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Bloodstone (The Curse of Time, #1)

by M.J. Mallon

“Bloodstone” is a paranormal YA story that centers on 15-year-old Amelina. Her family life drastically changed after her father disappeared and then returned home a different man. Her once happy household was gone. When she gets an invitation to a mysterious place, she goes down a forbidden path by the river. Here she meets Ryder, who completely mesmerizes her after saving her from a robbery attempt. There were many great secondary characters, including her band members and cat, Shadow, but I think my favorite was Esme or the girl who lived in the mirror. There was a lot of depth in Esme, and the subject of self-harm was dealt with well. I’m a fan of rocks/crystals, so their importance in the story was a plus. The magic and darkness weaved into the plot of finding the truth contrasted with Amelina’s constant conflict. The poetry before each chapter was a nice addition, and I enjoyed the descriptive passages. The ending answered some questions, but not all. I look forward to reading the next book in this series to see what happens next. If you like a paranormal story told from a teen’s perspective who is not only finding herself but discovering her unique abilities, this is for you.

Twilight’s Encore (Wounded Hearts #3)

by Jacquie Biggar

I have enjoyed the first two books of Wounded Hearts, so I was happy to see them back in Tidal Falls planning a wedding. Katy left town ten years ago with her mother and leaving Ty broken-hearted. She is a doctor now, coming back to supervise her wedding plans to another man. The old theater is being redone for her nuptials, and the man doing it is Ty. Sparks immediately fly between Katy and Ty while someone is trying to disrupt the renovation of the old building. A secret surprised me, and there was a person with negative intentions toward Katy. Since this is set in basically the same time frame as book two, there is no update on what happened to Maggie, which didn’t take away from this story. Twilight’s Encore can easily be read without reading the first two books, but it’s better to have the background on the secondary characters. I’m eager to start the next book to see what happens next in this great series!

The Rebel’s Redemption (Wounded Hearts #2)

by Jacquie Biggar

I read and enjoyed the first book, “Tidal Falls,” where Annie and Jared caught my attention as secondary characters. Jared finally comes home for good after making some mistakes since leaving the SEALS. He reconnects with his mother and runs into his ex-best friend, Annie, or the woman he had a one-night stand with before leaving to join the service the next day. Jared had made many missteps in his past, but seeing Annie and her son brought back old feelings and guilt. But this reunion doesn’t go smoothly. His past is chasing him, putting those he loves in danger. There was a side plot with Maggie, a DEA agent, who was also introduced to in the first book. This part had me on the edge of my seat with the dangerous situation she was in. Not only is there a romance trying to rekindle between Annie and Jared with someone wanting revenge, but Maggie is trying to survive. This page-turner left one question answered, and another that needs to be explored in future books. If you like a good romantic thriller, this is for you!

NOTE: I’ve been quiet the past few days and haven’t been able to visit blogs or do my usual social media. My husband had a planned-rescheduled surgery Thursday and we were only given a few days’ notice. He’s doing well, but my attention and energy has been on his procedure and recovery. He has this week off to recoup and then things should go back to “normal.” Hugs xo

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review in that case, but I have been known to email the author:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

Embrace that sweet inner child by reading a good book! D. L. Finn

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  1. Thanks for the reviews, Denise. I read Marje’s book a few years ago and love the new cover. Jacquie’s Wounded Hearts 2 and 3 are coming up on my kindle this fall and it looks like they’re great reads. Ack, I wish I had more time! And I’m glad to hear that your husband is doing well. Health and family is the priority. Hugs.

    1. It is a great cover, isn’t it? I’ve wanted to read the Wounded Warrior series for quite a while. I’m almost caught up, but I agree never enough time to do all the reading I want. Thank you, Diana:) Yes, doing better than expected! Hugs back xo

  2. Great reviews, Denise! I’ve read Twilight’s Encore and really enjoyed it. All the books I’ve read in Jacquie’s Wounded Heart’s series have been excellent. There are a few I still need to catch up with, but they’re on my Kindle and my TBR. Also sending congrats to M.J.
    Thanks for sharing your reviews, and I hope all is going well for your hubby!

    1. Thank you, Mae 🙂 I’m really enjoying the Wounded Warriors Series and have two more to go to get caught up. Right now I’m trying to read a few ghost stories. All is going well, thankfully xo

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these books, Denise. I have loved all of the Wounded Hearts books I’ve read and these sound great! So glad you husband is recuperating well!!

    1. Thanks, Jan 🙂 Wounded Warriors is a great series that I’m finally glad to be reading! I’m very happy how well he is doing.

  4. Lovely reviews Denise. I’ve read two of the Wounded Heart series and enjoyed both. Congratulations to Jacquie and Marje. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery, it’s good to hear that he is your focus right now.

    1. Thank you, Balroop. Wounded Warriors has been on my TBR list and I’m so happy to finally be reading it. All good reads. I appreciate the good wishes. He is doing much better than I expected! Xo

    1. Yes, this are definitely enticing reads 🙂 Thank you, Pam. He is doing well and wants to be up doing things.

  5. Denise, three terrific reviews and I have some of Jacquie’s books on my Kindle to read soon! Look forward to them. Marje’s book sounds very special and it’s good there is enough left open to tempt for the second in the series. I like the new cover but remember her story of the original cover very well which was interesting!

    1. Thank you, Annika 🙂 You have good reading ahead with Jacquie’s books. Yes, Marje’s book is very different, which I appreciate! I love her cover but don’t know the story of the original.

      1. Thanks for asking, Miriam. She’s made the decision to move home. They got rid of everything except a couple of suitcases and their cats, hopped a plane (or two) and flew across country to Alberta. They’re going to stay in our hometown for a while, visit with family and friends, then come the rest of the way home. I can’t wait to see them!

      2. That’s wonderful news, Jacquie! Your daughter and grandson will be close to you. You can help out taking care of your grandson. Hope your daughter will settle in, gain her health back, and find a job later!

      3. Thank you so much, Jacquie! 🙂

        Having a baby sister makes her feel “mature.” During the last trip, I read to her then she went to her bed but the blanket was not on her. I covered her, then patted her back a little. She said, “You don’t have to do that. I’m not a baby!” I was caught by surprise!

  6. Denise, I’m so sorry your hubby had to have surgery. Hopefully, it’s nothing to serious and he is on the mend. Sending healing prayers just to be safe <3
    Thank you for the wonderful reviews. I'm thrilled that you're enjoying the series enough to read all the books- such an honor!

  7. Thank you, Jacquie:) He recovered quickly and fingers crossed it worked.
    Yes, very much enjoying your series, I’m almost caught up! xo

  8. Sorry to hear your husband had a surgery. Hope it was not serious. Family has to be your priority, Denise. The community is always here whenever you can return but you’re the only one there for your family – your husband. Take care of him and yourself! I’m praying for you both. <3

    1. Thank yiu, Miriam 🙂 He is doing well. It was a common procedure but anything with the heart worries me. Yrs, I agree family first and thank you for being a supportive part of the writing community xo

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your review of Bloodstone. I really appreciate it so much Denise. Apologies for the late comment but I’m away at the moment and it’s a long story. I will share this lovely post today, I’ll try to send you a personal message later too. Well done to Jacquie too. xxx

    1. They are all good reads. That’s what I did read the series from the beginning and I’m almost caught up 🙂 I’m a huge fan of these characters. Thank you. It’s a relief he’s doing so well. Xoxo

  10. Planned or not, a loved one’s surgery is unnerving and exhausting, Denise. I hope your husband (and you) are both recovering well.
    Thanks for your reviews on these wonderful books. Marge and Jacquie are both wonderful authors. Hugs all around.

    1. Thank you, Teagan 🙂 Planned gives a bit more time for worry. We are both doing well and it’s behind us.
      I agree they are both wonderful authors snd you can’t wrong with these books. Hugs back xo

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