#TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 216 #SYNONYMSONLY @ColleenChesebro #haiga #senryu

Here’s Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 216, Synonymons Only. The words to work from are Eager & Hope!

I chose a picture to work with and came up with this Hagia, (5/7/5 Senryu and image.)

The flame is my faith

Longing for you to emerge

From the dire darkness.

42 thoughts on “#TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 216 #SYNONYMSONLY @ColleenChesebro #haiga #senryu”

  1. Faith in any form is a hard nut to come by sometimes in these dire days.
    Keeping a positive flame alive helps all of us 😀

  2. Beautiful, Denise. I keep a candle burning in my office. Its flame reminds me of all those on my prayer list. It’s also a comfort to me in times of need – much like your poem. 💗

    1. I love you kept a candle lit and that it reminds of those to pray for and gives you comfort. There is something special about the light from a candle:) Thank you, Gwen xo

    1. Thank you, Jan 🙂 I love working with this format and getting something across in few words. Xo

    1. Thank you, Mae 🙂 I love the challenge of these poems and what can come across.

    1. Thanks, Cathleen:) I think you are very right about wanting to emerge from the darkness!

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