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Apollo’s Raven(Curse of Clansmen and Kings #1)

by Linnea Tanner

“Apollo’s Raven” is historical fiction blended with mythology. Catrin is the King’s youngest daughter that a curse follows. I love Catrin’s strength as a warrior and how she connects to her spiritual side. The relationship that blooms between her enemy, Marcellus, exposes her vulnerability. There was plenty of detail that pulled me into the story and enough action to keep me on the edge of my seat. The clash of Roman culture and Celtic ways showed the stark difference in how women were treated in each society. A lot was going on in this story, but I never got lost in that. I appreciated the many layers of the plot that included betrayal, love, power, bravery, duty, and malice. Catrin’s trust was tested many times over as she tried to make sense of her situation. This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Tanner, and with Britannia’s survival at stake, I’ll be reading the rest of this Celtic series!

Through the Nethergate

by Roberta Eaton Cheadle

In this YA paranormal story, Margret moves into an inn her grandfather runs after her parents die. She has a unique gift of seeing the ghosts that live there. My favorite part of this book is the ghosts and their stories, which are taken from history. The attention to detail drew me into the story and tugged at my heart. I loved it when Margret interacted with them, but I couldn’t bond with her at first in everyday life. Yet, the rest of the story was so intriguing and held my attention to the very end. Not only does Margret deal with ghosts, but there are also evil entities involved. The description of hell and bringing in current events was clever. The rich history shared through the ghosts and the good vs. evil theme made this a page-turning read.

Oh Baubles

by Harmony Kent

“Oh Baubles” is a charming holiday story that I read in one sitting. Charlene is involved in a horrific accident, leaving her a widow with a long recovery ahead of her. The details of Charlene’s recuperation and how she dealt with losing her leg helped me understand what she might be going through. I loved the relationship between Charlene and her sister, who pushed her to move on with her life, but it was the interaction between her and John that was the strongest. Their attraction was immediate, but they both held back for different reasons. This is the perfect read for not only the busy holidays but at any time of year.



  1. I completed the Nano Challenge! Whew:) I had to do it in three weeks because of the holidays and other family events.  What I found was that I disliked writing on days I didn’t feel inspired, but I still did. Those days will require a lot of editing later. So I got a very rough draft that has three events happening that need to be connected more. I can’t see getting back to this until maybe next summer. Then I’ll be ready to put all together in many edits. It was definitely a tell instead of show first attempt. Thanks for the gentle nudge to participate, Mae!
  2.   I will have two more regular blogs before my holiday break. There will be an early “Winter Books That Changed Me Edition,” and Monthly Newsletter.
  3. Now I’m taking a break from reading and reviewing books to enjoy my holiday reads and rereads. After that, I plan on finishing some series I started.  I wonder if I’ll ever get through my TBR list? I hope not… lol.
  4. During Thanksgiving week our fire season abruptly ended with a 1.5 foot of snow. It was followed by a lot of rain. Thanks for all the thoughts and rain dances on our behalf. It worked.

Embrace the holidays by reading a good book. Then, leave a review. It’s the best present an author can receive! D. L. Finn



30 thoughts on “December Book Reviews Part 2 @RobertaEaton17 @linneatanner @harmony_kent”

  1. Great reviews, Denise. I feel awful that I haven’t posted a review in way too long. I’ve been trying to read the current book for several weeks and only get minutes to jump in and out of the story. But, I will finish it and then move on to another. Congrats on #Nano!! You rocked it! Can’t wait to read the finished story!

    1. Thanks, Jan! I’ve had times like that where its hard to read a book. I need time to get into it and devote to reading. Life does get in the way at times for that. I’m going to enjoy just reading my old favorites, they don’t take as much focus. Yay, us for doing NaNo. What an experience that was and trying to balance family and grand-kids events. Yes, I can’t wait to read what you did, too. So cool you already have a cover:)

  2. Thank you for your lovely review, Denise. I appreciate it and I am glad you enjoyed my first attempt at a novel. The other two books you have featured here also sound lovely and I understand your comments about your TBR as my is so huge I am not sure if I will ever read all the books I have accumulated. I am certainly going to try though. Enjoy your Christmas break. I am also indulging myself and listening to a few old favourites, one of which is The Thorn Birds.

    1. You are welcome. Yes, its hard to imagine ever finishing, but then what would I do…lol. I’ve never watched or read the Thorn Birds, but heard a lot good about it. Enjoy your break, too.

  3. Thanks so much for your wonderful review of Oh Baubles. Even though I have so many books published now, I still feel terrified at every new release, lol. Your review has settled my nerves 🙂 HUGE Congrats on completing NaNoMo!!! WooHoo!! Way to go, Denise. Glad fire season is over now. Take care in all that snow 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about new releases, I’m the same way terrified each time how they will received. I hope your story gets read a lot this holiday season! Thanks, NaNo really showed me what I can do if pushed to do it. So very happy fire season is over, it has caused me a lot of aniexty the last two years. When the snow and or rain comes I rejoice. I don’t like driving in the snow so I’m usually safe tucked away at home, thanks Harmony!

  4. Congrats on completing NaNo and I’m so happy you got some much needed moisture to help with the fire situation.

    Great reviews. I have Oh, Baubles next in my TBR list.

    1. Thanks, Joan:) Its a huge relief for me not to be on alert all the time. Plus, I’m more a cold weather kind of gal. I’m sure you’ll love Oh Baubles as much as I did.

  5. YAY, on your NaNo win, Denise. I’m so glad you participated.The first time I did NaNo, I didn’t look at the story again until June of that year. I added another 30K to it, and A Thousand Yesteryears became the first book of my Point Pleasant series. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the book, er…mess, I wrote this year for NaNo, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your reviews. I also enjoyed Robbie’s Through the Nethergate, and Oh, Baubles is next on my read list. Apollo’s Raven sounds interesting, and that is one gorgeous cover!

    So glad fire season is behind you!

    1. Thanks, Mae:) It was an eyeopening experince for me. It motivated me to think A Thousand Yesteryears came from NaNo. Its one of my favorite series! It will be interesting to see where I go next in a few months. I agree about the cover on Appollo Raven and I know you’ll love Oh Baubles.

    1. Robbie has a way with history that really came through in this story, Through the Nethergate. All good reads:) Happy reading, Jacqui.

  6. Thanks for sharing these lovely reviews Denise. Nethergate is on my wish list. Enjoy your holidays and yes rain has brought some welcome respite from those hazards of fire. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Balroop. Good book to have on your wish list. I’m so relieved to have the fireseason behind us. It’s rough that it goes into November now. I always love that first sunny day after a storm.

  7. Congrats on finishing NaNa, Denise! I’ve been too chicken to try, lol- maybe next year. Great reviews, more to add to my TBR pile, which is falling over- yikes!
    Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you, Jacquie:) I signed up on the website for NaNo a while ago and then it took me a couple of years to finally do it. It’s quite a commitment, but I’m glad I finally gave it a try. Happy Holiday to you and yours.

  8. As always, Denise, great reviews here! I’m particularly drawn to the historical fiction Appollo’s Raven, as I love history. Congratulations on finishing Nano! I hope you enjoy a well-deserved break!

    1. Thank you, Mark:) I’ve always enjoyed history weaved into a story, too. This had a lot of fantasy, to but I loved seeing Rome at work around the Celtics. Always adds that part of a story that makes me reflect. I’m going to enjoy my reading break with Christmas classics!

    1. Thanks, Julie:) I know I swimming in my TBR, but there are some books I just can’t pass up!

  9. Huge congrats on finishing your first NaNoWriMo, Denise! Remember, it’s only supposed to be a draft anyway. Mine is definitely a draft… there’s so much to be done to that story before I can write “the end.”
    I’m sorry to be late. The reviews are very intriguing and mindful. Happy holiday hugs!

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