“Fiction in A Flash Challenge!” Week #5. #FictionInAFlash @pursoot @IARTG #ASMSG #WritingCommunity.

Below is my interpretation of week #5 Fiction in a Flash on Suzuanne Burke’s Blog. 


This picture took me to a dark place. I ended up writing three poems about it, but I’m only sharing one of them.


The golden couple enters hushed admiration.

Their beauty captures the imagination.

Women ache to stand in “her” shoes.

I don’t.

I’ve heard his tone…

I’ve seen the bruises…

I’ve heard her cry.

But now, she grins and laughs

While clinging to his ego.

They are so in love people declare

But they don’t see the invisible strings

They are knotted in oppression.

Her eyes reflect only fear…

Her mouth set in a dark smile…

Her motions are jagged as he tugs her strings.

He is a puppeteer of hatred

Controlling each action…

Each word…

Each breath.

My heart feels her pain,

Yet, she won’t leave him.

I offer her safety,

She clings to sadistic devotion.

No one sees what makeup covers

No one hears his degrading words

No one feels his anger like she does.

It is a delicate illusion held together by string

Someday, I know that string will break

And I will either comfort her… or grieve by her grave.

As I turn away, I glimpse a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

It goes unnoticed by her pathetic puppeteer.

I smile as I leave in hope,

Knowing the invisible strings are finally fraying.

Embrace your inner child. D. L. Finn

31 thoughts on ““Fiction in A Flash Challenge!” Week #5. #FictionInAFlash @pursoot @IARTG #ASMSG #WritingCommunity.”

    1. i will be interested to see what others come up with from the image, Jacqui. Yes, always need some hope.

    1. it is, Sandra. Hard to stand by and watch not being able or being allowed to help. Thank you! I hope your day is filled with the same xo hugs

  1. It’s a sad and delicate situation, Denise, but it’s so true in many lives. We can only be present and ready to land a hand. Beautiful poem. I love it!

    1. Thank you, Miriam. You are right sometimes all we can do is be there for when they need us, but it isn’t easy to watch.

    1. Thanks, Jacquie! I agree fame and obsessions can add another layer into this painful situation.

  2. Thanks so much for creating this moving and powerful poem, Denise. It’s heartbreaking to live through and often just as difficult watching someone we love go through it. I’ll be featuring this on my blog, on Saturday June 27th.

    1. Thank you, Soooz:) I’m so glad you have provided this challenge so much great work is coming out of it. xo

      1. Thanks, Denise. I’ve been so delighted by the richly diverse entries. I’m having a marvelous time doing this. 😍

      2. I’m delighted with the response, I hope I can continue to find images that inspire you to enter. ❤

  3. Thank you, Vashti. I’m glad you felt it and I wish there wasn’t these types of relationships. xo

    1. Thank you Sandra:) I had to go to doctor so I didn’t accomplishe much, but got the antibiotics I needed and feeling much better. Hopefully it will be back to writing and riding this week. Hope your muse is cooperating . Xo

    1. Thank you. Karen:) It’s a hard situation to watch and not be able to help, yet there is always hope in even the darkness.

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