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Staying close to home on vacation turned was nice. We went on a Harley ride, visited an empty state park, and explored nearby places. Here are some highlights from local spots in, or very near, Nevada City, CA.

There were a couple of road trips. We ended up at a trail that was closed, so we headed across the street to the waterfalls and explored. The next picture is an overlook of the Sierras off of Highway 20. Then there is the South Yuba River, and an old Wells Fargo building past Bridgeport in the South Yuba River State Park.


The Harley ride to Downieville, CA is a favorite. The road flows along the South Yuba River. The last picture is in Downieville in front of a place we stayed for one of our anniversaries years ago.

Here is our day at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park. We were the only ones there and enjoyed exploring. North Bloomfield is the name of the tiny town within the park. I used to enjoy field trips there with my kids and working in the “Drug Store.” We couldn’t go inside this time, but the grounds are so lovely we didn’t mind, and we found this great little bridge to cross.

As we exited the town, we stopped at an old Catholic Church. Next to that was an old white schoolhouse. I felt uncomfortable near the schoolhouse, so I avoided it and pictures. Later I found out there’s a story about the schoolhouse and is believed to be haunted. It is said the schoolmaster killed and hung a student from the rafters above the classroom.

We left there quickly and continued to explore the beauty that surrounded us. I hope you enjoyed seeing some beauty we enjoyed on our vacation.

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book, and enjoying nature. D. L. Finn

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  1. Denise these are such great images! Thank you for showing me some marvelous places in your country. I shivered when you spoke of that old schoolhouse. I never ignore my instincts when it comes to places that give off a dark energy. How lovely it is for you to be able to explore the countryside together on the back of a Harley. Great post, my friend.

    1. Thank you, Soooz:) I am very lucky to live where people go on vacation and to be able to do it in a car or motorcycle.
      Yes, I pay attention to my instincts if I feel a dark presence. As soon as I shared it with my oldest daughter she researched it and came up with that. It didn’t surprise with how heavy it felt.

  2. Oh my God!! These photos are amazing. What a paradise you live in! And how fortunate to have a Harley-riding husband to share it all with! Thank you for sharing your journey. The story about the schoolhouse gave me goosebumps. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jan. It was well worth the move for us years ago. We live where most retire. Yes so lucky to be able to explore it on a Harley, such a different prospective, I very blessed. That schoolhouse was chilling and to find out there was a story to go with it….yikes.

  3. Denise, what a wonderful trip for you and with views and lcoations such as these staying local makes sense! Oh, what a grisly story about the school and it is eerie how one can sense the ‘evil’ without knowing the story behind it. Your photos are fantastic and I enjoyed joining you ever so slightly on your break!

    1. We are very lucky to to live where people vacation, Annika:) The heaviness around the building was chilling, and I wasn’t surprised to learn the story behind it. It always amazes me when those bad feelings cling to a building. I’m glad you could join me through pictures!

    1. We are lucky to live in in an amazing area, Teagan:) I always enjoy exploring it and glad you could join us. Sending lots of hugs back.

  4. I love your photos, Denise. So bright and sunny, and nature is always peaceful and welcoming when the skies are blue. It looks like you had a great trip – almost as if there was no virus at all. You made me want to get outside today. Have a great week. <3

    1. Thanks, Diana:) We had many bright and sunny days to enjoy. It was nice to get out and be in nature while forgetting for a bit. Enjoy your time in nature and hope your week is fantastic!

  5. Beautiful and interesting photos, Denise. An empty state park can be a positive experience despite the challenging last few months. Like you say, “we were the only ones there and enjoyed exploring.” Fascinating about the schoolhouse vibes. You remind how important it is to listen to our gut. I am very fortunate where we live. We go on a lot of staycations. Thank you for sharing an interesting post.

    1. Thanks. Erica:) Yes, having the park to ourselves was very positive and healing. We need these little vacations sometimes to regroup and recharge and that’s what it did. We are so lucky to live where people vacation and enjoy the simple things around us. I’ve learned to trust my gut and stay away from these heavy vibes, although I have family members that want a closer look at that point. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. Beautiful pictures Denise, and I’m so happy you were able to get out into nature. That is so creepy about the school house though. And the fact that you sensed it before you learned the history … that in itself is a story. 😉

  7. Thanks, Eden. I’m always my happiest in nature, it’s so healing. It was creepy and I went across the street to enjoy the view and regroup while my husband kept exploring. My oldest daughter loves all things ghost and did all the research, but I want to look into it more later. Hope you have a peaceful week, Eden!

    1. I’m very lucky to.live where I do, Mark:) I love pictures of foot bridges in natures, they seem to offer so many possibilities.

  8. Staycations are the best! You get to explore your own backyard (and area) and reconnect with the beauty of nature. Beautiful images, Denise. I can see you and hubby had a wonderful time <3

    1. They are! It was fun exploring all the beauty around us:) We did have fun, thanks Jacquie! Xo

    1. Thank you, Robbie 🙂 We had a great time exploring. The school house was very creepy with a story to back it up unfortunately.

  9. I love your area of the country. Looks like a wonderful ‘get-away’ without getting away too far. Freaky about the schoolhouse. Isn’t it fascinating when our ‘insides’ feel the menace still surrounding an environment?

    1. It is a beautiful place to live, Pamela, and I feel grateful to be able to explore it too. Yes, it always amazes me we can feel the history of a building or place. In this case I wanted to get away from it and my husband only grew curiouser and investigated a bit.

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