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Mountain Justice

by Karen Black

“Mountain Justice” is a short story that’s about more than a horse; it tackles a difficult subject spousal abuse. Anne is in a horrible situation with a cruel husband, George. The abuse scenes are graphic and realistic, and you can’t help but feel for her and root for her well-being.  Even as grim as Anne’s situation gets her relationship with Rob and her horse, Czar adds hope and heart to this story. Fortunately, this was a short read because I would not put it down until I knew what happened. I highly recommend this read.


by Christina Winds

Having come from a background where monsters lurked, I could connect to this metaphorical short story. There’s some insight into why things aren’t always what they seem in households. It offers some hope with a glance back at what was in a broken family. Sometimes you have to move on. This is a quick read for those from verbally abusive situations as a child or even an adult.

Caste Metal: Short Story

By Fiza Pathan

“Caste Metal” is a well-written short story based on the Hindu Caste System in 1877. A young genius untouchable, Cacchar, teaches himself to read. The penalty for this is brutal and cruel. The details are very graphic, and I felt the pain of his entire family. Not only the injustice of Cacchar’s place in society, but the dark side of humanity is portrayed skillfully. This is a story that evoked many emotions from me and one I highly recommend.

Macabre Sanctuary

by Staci Troilo, Joan Hall, Mae Clair, Jan Morrill, Pamela Foster, Stacy Claflin, Harmony Kent, Michele Jones, C.S. Boyack, and  E.J. Lane

“Macabre Sanctuary” is a great collection to read at Halloween or any time of the year. Penned by ten different authors, I was already familiar with the work of five of them, but it was nice to be introduced to new writers. The stories were diverse but had that touch of creepy I enjoy. Each story is a terrific length for a quick read, but you have the option to keep reading, which I enjoy about anthologies.  A couple of the stories will stay with me for a while in a good way, but they all entertained me. If you like a bit of horror in your short stories, this collection is for you!


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Embrace your inner child by reading a good short story! D. L. Finn

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  1. Wishing you a great vacation, Denise! It was great to see Macabre Sanctuary included here with so many excellent books. Thank you! I admit that I shy away from anything that is graphic these day, especially when it comes to abuse, but I wish all of the authors much success with their stories,

    1. Thank you, Mae:) Macabre Sanctuary was the perfect Halloween read. I understand about graphic and abuse stories, they do haunt me after.

    1. Thanks, Harmony, I am having fun. Just got back with trip with my daughter and now on to part 2 with husband and older grandkids. I enjoyed the anthology! It was perfect for Halloween;)

  2. Nice reviews Denise and have a wonderful break. I have read Caste metal, a gripping short story and Mountain Justice seems to be one of the stories from Long Stories Short, I enjoyed that one too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, Balroop, I agree Caste is gripping in many ways. I haven’t read Long Story Short but its on my TBR list!

  3. This is a good way to share reviews, DL. I’m so haphazard and all over the place. I’ll have to start sharing them by month… once I catch up. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. Thanks, Diana. I used to post reviews as I went and found once a month helped me keep track. I hear you about catching up that’s never ending:)

  4. Very dark stories. Having lived a lifetime of abuse, I don’t enjoy reading about it. The collection would be more my cup of tea. I appreciate your mindful reviews, Denise. I hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday! Hugs on the wing.

    1. Dark stories aren’t my usual read either, Teagan. I tend to prefer less reality, but they were good so I’m glad I read them. Yes, the anthology is a fun read.

  5. Mountain Justice caught my eye as I love horses and then I read the review… abuse is just so sad, isn’t it?
    How did I miss hearing about Macabre Justice? I’m so behind on my reading! lol

    1. It is horrible, but a reality Jacquie:( The horse caught my eyes, too. Macabre Justice is a great Halloween read:)

  6. ACk! Even the review got me scared. That’s a good review, and good books for those who like dark and creepy. I’ll admit, I’m a light-weight when it comes to horror or scary books/movies. ;-0 🙂

  7. Hi, Denise! Another great collection of books and authors! Thanks for sharing your reviews, and for being such a big supporter of indie authors! <3 xo

    1. It was another great month of reading, Vashti. Glad I can be of some support and enjoy my time doing so:) Happy Halloween.

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