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I want to share an unusual experience.

I lost my wedding ring about five years ago. I placed it on the tray next to the bed on the top of my nightstand. In the morning it was gone. Over the next several weeks, I tore the room apart looking for it. I even talked my husband to going under the house and removing the heater vent to look for it. Nothing. I kept hoping it would show up.

My husband was convinced it had been vacuumed up, and I was simply baffled. It filled me with sadness to lose that symbol of our special day 37 years ago.

Recently, we discussed reporting it lost to our house insurance, yet the call was never made.

Wearing my grandmother’s wedding ring now, we took a Harley ride last weekend. It was a perfect day, thanks to the lack of winter weather. It was to be a quick ride with a stop at the river. A usual place to do this was the old 49 bridge. But that day the parking lot was packed, and there were too many people milling around. I suggested we stop right past the new bridge and walk to look at the river.

The river was low. The granite rocks overpowered what should have been a fast-flowing roar underneath us. Today it was as silent as a lake. In the clear water was the reflection of the old bridge deemed unsafe to hold the weight of vehicles.

It was a beautiful view, and I took many shots of it. With the rounded bridge reflection, it reminded me of a circle or opening into nature’s beauty. I wrote a poem about that experience for a challenge. It was a magical moment that I wouldn’t have experienced if it not for the pandemic, drought, and all the people wandering about. I received a new perspective on something I was so familiar with.

We road home through the cooling winds, yet my heart was warm. Somehow, in that brief time over the Yuba River, my heavy burdens dissipated. Like my poem about the fairy singing and magic, I felt like my soul had been cleansed.

How does losing my wedding ring and making a stop at the river connect?

Two days after the river stop, I was getting ready to go on a walk on the Magical Trail. The warmer weather turned over to a more normal chill, so I went into my hat and glove drawer. I couldn’t find my usual knitted gloves, so I chose the fancy leather ones that I save for when I leave the house. When I slipped them on, a finger ran into something.

Puzzled, I pulled my hand back out, expecting to find a small child’s toy in there. It wasn’t, though. It was my ring. Yes, after five years, there it was! I put it on and felt a rush of loving energy rush through me. I couldn’t wait to share this find with my husband.

So you know, it hasn’t been five years since I’ve worn these gloves. When walking the dog, I dislike wearing them since they can’t be washed. It was an unusual choice for me because in the past I’d go gloveless instead of wearing them for that walk.

Whether I ran into some magic that day at the river that brought my ring back to me is something I can’t prove. But I felt a shift or change standing over the river that day, and then my ring came back to me. Coincidence? You decide.

My take away from that day is we can never give up hope. Do I find everything I’ve lost? No. I realized it isn’t lost; it just isn’t in our possession. Sometimes, when it is time, something that wasn’t in my possession returns as my wedding ring did.

This is how it is with writing that won’t flow. The story isn’t ready to come to you—yet. The magic in life holds it for you until then.

Mystical beauty will find you when you least expect it, as long as you are open to it. In the quiet, you will hear its message and find what’s always been there, just unseen.

Note: Winter has finally arrived with some snow! We are expecting a series of storms, fingers crossed, so if I disappear for a day or two it might be due to a down phone line or Wi-Fi. If possible, and safe, I’ll drive down the hill and check-in.

Embrace your inner child by listening to the fairy’s song! D. L. Finn

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  1. Denise, I have goose bumps the size of dinosaur eggs! What an amazing story. I have chills upon chills.
    I truly believe something magical happened that day and it brought your ring back to you. This is so amazing…you need to work it into a story!

    1. Thanks, Mae. It had the same effect on me. Yes, something definitely happened that day. I’m this experience will find its way into a story at some point!

  2. I love your story, Denise. Something magical or mystical occurred for sure. And I suspect your grandmother was standing nearby smiling. 😊

    1. Thanks, Gwen:) Yes, I felt it very strongly. I never thought of my grandma at that moment, but now that you say I know it’s true.

    1. Thanks, Eden. I had pretty much given up, but after being at the river, it was given back to me. Yes, the joy was amazing, but I don’t think my four year old granddaughter had any idea why I was SO excited. xo

  3. What an amazing story, Denise. I’m so thrilled your ring found its way back to you. Something definitely shifted that day at the river. I have goosebumps reading this.

    In our house, things go missing all the time. I used to think I’d lost the plot, but one time, I got two people–separately–to help me look for a favourite pair of earrings that had disappeared. We emptied the jewelry box completely and looked everywhere. Pulled out furniture. The whole works. Nothing.
    Months later, I opened said jewelry box, and there they were. Right at the very top! At least that time, I had witnesses. Nowadays, I shrug and wonder when the house will return things to me. Sometimes, I have no choice but to replace the item … hence, I am now the proud owner of THREE electric-meter cupboard keys.

    If I lost something as important as my wedding rings, I would be devastated. A great take-away from this story. Thanks for sharing, Denise 🙂

    1. Your comment made me think of something I’ve heard often about fairies and how they can be mischievous by taking things, then returning them. 🙂 Could be…

    2. I love when there is witnesses to these events, Harmony 🙂 To have two separate people look in your box and later your earrings turn up there right on top, wow. That’s amazing.

      I have a few duplicates too when I gave up looking and of course they would show up right after.

      Yes, I was heartbroken about my ring. The thought of replacing it left me feeling cold. I smile each morning now when I see my ring is with me again.

  4. What an incredible story, Denise. It left me with delicious shivers. I believe in magic. I believe in fairies and I believe your two experiences were inexplicably tied together. How amazing. Embrace it with gratitude! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jan:) I am definitely filled with gratitude and joy. That connection I’ve been missing returned and I’m excited to embrace the magic that has always been there.

  5. “it isn’t lost; it just isn’t in our possession.” I love that, Denise, and how you related your discovery of your wedding ring to writing (and to so many other things that we long for.) “Mystical beauty will find you when you least expect it, as long as you are open to it.” A beautiful reminder. Congrats on finding your ring!

    1. Thank you Diana:) It gave me such hope and bled into all parts of my life, which includes writing. Xo

      1. I lost the diamond from my grandmother’s wedding ring. I ripped open the vacuum clean bag and crawled over the floors checking between the floorboards. I never found it. Perhaps I should check my gloves and mittens. 🙂

    2. Sorry about your grandma’s diamond, Diana. It can’t hurt to check the gloves and mittens…

  6. That is a wonderful bit of luck, Denise. I can only imagine your excitement. I lost my mother’s ring. I knew exactly where it should be and it wasn’t. Odd, that stuff.

    1. It was, Jacqui. Sorry you lost your mom’s ring. I can still see in my mind where I left my ring.

    1. It was a fun trip especially to be able to do it in January 🙂 We are lucky to have so much beauty and open roads to roam. Thanks, Mark.

  7. What a marvelous story, Denise. You are very fortunate to have found your ring in this way. My engagement and weddings rings were both stolen in a home invasion five years ago and I had to replace them. I got something entirely different as I didn’t want a reminder of that unpleasant situation. I thought the memories of the armed robbery would overshadow the memories of my wedding.

    1. That’s horrible you had to deal with that, Robbie. I’m glad you are all okay after and can understand not wanting to relive any memories of that day. No, I wouldn’t want anything to overshadow that special day.

  8. What a beautiful real-life event. The ring was never lost, it was just in a place waiting to be rediscovered. Just like we sometimes might think we are lost, but we are really waiting to rediscover our purpose.

    1. Thank you. With the high winds that sounded like a train running over us and lots of brown outs we kept our power on:) yay! Xo

  9. It gave me goosebumps and thrill at the same time reading your story, Denise. Your ring was right by you all those years. Yes, your trip to the rover caused the fog to dissipate. I lost a precious item once and wrote it down on my journal. I found it years later and my heart almost jumped out.

    My most invaluable found was my relationship with my daughter after being isolated from her by my ex for five years. I only saw her once during those years. I had no idea if I lost her forever but kept praying she would be found. The day she decided to come back to me was the happiest day in my life other than the day she was born.

    We had some rain the last three days, hope to have more next week. I hope the mud slide doesn’t affect your area.

    1. You got the best gift anyone could hope for your daughter. I love you reconnected and now you enjoy those beautiful granddaughters.

      Thank you Miriam, the river did lift what was holding me back and then there it was.

      The mud slide is about 3.5 hours away, but a favorite part of the drive for us. Hope they fix it up soon. We’ve gotten over 2 feet of snow here, but the rain is making a come back. Been enjoying both. xo

      1. It took us years to rebuild the relationship. She didn’t know me too well because she was in 10th grade when they moved away. Several years prior to that she was not free to communicate with me. It was a miracle of how close we are right now and with the granddaughters.

        I watched the news about the collapse on HWY 1 in Big Surf area. The collapse is huge. It will cost millions of dollars to fix it.

        We don’t have tornados in California, but like in your area, the wildfires and mud slides are what we face every year.

        Good to know the mud slide is away from you. Two feet of snow must be nice. <3

  10. Im so happy you got your miracle, Miriam 🙂
    Yes that will cost a fortune to replace the highway, but the road is such a treasure.
    Yes, CA always will have to deal with slides and fires.

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