This week’s Colleen Chesebro Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge is a word prompt: Map. I came up with several ideas but this Senryu/Haiga is the one I connected with the most. I felt it needed a visual.


With no map to guide
My pets and suitcase with me
I drive through the flames.

Keep those who are in danger from fires, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, earthquakes, and other dangerous situations in your heart.

Embrace your inner child! D. L. Finn

35 thoughts on “COLLEEN’S 2020 WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 192, #THEMEPROMPT #Map #Senryu #Haiga @ColleenChesebro”

  1. Powerful Tanka poem… Take good care of yourself. My sis lives in the Sacramento area and keeps me updated about the fires. ♥

    1. Thanks Gwen:) I hope your sister stays safe in Sacramento! Hope you are enjoying your birthday xo

  2. I thought you were okay where you are, Denise. These fires are very scary, in the immediate term and in the longer understanding of what they mean in the context of climate change.

    1. We are fine after this round of fires, although we live in a high danger zone. It gets worse every year from draughts, bugs, crazy winds, failed power equipment and so many things. Yes, you can really see the climate change.

    1. Thank you Harmony 🙂 We keep our go bag in the car and hope for the best. Sending hugs back xo

    1. Thank you Karen. Our local fire is under control and hoping the others are out soon and we get some early rains.

    1. Thanks, Diana. Too many have to worry about this, so I always hope for early rains. Our local fire is out thankfully. Hope you are staying safe in Oregon. xo

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