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Triton’s Call (Tetrasphere #2)

by P.T.L. Perrin

I read and enjoyed the first YA book, “Terra’s Call.” I was eager to get back to the series and see what happened next. The story is told in the first person with multiple points of view, which painted together created a full picture. I love how Ms. Perrin draws the reader in with her vivid images and settings. The mixture of aliens, mythical creatures, and folklore are blended and weaved into reality. Each of the four teens has their charm and issues, but their devotion to each other is inspiring, even with the misunderstandings. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey to see where it takes the four next as they continue saving the world one artifact at a time. If you love YA fantasy mixed with sci-fi, you’ll want to read the Tertrasphere world. Five-Stars!

Ghost for Sale

by Sandra Cox

“Ghost for Sale” is a charming YA paranormal read. It was funny to think about ghosts being sold over eBay and Marcy wanting a refund when she was disappointed. When the order arrived, one tube was broken, and one appeared empty. My first thought was, ‘what were you thinking’, until the roommate, Caitlin, saw a ghost. It was a good-looking ghost from the late 1800s that Caitlin kept secret from her cousin, Marcy. It was fun seeing the ghost, Liam’s reactions to the modern woman and all the technology, and how well he adapted. The broken tube was his twin sister, and then Caitlin and Liam worked together in an attempt to reunite the sister with the man she loved. The ending surprised me because I expected this to go a different way, but I like how it ended. This is a sweet paranormal love story with a twist that I thoroughly enjoyed! Five-Stars!

The Lab (Astral Conspiracy Book 5)

by D.L. Cross

I started reading the Astral Conspiracy with book one, “The Gate” and was immediately pulled in with the fast pace and amazing characters. I was excited to see how this story of conspiracies, aliens, and relationships was going to end. There were a few twists and surprises to navigate through to arrive at an ending that was not only satisfying but might have left the door open a crack to continue. Landon Thorne was the first to capture my heart as the unwilling hero whose theories had been shunned until the aliens came, and suddenly his expertise became valuable. I loved his character’s progression through the books, along with the introduction of new characters. Some I loved, especially the twins, and some I didn’t, but there was a couple that changed my opinion of them by the end. The research and thought that went into this made it feel very real to me. If you love a good sci-fi story with well-written characters, along with some mystery thrown in, this is the perfect read for you. I highly recommend reading all the books in order, so you don’t miss a thing. Five-Stars!

The Twins (Astral Conspiracy Book 4)

by D.L. Cross

I’m enjoying this sci-fi series. I love Reverie’s twins’ addition as the characters are trying to survive and figure out who to trust—throwing in children to protect added another dimension to the story. The twin’s psychic abilities give them an edge the adults don’t have. There are several characters I’m rooting for, including one I didn’t think I would. While some relationships ebb and flow, a few grew stronger, making me very invested in their well-being. There are surprising revelations and a couple of twists that kept me reading way past my bedtime. The pace is nonstop as everyone tries to survive in this well-constructed world. This is a highly recommended series you want to read from the beginning. I can’t wait to plunge into the final book! Five-Stars!

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  1. What great reviews, Denise. Thanks for sharing and a big congratulations to each of the writers! 💜

    1. It was a great series, Staci. You made it not only exciting but easy to visualize it on the screen as movies.

    1. Enjoyed these reviews, Denise, though I didn’t look too closely at last two D. L. Cross books. I’m in the middle of The Twins, and didn’t want to see anything that might hint at what’s coming next. I really have no idea what to expect with this one. So many twists and turns and surprises!

      Best wishes for many sales to all these authors! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      1. I try to be careful when reviewing series. I want to say just how much I liked the story, without giving too much away. It’s hard when the story takes you away like this. Yes, it kept surprising me the whole way. Happy reading, Marcia:)

  2. I enjoyed reading your fabulous reviews, Denise. Purchasing ghosts from eBay? How an original idea. Staci’s books sound interesting and I’ll look into them. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Miriam:) Isn’t that a fun idea to purchase a ghost on EBay? I don’t usually pick sci fi to read but this series held me spellbound.

      1. That is the most novelty idea I’ve come across. One person in mu poetry group could see any deceased family members. I think your sister could do that also. It’s very unusual!
        I’m glad you found this series, Denise!

  3. Fabulous reviews Denise. I really enjoyed ‘Ghosts for Sale’ and Staci’s series is on my wishlist… getting there soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I don’t think Sandra writes a bad book. I’m working my way through her catalog. Staci wrote an exciting series, happy reading!

    1. It was a nice selection of books, Sandra. I really appreciated your idea of buying a ghost on eBay. Xo

    1. Thanks, Jessica. I try to write them as the one I would want to read in the reviews. Happy reading 🙂

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