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When I Rise: Tales, Truths, and Symbolic Trees 

by Karen Ingalls (Author), Jay Monroe (Illustrator), Angela Winchman (Editor)

This collection of twelve short stories begins with a poem from the author’s grandson, “When I Rise.” The first line caught my attention immediately, “Songs being sung outside in the trees…” what a beautiful image to start the book. Each story talks about a different issue including, abuse, eating disorders, and death. It made it meaningful knowing they were based on real-life stories and I recognized a couple from Ms. Ingalls other books. I love at the end of each one a positive truth about life is offered along with a tree and its meaning. This gave me a lot to ponder upon, along with hope. My favorite story was the last one “Birch Tree, Daisy the Duck.” It had a touch of magic that I like to believe exists around us. A heartfelt and meaningful book that offers truth with hope and brings in one of my favorite things, trees. I highly recommend this, especially if you enjoy a positive outlook in dark times.

Molly Finds Her Purr

by Pamela S Wight

Shelley A. Steinle (Illustrator)

I bought this book for my youngest granddaughter’s third birthday. I read it before giving it to her and thoroughly enjoyed it. Molly, the feral cat, was searching for friendship and her purr. She ran into animals who rejected her, but she kept looking until she found her circle. This has a wonderful message of friendship and finding that inner purr or what I thought of as the inner spark. The illustrations are charming and brought the characters to life. Locating the dragonfly on each page added to my delight.  Adults will enjoy reading this to their children almost as much as I know the children will love having it read to them–or reading it themselves. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my granddaughter. I highly recommend this well-written and beautifully illustrated book.


Note: I did say there wasn’t going to be a post this week, but I forgot to change the date. So next week will be the rest of the reviews! A holiday blunder:)


Embrace your inner child this holiday season by giving the gift of reading! D. L. Finn

25 thoughts on “December Book Reviews! @KIngallsAuthor @pamelawight”

  1. I can’t wait to read Karen’s new collection of short stories. I know it is going to be thought-provoking. Your review is an excellent recommendation! Thanks, Denise!

  2. I have read other works by Karen and wouldn’t hesitate to read ‘When I Rise.’ “Songs being sung in the outside trees,” takes me back to the summer days as a kid. Excellent review, Denise, and well done, Karen.

    1. I love the image that came to your mind from that line, Mark:) Karen’s books are always on my must read list. Always inspirational

  3. I’m shoveling out from a 2-day snowstorm and what a gift to find your post here! Thank you for your gorgeous review (and I so appreciate that you reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads). That’s three gifts! I also enjoy your review of Karen’s book. Sounds intense and invigorating at the same time. My kind of book.

    1. We were doing the same digging last week, too. Right now we have rain. Either one I’m glad to be out of fire season! I post reviews on Bookbub, too if I find them there. You are very welcome. My grandaughters are enjoying the book. I’ve read all of Karen’s books and have never been disappointed, only inspired:)

    1. Thanks, Teagan. Yes, an extra post when I planned to be off…but it worked out. A side effect from NaNo…lol.

    1. Thanks, Julie. I feel you about the TBR list. I keep saying no more and then I see I book I must read:)

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