Reflections in a new year and a poem


This is my first 2020 reflection post on what the new year might bring. Last year I was hopeful going into 2019. It was to be the year of me being a leader, but it led me instead. 2020 came in more quietly, and I was cautious seeing what it might bring. Instead of leading it’s the year of landing on my feet — good thing I’ve had some practice sticking those landings. Then things started breaking around me, like a two-year-old stove that’s been deemed unfixable and not under warranty, the washing machine sits waiting for a repair that may or may not be under warranty (a definite pattern so far) and my car in the shop are a few examples.

So, all I could do is use my griddle, do laundry at my daughter’s house, and I enjoy being housebound for now. It’s the little stuff, I know, but for some reason, it felt heavy this time. Things breaking were weighing me down as I talked about getting rid of household clutter. Maybe I needed to be more specific on what I wanted to rid myself of, but I do know that I’d rather it be things breaking other than people.

So, I took this as a time to regroup. What I realized was we can survive anything if we do it together. This doesn’t seem to be a common theme lately in families, the workplace, or society. We don’t seem to be in this wonderful life together; it seems like we are at war with each other—even ourselves. I will be trying to figure out how to bridge this idea of togetherness as I let go of things I no longer need. It will be an interesting year and decade, but I have faith we can work through our problems together and clutter-free.

My end of the year poetry reflects my going into a new decade with no resolutions only hope. 


2019 was to be the year of the leader

A shining star surging into existence

Instead, the year led me shivering down a dark road

Alone, I hastened my stride on the solid surface

Squinting into the darkness, I scanned for light

There was none, so I kept walking

Hoping my flashlight wouldn’t fail me

With its narrow beam of light urging me forward

Scared that I couldn’t see where I was going

I cautiously made my way into the night

Breathlessly I reached the top of a peak

Where I was greeted with a distant glow.

Forward I treaded to iridescent hope

At the edge of darkness.

The road was suddenly bathed in light

Now I could see I wasn’t alone

Others were in the distance on their roads

I wondered if they were making the same journey

I glanced back at the road I had traveled

But it had merged into the darkness

I shrugged and pushed on into the new year

Guided by only what could-be

Leaving what-was where it belonged.

Maybe authors can share our example of helping one another with the rest of the world. 😊 Embrace that inner child with a good book! D. L. Finn

35 thoughts on “Reflections in a new year and a poem”

    1. Thank you John:) Yes always things over people, but you realize how much one depends on things.

  1. That is a poignant poem. A lot of truth there. We too had a ridiculous new year of ‘that’s broken too????’ Water heaters, computers, sink, toilet, yard flooded–yikes. I’m glad it’s over! Hope yours is too.

    1. Sounds like our year started off similar! I hope things all settle into normal for a while for both us, we are slowly replacing and fixing. Thanks, Jacqui:)

  2. Despite all those things breaking, you’re approaching the New Year with a great attitude. Your poem reflects that, and I wish you all the best. What a wonderful world it would be if we all worked together. We can always hope and pray!

    1. Thanks, Mae:) I always hang on to that hope it can be done! I’m sending hugs and best wishes for a successful year.

  3. A heartfelt poem, Denise. It resonated with me, and I am with you on not making resolutions. I haven’t done so in decades. Hope is good, as is trying to be a better person in everything you do. At the end of the day, we can only try our best.

    May you see the road clearly ahead of you in 2020. xox

    1. Thanks. Eden:) You are right hanging on to hope and trying to be a better person is the best way to enter a year or day. May the road be a clear for you, too! Xo

  4. We are all in this journey Denise, if the light within us is aglow, no outside light can evade us. Let’s shrug the darkness away. Things are replaceable, not people we love. Keep your eyes at the horizon dear friend, hope lives there. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Balroop:) Yes, we have to keep that inner light fueled and burning. Nothing can stop us then. My eyes are set on that hope I see for all of us.

  5. Life never turns out how you expect it too, Denise, and that is a fact. We get dealt our cards in life and we have to play them regardless of what they include for us. A great poem that expresses how you feel.

  6. Beautiful poem, Denise. Life has a way of thwarting plans and wearing you down, at times. It seems strange that in a world where we are more ‘connected’ than ever (via technology) we can sometimes find ourselves feeling very lonely. I’m glad you realize that you are not alone. You have family and friends that will step up to help. Though I’m miles away, you’ve got a friend in me, too. 🙂

    1. Yes, life can wear us all down and all we can do sometimes is regroup, reflect, and learn. Technology takes out the personal human factor and creat that loneliness, but it also opens up a new door to interact across the world. I am very lucky and have both. Thank you Mark your words are appreciated and you have a friend in me, too:)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful poem, Denise. I’ve set no resolutions, just the day-to-day attempts at joy. Blessings dear friend. ♥

  8. I know so many people who struggled through 2019 that I’m starting to think it really was a jinxed year. Here’s to the reaching the light of 2020. I hope it’s wonderful for you. For all of us. A lovely heartfelt poem.

    1. Thank you, Diana. Yes, it was a strange year. I’m happy to see the light of a new year. I hope its a wonderful year for you and all of us, too:)

  9. Things seem to break in threes for some reason, Denise. I’m sure there’s some cosmic Universal explanation for that…or maybe not. Maybe things just break. At any rate, emerging from the darkness is always a good feeling. And to realize we are never alone on our journey is comforting. Here’s to 2020 and good things ahead for you!

    1. I’ve had two sets of three, so hopefully I’m done for a while. It does seem to be pushing for a rethink on many things so far this year. That tower card is very insistent, yet that light is glowing bright. Yes, I know it all happens for a reason, yet at the time not clear:)

  10. What a lovely poem, Denise! And hoo-boy, talk about misfortune. At least your daughter is close enough for you to borrow her washing machine 😀 Hope things take a turn for the better (no more breaking stuff 😀 )

    1. Thank you, Julie:) It was a run of breaking things for sure. We have half of them fixed so getting there. I’m being very careful approaching appliances now…lol.

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