1. Thank you Soooz. I had fun creating the trailers. That’s so cool you could share that experience with your daughter, too. It’s such a magical moment that stays with you forever. I’m amazed I got a decent picture since I was in such awe. Sending hugs.

    1. It was special, John. I still can’t believe we got this moment, but grateful we did. Thanks:)

  6. What a delightful party, Denise. I love your poem and thoroughly enjoyed the trailers. Hope you’re having a perfect day!!

    1. Thank you, Gwen:) I’m happy you enjoyed both It is shaping into a perfect day. Hope yours is, too!!

  7. Hi, Denise! A wonderful poem based on your thrilling experience. I enjoyed the book trailers. You know I loved your book The Button, and short story Red Eyes In The Darkness. I look forward to reading your other stories. Great stop! Happy Sunday! 😀 xo

    1. Thank you, Vashit:) It was thrilling. I glad no one could hear me underwater with my screech when I saw the turtle…lol. I’m happy to hear that and look forward to hearing what you think! Happy Sunday to you, too:) xo

  8. I was so excited to see your name pop up today! I went snorkeling for the first time this year, and it truly is a moving and profound experience.

    1. Thank you A.M. I was happy to see yours pop up, too. Isn’t snorkeling amazing? It’s like entering a magical world that’s always there, but we usually can’t see it. And its so peacefully quiet, i just love it.

  9. Hello Denise. I felt like I was in the water with you. I could see what you saw thanks to you. Nice display of trailers.

    1. Thank you, Shirley! That makes me happy you could swim along. It was pretty amazing and I kept trying to express what I saw. I had fun making the trailers, but I have a lot to to learn still:)

    1. Thank you, Wendy:) I find it so cool they are right under us when we are swimming. Being able to see their world is amazing to me.

  10. Denise, you crossed through the invisible curtain separating us from our fellow sentient beings and shared your experience beautifully. I, too, felt as if I were underwater with you sharing a beautiful moment. Hugs.

    1. Thank you, Mary. It is other world within our world and it amazes me the beauty of it. Glad you could come along, it’s a moment I’ll never forget. Hugs right back!

  11. Wow, you did so many book trailers. That’s amazing! I loved the new poem and the soothing, serene images of swimming with sea life, especially the wise hon

    1. Thanks, Mae. I did one for each book and learned as I went along and had lots of help. Still more to learn though. It is very soothing and serene under the water with a whole new life opening up. I find it funny seeing the people swimming with their legs kicking and they don’t know what amazing things are right next to them, especially that honu:)

  12. I loved your poem, Denise! I’ve gone snorkeling and scuba diving and have loved both! I just find it to peaceful under the water’s surface. I’ve read several of your books and have a few more on my Kindle. You are an excellent writer, and I hope people who haven’t read your works yet choose one of your books and get started. They won’t regret it! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Yvette:) I have always wanted to scuba dive. There was a class at our local college I was going to take but it was pretty expensive and I had other classes to take. Yes, the water world is pretty magical and very peaceful. I hope the same for you, too! I’m hoping you have a book coming out soon?

      1. I needed to take some time from writing to focus on other issues, but I think my muse is coming back to me after writing for my spot in this party. We shall see. 😉 As for scuba diving, it is very expensive, but SO worth it. I haven’t been diving since my divorce over ten years ago. The budget has been tight, single mom and all, but I’m hoping to get re-certified soon. 🙂

    2. I understand having to take time for life things, but glad to hear your muse might be paying a visit:) Yes, Scuba Diving very expensive and we’d be doing it in the cold waters off coast, but someday I’d really like to anyways. Hopefully the class will still be there to take. That would be great if you were able to do it again someday! Nothing like exploring that underwater world.

  13. I’ve read quiet a number of your books, D.L, and I loved all of them. The words of your poetry are so vivid that even a none poet like me undrstand them. Congratulations on your.

    1. Thank you, Joy! That’s good to hear and much appreciated! I’m working my way through your wonderful catalog of books, too. I’m very happy to hear that the words make themselves understood, that important.

  14. Love your poem and the videos. I read one your books – No Fairy Tale: The reality of a girl who wasn’t a princess and her poetry. Loved it. Enjoy your day, D.L. All the best!

  15. I love your poems. I’m almost finished reading your book of poetry. Your love of nature is evident in your words. Honu reveals the beauty of the ocean and the sea turtle. I’d be tempted to snorkel if I didn’t have a fear of depths.

    1. Thank you, Susanne:) I’ve been enjoying your poetry, too. I hope to read it in a collection someday. I can see how that fear would stop you from snorkeling.

  16. I enjoy your poetry and I enjoy your books, Denise! As I have said before, with your writing, “I’m there.” You live an intersting life, riding motorcycles and snorkeling! I think living this way has enhanced your ability to give reader’s what they want, a realistic reading experience.

    1. Thank you, Mark:) They do say write what you know so I’m glad that plays into the reading. Both riding and snorkeling give me a new perspective into familar things around me.

    1. Thanks! I’m still learning how to do trailers and luckily have the help of my daughter to make it flow better. I do have fun creating them, though.

    1. I try to stay off social media as much as I can on weekends. I focus more on family time. Thank you:)

    1. Thank you:) I had some fun, and a lot of learning, creating the trailers. It was a pretty amazing experience that I won’t soon forget.

  17. Wow, Denise! Your poem about swimming with the Sea Turtle was exquisite! I can see how this experience was life-altering for both you and your daughter. I’ve only had a similar experience through a guided meditation, but to experience it physically….well, I can only imagine! A great exposition of all of your great stories and poetry!! Love it!

    1. Thank you, Jan:) It was more than an experience it was spiritual. We were both blown away and it did remind me of meditating or the peace of that. I always have had a fascination of turtles since I was little girl and this was not only a perfect message for me but perfect timing as things usually are.

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