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Ghost Post Part Two 

In March 1990, we left the Bay Area and moved to an old mining town in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The house search took us a while; we found most lacking.

One Victorian house had an uncomfortable-oppressive feeling. I loved the layout and the idea of living in such a beautiful house, but once inside, I couldn’t wait to get out. My husband felt the same way, so we moved on. Later, the person who bought that house was attacked and stabbed several times by someone who had come in to do some work. Thankfully the person lived and was able to crawl for help, but an understanding passed through me having “felt” the house.

Our current house of 30 years was built by the owner who we bought from and was nestled in the forest. I was moving into Sleeping Beauty’s cottage, where the fairies raised her.

The house had an airy feel, except for what we refer to as the “Hall Ghost.” I felt no fear of it. No one did. It’s had many sightings, and our kid’s friends had said they thought it was me, or saw a woman with red hair. My experience with it is a shadow peeking around the corner, usually when I am writing, or music is playing. Everyone who spends any time in our house ends up seeing it. It’s startling but not fear-inducing. I have decided it is watching over us.

In our garage, several people, including me, have seen a long hair man walking around at night. Also, nothing intimidating about him. He’s just there. My feeling, and a psychic confirmed, this was an indigenous person from before the miners settled here.

During star gazing, we’ve seen more than our share of white orbs in the forest.

None of these things worried me or caused fear, but the single room upstairs was a different story. I used to write in this room that we had used as a guest room years ago. I used a typewriter over a computer, which shows you how long ago that was. I’d scare myself as I wrote some rather gory details which I’ve never shared. I felt like I wasn’t alone, but not with the intensity, or evil I’d felt at the other house. My husband said he was tapped on the back once while playing his guitar, but it only startled not frighten him.

Later, the room was put to use by our teens,  first the eldest and then the youngest. There were stories of hearing their name whispered, breathing on the back of their neck while on the computer, vivid dreams, and feeling like they weren’t alone.  At times I’d find a teen sleeping downstairs, but they wouldn’t give up the room either. The middle child, who kept her downstairs room, spoke of feeling cold air the minute she started up the stairs.

A few years ago a person, who is now a member of our family, banished this entity. I have no reason to doubt that, but still, something less intimidating still lingers.

No one sleeps in there anymore since our youngest moved out. It’s become the band room where now I hear an angel singing when my husband plays certain songs. Our angel interactions will have to be another blog.

To be on the safe side, we’ve done many sage smudgings, holy water, and blessings in that room and the house. Whatever heaviness had bothered my kids was gone, and what’s there now seems to enjoy music.

The paranormal has always surrounded me in one form or another. I’ve definitely seen and felt things I can’t explain and this experience makes its way into my writing.  Happy Halloween!


In November, I’ll be participating in the yearly NaNoWriMo challenge. I’ll still be doing my weekly posts for my book reviews and for a new book coming out in December. More details to follow.

That means I won’t be doing any of the challenges that I’ve been doing during the week. Plus, my time will be limited to visit blogs and social media while I try to balance everything– including the holiday.  I will be back to my normal presence by the end of the month.

If you need a promotion or a beta reader for December, or beyond, send me an email at I will respond:)

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book! D. L. Finn

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  1. Wow. The story about the Victorian house sends chills down my spine. And I’m glad everything has worked out for the better in your current house.

    Good luck with NaNo. Not doing it this year, but trying to hunker down and finish a novel.

    1. I got chills when I realized what house it was and felt for that poor lady. Yes, all good vibes here now.

      Hope all goes well on your book, Joan and it will be out soon. Thanks I’m hoping something good will come out of NaNo.

  2. My goodness, your stories sent chills through me – and memories. In my early twenties, I lived in an old farmhouse while taking classes at Purdue University. I glimpsed, heard, felt those that did not exist. I was soooo glad to move after the year. Big hugs and best wishes for NaNo.

    1. Sometimes there are places that don’t want us there. It’s unnerving and good to get out! Thank you, Gwen.

  3. What a great true-to-life Halloween story, Denise. It’s haunting and scary, but somehow, I don’t feel too creeped out by it! You seem to have made peace with it, so I will too! Wishing you the very best with Nano!

  4. Wow, I really feel for the lady who bought that house. So glad for you that you gave it a miss, and I’m happy you got rid of the more malevolent entity in your current house.

    Wishing you a successful Nano, Denise 🙂

    1. I know Harmony that poor woman. She was stabbed many times but able to get to a neighbor for help. Very shocking for our little town. Very happy to be malevolent entity free here:)
      Thank you Harmony xo

  5. You must be very sensitive to the paranormal, Denise. I think I held my breath while reading this. And it makes me wonder how many spirits we all live with and just don’t have the sensitivity to experience. And good luck with NaNo!

    1. I think I am a bit sensitive, but glad I don’t see more. I do wonder, like you, what is there we don’t see. It sure seems like animals can see more than we can. Thanks Diana:)

  6. I’ve never believed in the haunting houses or shadows around us but that doesn’t mean stories don’t scare me. I would never live in a house that gives an eerie feeling, another reason why I don’t like hanging ghosts during Halloween! You must be very strong Denise.
    Wishing you success with NaNo.

    1. I’ve seen it and its hard to believe, Balroop. Its good you trust your instincts with eerie feelings they usually end up being right. I’m careful what I put around the house as well. Thank you, Balroop I’m looking forward to seeing what I come up with and working in two time frames.

  7. The hall entity sounds very unique. The others—totally creeped out. Especially with the Victorian house and the upstairs room in your current home. I’d left last in a house I thought was haunted, but I’m super weird about such things. I’m glad you and your family are safe now. Whew!

    Wishing you all the best with NaNo. I’m excited you’re doing it. I’m going dark for the full month of November to participate. I’ve got a major project happening with the day job, too, and between both, I know I won’t have any energy left over for social media. Hope we both knock out 50K for NaNo! 🙂

    1. Hi Mae:) The hall entity feels more in the angel realm to me. I’m sensitive to energies and can’t be around the lower ones for long, both people and non people…lol.Thank you we are safe now energy wise.

      It’s hard to balance everything and NaNo and to have something big going on at work…yikes. I’m going day by day with this one. Yay to 50,000, but I’ll be okay with how it works out. Fingers crossed for both of us! xo

  8. That is amazing. I like that the feelings are almost comforting–at least not scary.

    The weirdest thing I have had happen: I hired a nanny when my kids were very young so I could keep working. Omayma–I still remember her name. I worked from home so could keep an eye on things. I became quite uncomfortable with her within a day or two and let her go. Later, I read in the news that soon after that, she chopped her boyfriend into pieces, stuffed him in garbage bags, and disposed of him. Someone protected me for that one.

    1. Wow, how terrifying to know she was watching your kids. So glad you felt her heaviness and let her go. Sometimes we can’t explain what we know, we just do. Very glad you listened to that. That poor boyfriend though…yikes.

  9. I’m scared of spirits, Denise. I don’t know what to do or how to feel even if I see the angel. I was spared of seeing one even though she/he was sitting next to me when the angel came to visit my son-in-law’s dying mother. She told me about the angel giving her the message of when she’d be going HOME. She died on the day she said she would be going.
    I was surprised how sensitive you’re in your paranormal experience. It seems you encountered the angel also. I can hardly wait to hear that.
    I did NaNo two years ago. I’m not doing it this year because I’m working on a memoir. Thank you for your offer to beta read. I’ll take on your offer but it will be next year. I’m half through through writing it.

    1. Its comforting to know angels are around us too. We had a simlar experience right before my mother in law passed. We watched her talk to my father in law. We couldn’t see him but felt him and she passed that night but had been comforted by it. I’m glad our loved ones and angels are there when its our time.

      This is my second year of NaNo, and it works out well with my book going into its final edit. I’m looking forward to doing something new. Whenever you need me to Beta I’m happy to, Miriam. Xo

      1. I encountered an angel in disguise once. There was a guy at the gym talking to me about something out of the blue. Something nobody knew I was questioning about. After the conversation, I had the answer.

        I’m not ready to do NaNo this year. Perhaps next year. I did the NaNo Camp in July.

        Thank you for you generous offer. I’ll let you know when I’m done with the draft. 💖

  10. Good thing you listened to your sixth sense! After having lived with a malevolent ghost as a teen, I don’t think I could do it again- even IF they like music, lol

    1. Yes, have to listen to that sixth sense for sure, Jacquie. I can’t live with something wanting to do harm. Im glad our enity is now harmless and a music fan. I’m more of a Casper type of ghost fan. How scary when you were a teen. Yikes. Glad you are OK. Xo

    1. I have thought about writing more about it, but in a memior it would be interesting. Good idea Sandra, thanks xo

  11. Wow, Denise! These are some strong experiences. I’m glad you are at peace in your home. There is no question that spirits roam the earth, most likely searching for something. I love these kinds of sharings! Perfect for Halloween!

    1. Thanks, Jan. I am at peace here now. Yes they do roam and only they know what they need. Happy Halloween:) xo

  12. Denise, I love this post! Thank you for openly sharing your experiences.
    Some say those shadows mean the house or room is on a (I can’t think of the word but) what I call a “spiritual switchboard” — or a sort of intersection point, and we see, from the corner of our eye, as they go from one place to the next. I lived in a house where no matter the lighting or the time of day, there was one room where I always saw that kind of shadow. I’ve also had a lot of “thought forms” — entities created by and left over from a lot of very strong emotions. Sometimes those are shadows too. Other times they’re more specific and distinct. Sorry — I don’t mean to do anything more than just share in return for your wonderful post.
    Anyhow, I’m glad you followed your intuition about that house. Happy Halloween hugs!

    1. Hi Teagan 🙂 I have heard of heavy emotions being left behind like that. I think if there was abuse of some type those emotions would linger. There are places I’d never visit.
      I can’t think of the word either, crossroads or dimensions comes to mind, but I understand what you are saying about a switchboard.

      There are so many things that we can’t see or understand, but they are there. I’m happy you shared your experiences here and your impressions, I’m always open to interuptations.

      It can be unnerving to be exposed to it. All we can do is follow our intuition, its usually right.

      Glad you enjoyed reading about some of interactions I had, and shared yours. Sending lots of Halloween hugs!

    1. It’s quite an experience. It always seems to come from the hall most of the time. Hope you are haunted house free now, Christina:)

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