Last week I walked on the magical trail with Sara, our dog. I sat on the bench and composed poetry while taking in the beauty. This dragonfly landed and kept me company while I wrote. Here’s one of those poems.

dragon fly


My mind is adrift in a fog of apathy

So, I let it wander, like a Sunday drive.

As I peer deeply into the thickened air

My forward-path is frozen…

When the heaviness of the moment obscures it.

I pull over to wait it out


I get out of my vehicle and find lights

They are dim in the gloom…

But, I’m grateful as my feet meet a solid path

There’s a gazebo ahead with a twinkling glow.

The haze dispels, and I flow in

A chair awaits that I thankfully sink into

I close my eyes and breathe. Just breathe

Pulling a blanket over the chill, I nestle into the joy

Sometimes when it isn’t possible to advance

I can find my way on a fringe trail.

Here I settle into the interlude

And immerse my essence into life’s magic.


Watch for a special edition blog this week.

Next Sunday, instead of my regular blog, I’ll be hosting my day of the#RRBC 2019 OCTOBER-WEEN BLOCK PARTY!  Stop by and say hello:)

Embrace your inner essence! D. L. Finn

39 thoughts on “INTERLUDE, A Poem”

  1. Oh, Denise, this is such a beautiful poem. I not only could read it, but I could FEEL it! We all need those moments when we can find that gazebo, the chair and a warm blanket. Incredible expression!

  2. This poem is a treat for the senses! By that, I mean your words create very tangible and pleasant images. I was no longer just sitting on my chair in my “writer’s den.” Well done!

  3. That’s gorgeous, Eric. Not only a beautiful poem that took me for a walk, but a wonderful less too. Sometimes the answer lies in the lesser road or simply in sitting still and present. Loved it.

      1. Lol….no problem Diana. I’m forever worrying about doing the same thing. Easy to do on a Monday morning. Glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes, sometimes we need to sit in the moment on that lesser road.

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