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One weekend we were out riding the Harley, the next digging out of the snow. Winter finally arrived bringing its entire family to stay for a long visit.

All week it has been raining, high winds, or snow— mostly snow. Wednesday was a snow day, including snow sledding, hot chocolate, creating a snow person, and coloring the snow with my younger two grandkids and daughter. It went back and forth between snow and rain, so we all got soaked, but that didn’t stop us.

The top picture is from my family/friend calendar and was included in my newsletter too. That is our tire man. No one is allowed to move this tire, even when he’s hibernating in the sunny months.

Here is tire man after a couple of snowstorms when he looks like a ghost or Oogie Boogie man from “Nightmare Before Christmas.” I suppose he’s earned a name by now, but no one’s named him yet.

I got little done this week because a good snowstorm distracts me. Being from the Bay Area, I only had seen it snow a couple of times when I went to Lake Tahoe in my teens.

So, for the last 30 years living where it snows brings out that inner child. Poetry usually flows from that, and I look forward to seeing what comes from these storms. I never tire of a snowy event, although driving is optional and avoided.

Here are a couple of pictures of our winter wonderland that calls to me loudly in its silence. As of Thursday, we have close to two feet of snow.

Embrace your inner child—always! D. L. Finn

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  1. Yes!! Lovely, Denise. Like you, I didn’t grow up around snow, so it is always a delight (except for driving, which I avoid in snow!).

    1. I don’t think I’ll ever stop enjoying it, Gwen. We don’t have it all winter so each one is exciting. I used to be brave driving in the snow, maybe because I had to, but now I won’t unless it’s an ER. Now, I sit home and enjoy the cozy feeling that comes with it.

  2. Hi Denise, I loathe winter and we’ve been lucky with very little snow so far. We got a major dump last week, but it’s calmed again.

    Don’t mind me, I just like to complain about the cold! Pretty pictures though!


    1. I think not growing up with snow it’s a novelty to me. Plus, we live at an elevation where we get a lot of rain too. So, snow isn’t all season. I love the cold, but my husband doesn’t, so I understand:]

  3. Ooh, you are having so much fun. I’m so glad. Having grown up in the heartlands, I don’t have quite the same appreciation for the white stuff that you do:)

    1. I do have fun when it snows. I think not growing up with it enamores it to me. We don’t have snow all season and in CA it could be warm and sunny next week. 🙂 hugs xo

  4. I love the way you embrace the snowy event, Denise! Where I live hardly ever snows, so I would get super excited if it did. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the awesome photos. I love Mr. Tire Man. 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. The snow seems to bring out the excited kid in me. I think we get it just enough so it never loses its magic. Mr.Tire Man has developed his own fan base:) We have been enjoying, thanks. Back to rain this week.

  5. While the UK has received a lot of snow so far this winter, down here in Cornwall we’ve avoided it. It’s been plenty wet, though! Stay safe. Glad you’re having fun. I always love the quiet a heavy snowfall brings 🙂

    1. Glad you are having a good winter, Harmony 🙂 Yes, I’m having lots of fun sledding and attempting to walk on the trail. There is something so peaceful about a heavy blanket of snow, a special kind of silence.

    1. It is enchanting, Joan, and I love the peaceful silence of it. We live 1000 feet above town and snow is more common here, but when it hits in town like you said everything shuts down.

  6. Those are such fun pictures, Denise! I do think your tire man needs a name, LOL.

    It looks like you’re having fun with all that snow. At the moment, we are in the path of a major winter storm (nor’easter). We have about 4 inches on the ground now with another 8-14 expected. I’m off work due to my office being closed for the day. Pretty much everything is such down at the moment, and we’re waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

    1. Thanks, Mae. I do feel badly we’ve never named our tire guy! I saw on the new that big storm coming your way! When it heads up to 2 feet the roads become unpassable…at least for me. Snowdays still hold a bit of magic though, and hope you enjoy yours and stay warm and safe! xo

    1. Thanks you, Robbie. We love our snow too. He’s becoming more visible right now. Yes, always distracting with a lovely show of snowflakes.

    1. Thanks, Balroop. I can’t pass a moment to stop and get out in the snow, when we get it. I love to write poetry sitting in it too.

  7. The first time I saw and touched snow was when I was 16. I loved it then and still do. There is nothing more beautiful than the first snowfall. Living in Florida now, I do miss it…but not enough to move back to MN. Wonderful post, Denise.

    1. Sounds like we were about the same age when we saw it snow. It is a wonderful sight but I understand you loving Florida so much too. Thanks, Karen 🙂

  8. Fun snowy pictures of your special tire – that’s great. And you’re inspiring me to try and find the joy in snow. I lived in the bay area for 20 years, now in the Boston area. We just got 20 inches of snow. It’s beautiful outside, but not “walking weather,” for sure. And I drove in it for a doctor’s appt this morning. I’m getting to be a Snow Woman! 🙂

    1. I like the term “Snow Woman!” Sounds like a special snowflake cape should be involved 🙂 I managed to walk the last two days, it reminded me of the stair machine at the gym. Sinking into the snow and pulling my leg out, what a workout. It is beautiful how it changes the landscape. Stay safe.

      1. You are so right! Walking through snow is similar exercise to walking through sand at the East Coast beach. Great exercise and in the winter can really warm you up! From one snowwoman to another. 💙

    1. Yes, we did. Lately it seems to be all or nothing in the weather department. I do enjoy those challenging walks. Tire man is our celebrity…lol.

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