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Ghost Post Part One

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought I’d share some of my paranormal experiences.

In 1984, we proudly bought our first house. As we signed some papers in our soon-to-be home, I heard a voice say to me, “You are going to die soon.”

Now maybe I should have run at the point when only I heard that, but I didn’t. I figured it was the stress of becoming heavily in debt, and besides, no one else heard it. The person who sat next to me and helped with this purchase was my beloved great grandmother. Sadly, a few months later, she died shortly after a stroke. I realized the dire warning was meant for her.

Then things started happening. In the downstairs room, which we used as a guest room, there was an old music box that you’d have to wind to hear it play. It would play by itself when my husband or I passed the room. We laughed that off.

Going up the stairs, we always felt like something was chasing us from the downstairs. It was unnerving. In our master bedroom, at our door, when I would wake up, I’d see a man whose face I couldn’t make out wearing a top hat watching me over the door. One time he waved. I didn’t wave back. There was a presence in that house that we couldn’t explain.

On a cold winter day, my husband was at the store, I was a few months pregnant and carrying my oldest daughter. Heading downstairs as I hit the first step, I felt something push hard on my back. I clung to my toddler as we bounced down the stairs on my tailbone until the very end when I needed both hands to upright myself. We were both fine, just very shaken up, and a bit bruised. The baby survived too.

At this point, we started looking to move to accommodate our growing family. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. The house sold fast when we put it on the market, and we were soon in our new place with a five-week-old baby and two-year-old toddler. We gave everything from that downstairs bedroom to charity, including that music box. We took very few things from that house, just to be safe.

Whatever evil that stalked us in that house hadn’t bothered the people who owned it before, nor the people after that from what I know. It was something about it the house didn’t like us there, and we honored that by getting out of there.

The house we lived in next we were only there two years but had no paranormal experiences. Next week I’ll share our family experiences in our current house😊

NOTE: We’re still dealing with high fire danger here in Northern California with no rain in sight. So, if there is a power shutoff I will disappear for a bit. When the red-flag winds die down and we trade generators for the old power grid and I’ll be fully back. Reading great stories takes my mind off the constant fire dangers here and living on high alert this time of year, so thank you all for giving me the escape of a good book.

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book! D. L. Finn

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  1. The subject house of my book, “The Haunting” actually exists; at least it did in 1976 when I inspected it as a prospective purchaser. I remember entering through the kitchen door and walking across to the old cooking range. Turning around, I sensed a presence and tried to leave. However, something was holding me back and I had to physically fight my way out of the building.
    An experience I will never forget. To this day, I cannot remember either locking the door or returning the keys to the agent. Scary stuff that stayed with me until I decided to write about it. Hence the book “The Haunting”

    1. That would have been very scary, Raymond. I’d be glad to escape that house. That’s interesting you put that into your book. I think a bit of our reality gets mixed into our fiction. I look forward to reading your experience and story very soon.

    1. There is something terrifying about a haunted toy to me. Now if some object is off, I get rid of it.

    1. I was very careful going up and down the stairs and hung on to the railing tightly after that. Thanks, Harmony, I didn’t feel brave at all, just relieved to move on.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Denise. Your stories brought up my own. Decades ago, I lived in an old farmhouse in Indiana for a year. A lot happened during that fateful time–indoors and outdoors. I was ever so glad to move. 🙂

    1. How scary, Gwen, especially that it followed you outside. I always felt safe going outdoors at least. It’s so unnerving to have so little control of your environment with its has spirits who don’t want you there. Hugs xo

    1. Thank you Staci. I believe I had something watching over us in that moment falling down the stairs even with the negative presence there. I got a strong feeling when it was safe to let go of my daughter and we’d be okay. I was very careful after that and listened to my feelings more carefully. Xo

  3. This is so scary, Denise. I’m glad you and your family were able to move and nothing serious happened, but what freaky and frightening experiences! I had chills reading this.

    Also hoping and praying for rain in your part of the country. Stay safe out there. I hope there is some relief soon.

    1. It was a pretty scary moment and I remember being mad after. Very glad we moved though. I wished I had looked more into the house’s past, all I did was ask the previous owners and some neighbors about any strange occurrences. It was before the internet and I moved on feeling safe again. Praying helped me get through those last few months living there.

      Thank you. Mae. I hope we get some rain soon. They are saying not until December. I hope not. Each year seems to get worse. Fingers crossed for a change.

      1. December? I do hope it’s much sooner, Denise.

        And yes, I can see where praying would help in those circumstances. I would have been doing a lot of it, too!

  4. Wow, Denise! That is a chilling story. So glad you were able to get out of that space and let the spirits have it! I love true paranormal tales. Even if they make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. We are insane to think that only humans with bodies inhabit this planet! Thanks for sharing this tale. Here’s hoping for some drenching rain to quell the fire danger!

    1. It’s hard not to believe after it happens, but some still don’t even after they see it. Definitely we aren’t alone and I’m much more likely to trust my gut now than way back then. Yes, the spirits were welcome to that house and hopefully got owners they prefered after us.

      I hope the rains come soon. They keep saying December. It’s normal to get droughts here and I’ve seen a few, but not these monster fires. Just keeping some watery protection around the house and hoping for the best. Xo

  5. Oh! How scary Denise! It’s good you sold that house, there could be some negative energy that didn’t welcome you. I’ve felt that energy in many homes of friends and acquaintances and some give out such positive vibes that I liked them instantaneously. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    1. I love walking into a house and feeling that uplifting energy there. And yes, so glad to escape the negative house.

    1. Thanks, Diana 🙂 I was happy to leave that is for sure! I do hope they get all the fires out soon, sounds like they are getting control over most of them, as long as others don’t start. xo

    1. Thankfully its the only one I’ve ever had. Yes, very lucky and I think being watched over inspite of that. Thanks, Jacquie:)

    1. Thanks, Karen, it was. Yes, we weren’t actually harmed besides a few bruises and were able to leave soon. Just a vivid memory now and happy to be safe. Xo

  6. It would have scared me to death and discouraged me from buying that house from the start, Denise. You were so brave to stay in it for so long.

    The smoke and smog cover the sky here in Orange County. The fires are dangerous. Stay safe, Denise! It’ll be a long time before the rain comes, even though it projects a wet winter.

    1. We’ve had a nice smoke free period, Miriam, here, thankfully. I hope it is a wet winter and fingers crossed it starts soon xo. Stay safe!

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