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I’m excited to welcome fellow Story Empire author, C. S. Boyack, here today to talk about his latest release, “Lunar Boogie. ”  I’ve loved the Hat Series, and couldn’t wait to dive into this great story. Here’s my review.

Thanks for lending me your space, Denise. I’m here to tell your fans about my newest publication, “Lunar Boogie.” This is book number four in The Hat Series. This is an ongoing series that uses the same main characters in subsequent tales. They are intended to be dark comedy.

I’ll let the cover and blurb do their jobs. Today, I want to talk about what comes next. This is kind of a standard blog tour topic, but it’s a fun one.

Lizzie St. Laurent is a regular twenty-something college dropout. She works hard to make ends meet. I paired her up with a creature from another dimension, known only as the hat. He has supernatural abilities, but they need each other to take advantage of them.

When they debuted in the first book, “The Hat,” it was very well received. This is my best seller, and has more reviews than any other. Many readers asked for sequels and the series was born. They also wanted to explore deeper into the witchcraft world presented in that story. This is something I also wanted to do, but it posed a little problem.

Lizzie is a regular girl. She’s also our point of view into all the strange things going on in this underground environment. This means she isn’t going to attend some school and learn all about witchcraft. She has to observe it as an outsider, and the readers do too.

I wanted Lizzie to get some seasoning before I returned to that environment. After four unique adventures, it’s time to get on with it. The next book in the series will be called “Good Liniment,” and it’s going to take a deep dive into the world of witchcraft.

This will include a bunch of new characters, but they’re going to be unique enough that readers will remember them. As the series grows, I want to have a pool of characters that can appear in future stories.

This poses a challenge for me, because one of my goals is that readers can pick up any volume and enjoy the story without prerequisite reading. I don’t know if I can keep pulling that off, but have every intention to try. It requires a small introduction for the recurring characters, but, as long as it isn’t obtrusive, long term readers might appreciate the reminders. I don’t mind a good challenge, but I can only produce about one of these per year.

Today, you have “Lunar Boogie” to check out. It’s brand spankin’ new, and I’d appreciate some readers and reviews to give it a good launch.

Stick with me, because I have about four more storyboards going in this series, and two of them are ready to write today.


Lizzie and the hat are back in action, only this time they’re up against the most tragic monster of all, a werewolf.

This adventure is more like hunting an animal, and the werewolf is unlikely to come to any of their musical performances. This puts Lizzie out in the dark corners and wooded areas of the city. It may be more beneficial to get the monster to hunt Lizzie than to stalk him on his own turf. All she has to do is be quicker on the trigger than the wolf is on his feet.

At the same time, the police think they’re after a serial killer. Lizzie tries to keep them alive while also keeping them out of her way. As the body count rises, so do the pressures. It doesn’t help that people are blaming Lizzie and the hat for the killings. This involves an urban myth about them that the locals call Hellpox.

Pull on your boogie shoes and join the hunt. Designed as an afternoon read, this one is tons of supernatural fun.


34 thoughts on “New Release “Lunar Boogie” by C. S. Boyack! @Virgilante #StoryEmpire #IndieAuthor #NewRelease #WhatToRead”

    1. Yes, Craig, has rolled out a great tour! I’m happy to share Lunar Boogie here today, Harmony. It a fantastic read.

  1. Great to see Craig here today, Denise. I thoroughly enjoyed Lunar Boogie. It’s my personal favorite of the series.

    It is tough writing an ongoing series with a pool of characters, but readers who stick with any series don’t mind re-introductions of characters for new readers. I’m a fan of Kevin, the vampire with a lisp, so it was great to see him turn up in Lunar Boogie. Craig also introduced some new characters that I hope will be back in future releases. In the meantime, I recommend this five-star read for fun, entertainment, snark, and danger!

    Congrats to Craig and thanks for hosting, Denise!

    1. I was excited to see Kevin in this story too, Mae:) It does take a certain touch to keep a series going and The Hat, and Craig, does it well. I hope some of the new characters make a return as well.

      I’m happy to have Craig here today to share another success in The Hat Series.

      1. I’m keeping Kevin around. Don’t know if he’ll be in the next story, but he’ mildly handy.

  2. I just finished LUNAR BOOGIE and loved the way you handled the werewolf as a monster. You didn’t go overboard but you didn’t hold back either. Made him very real. Witches can be all kinds of things–good, bad, really evil. I like reading about all of them:) It will be interesting to see your take on them. Another great Lizzie adventure…

    1. Thank you so much for saying that here. I’m ecstatic that you enjoyed the story.

    2. I’m a fan of werewolves, Judi, and agree Craig handled werewolves well. It was definitely another great Lizzie adventure.
      Thank you for dropping by:)

    1. Thanks, Robbie. It’s a great series and I think each book just gets better–and they are all great!

  3. Another awesome post for Lunar Boogie!! It is such a good read and as Teri said above, it was cool to see Kevin pop up in this story. I also loved the mention of The Mothman and Clovis. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Denise!

    1. It is such a good read, Jan:) I enjoyed the mention of Mothman and Clovis, along with Kevin making an appearance! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next story.

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