A Fall Walk in Nevada City

I’ve been wanting to share our amazing little town. This week on our stay at home vacation, my husband and I took our oldest grandkids on a walk through downtown Nevada City, CA. The trees were bursting red and yellow and the Halloween decorations were up. A quick stop was made at the candy store for ice cream and candy.

Here’s the color:  

We crossed over Deer Creek on the way to downtown.

deer creek pic

Downtown Nevada City where we stopped at the candy store. 

Then on to the Halloween decorations. 

Here’s the spooky Outside Inn. You can walk on the grounds where they lavish the landscape with Halloween creatures.

An Indian Medicine Rock.

medicine rock pic

We ended our walk with a stroll through the cemetery.

The road to Nevada City.

the road to nevada city

I hope to share some more pictures of our town this Christmas.

UPDATE: We are in the middle of the second power shutdown this week due to high winds and fire danger in Northern California. The estimated time frame to restore electricity where we live is Monday or Tuesday. I look forward to responding to your comments when the lights and wifi return. 

There is another possible wind event following this one at beginning of week. Stay tuned.

Embrace your inner child this fall with a good book. Happy Halloween! D. L. Finn

39 thoughts on “A Fall Walk in Nevada City”

  1. Stay safe, Denise. The wind events are so scary. I’m glad they’re taking precautions.

    The photos were absolutely gorgeous, the colors of fall breathtaking. Nevada City looks like such a quaint town. I would love to visit!

    1. We are staying safe so far! Had some small fires locally, but they got them out right away. One more round of power shut off tomorrow and hopefully this is it for a few days at least. I’m glad they are taking precautions, too.

      Nevada City is very a charming old mining town:) It’s a great place to visit and live:) Thanks, Mae.

    1. Thank you, John! We have been safe so far and feel very lucky. One more round of shut offs tomorrow.

  2. What a beautiful little town, Denise! It has such a relaxed and quaint look about it. And the fall colors are gorgeous! Here’s hoping this wind crisis goes away soon for all of you guys! Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Jan. They call our town is called the Queen of the Gold Country:) It is a beautiful place to live even with the fire issues. I hope the winds go away, too, but they are common this time of year. I think this will be the new normal to deal with them for years to come. Hugs right back to you.

  3. Lovely Fall colors DeniseI They are more beautiful than spring. Let’s hope this wind doesn’t do any more damage. Last night it seemed to shake even my bed, such were the vibrations! Stay blessed.

    1. Thanks, Balroop. It’s beautiful this time of year here:) I know we have one more day of winds coming and then hopefully rain soon. Yes, I agree these last winds were crazy. They woke me up and I thought it was raining. It was raining pine needles and branches for sure. Hope you are staying safe and blessed.

    1. It is a beautiful place to live, Joan especially with all the gold mining history. Thank you for the prayers. I hope the fires stay away and the ones going are put out soon before they cause anymore damage.

  4. You’ve been on my mind with the threats of fire so near you. Please take all precautions, dear friend! Your photos are amazing. The fall colors are breathtaking, and the Halloween decorations fun to see. I’m sending big hugs your way. ♥

    1. Thank you, Gwen. We definitely are taking as many precautions as we can. We have one more round of power outages tomorrow and then should be a calm rest of week, at least.
      It is so beautiful this time of year. I was glad we could get out and enjoy the sights with the grand kids. Now all our trees are glowing red and gold in our yard. Even with the fires, I will always love this time of year. Hugs right back to you.

    1. Thank you, Susanne:) We love living in the Queen of the Gold Country. I’m sure the town will show up someday in a story. I just finished your book. I love the Disney visit– I’m such a fan:) I will get the review up sometime this week. I will be playing catch up for a while.

    1. Thanks, Robbie:) It is a beautiful place to live even with these fire worries. We usually lose power in snow storms, but this is something new for us. Luckily we are mostly prepared to deal with these times, once we got more gas cans to run the generator. So far we are staying safe with just small fires they got out right away. One more day without power tomorrow and we get a break for several days and just in time for Halloween:)

    1. Hi Jacqui:) We were so happy to find a town in California that had all these wonderful colors and all the seasons. Most people think we live in Nevada, but we live in between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Hope you are staying safe in your part of California.

  5. The California fires are so devastating. Stay safe and don’t take any chances. By the way, Denise, my cousins (more Peaches) live in Nevada City. I visited a few years ago and love that little town. Thanks for the tour of the autumn leaves and decorations. 😀 Happy Halloween.

    1. Hi Diana:) We love it here. Do your cousins have a son named Sam? He went to school with my daughter and son in law. Happy Halloween!

  6. Love the brilliant fall colors! Nevada City has a rich history, doesn’t it? I believe I’ve read something about it being part of the gold rush, or something.
    Stay safe with the winds! There was a news story last night about a woman jogging and a giant elm fell on her! Cracked eleven ribs and bruised her heart- she’s lucky to be alive!

    1. It is beautiful. Yes, lots of history and gold mining. We love it here.
      Yikes, poor woman. I didn’t go on my usual walk during the high winds. Glad she survived. We have power and they say no winds over the next week.

  7. Thanks for sharing these amazing autumn colours from your hometown, Denise! I love all the seasons, but autumn has been a firm favourite since my childhood. I have this bucket list dream to still get to Canada and now I would like to add, Nevada, during the autumn. I hope you and your family are safe? We hear so much news about the wild fires in California. Lots of cyber hugs to you and yours. Maretha Botha

    1. Thanks, Maretha:) Yes it is a beautiful spot. Like you I love the fall, too. Something so magical watching the trees change colors. I want to explore Canada, too. My grandma was born in Alberta and I’d love to see that and the Northern lights. So much beauty to see. Yes, Nevada City is an quaint little Gold Rush town that’s pretty all year long, in amazing in the fall. We are staying safe so far with fires. Just some small local ones they get out luckily. Praying for some rain soon.

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