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Laws of Nature Book CoverLife is Like a Mosaic by Sally Cronin Book Cover

Life is like a Mosaic: Random fragments in harmony

by Sally Cronin

“Life is like a Mosaic” is a book of poetry that offers images to add to the journey. I have always loved the mixture of pictures and words, and this collection is a delightful blend of that. I like how honest and insightful the poems are with various subjects that take daily life into a deeper realm. Here are a few of my favorite lines: “defies monochrome hues/with a splash of colour/softening their/harshness,” “Clarity as the memories cascade/tumbling down the precipice of time/as if the floodgates have opened,” “The moon/hangs in the sky/lighting the earth at night,” “Sit/serene/with wise thought/and let them drift,” “Nature’s young frolic in the sun/under blossom topped tree/celebrating/new life,” and “Washed up/are words that haunt.” A thoughtful collection that I can highly recommend for poetry lovers.

Laws of Nature (Dawn of Humanity Book 2)

by Jacqui Murray

I loved the first book of “Dawn of Humanity” and had been eager to read this story. This engaging read followed two groups, split apart in the last book, trying to find each other. The most interesting was the character following these two groups and the one who joined up with him. When reading, I was completely drawn into the story down to saying “ick” when they ate their raw meat or sucked the marrow out of a bone. The attention to detail and amount of research is amazing, including how they communicated, groomed, interacted, and traveled. Lucy’s group shows an inclusion that is inspiring and relevant, especially in modern times. I appreciated a strong female character who applied logic to dangerous situations. I can’t wait for the next book and highly recommend “Laws of Nature!”

Born in a Treacherous time (Dawn of Humanity)

by Jacqui Murray

I have read and loved the Crossroad Series by Ms. Murray and have been eager to read this series. When the second book came out, I rushed to get started. Lucy and her journey immediately pulled me in. After leaving her first group, she finds a home and a new pair mate. Within this group, there is jealousy and distrust, but the most important thing is their survival. The amount of research and thought that went into this story amazed me. I could easily imagine how it was to live in their prehistorical times. I’m very glad that we found a way to control fire and cook our food. Their eating habits and being scavengers were so detailed and well-written that they made me shudder as they tore into their meal. Although everyone didn’t appreciate Lucy, her strength kept her and those around her going. As the group shifts and changes, so does the world around them. I dove right into the second book when I finished this one. I highly recommend this!

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review in that case, but I have been known to email the author:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

Embrace that sweet inner child by reading a good book! D. L. Finn

57 thoughts on “September Book Reviews Part 1! @sgc58 @WordDreams #WritingCommunity #BookReviews #WhatToRead”

    1. Thanks, Cathleen:) Yes, both wonderful authors that I’ve never been disappointed in, and always know it going to be a great read.

      I try to post reviews in as many places as I can 😉

    1. I’m happy to pass along the good books I read, Sally and I throughly enjoyed yours:) I didn’t know I liked prehistoric fiction until recently, thanks to Jacqui. I hope you have a wonderful week too! Xo

  1. Three books that I also enjoyed, Denise. Excellent reviews for Sally and Jacqui’s efforts. I have to say that Born in a Treacherous Time was the first prehistoric fiction book I’d read in 50 years, and it was mesmerizing. So different and fascinating. I agree it a must read. And Sally’s poetry is wonderful as always. A complete pleasure to read. 🙂 And it’s only the first week of September. Can’t wait to see what else your reading!

    1. Thanks, Diana 🙂 I’m hooked on prehistoric fiction now for sure, at least, Jacqui’s! Sally has a wonderful way of capturing what is around us. I’m working on October reviews. September is all reviews, I guess I’ve been reading alot and having fun.

      1. That’s so interesting, Jacqui. But I’m not surprised. Some people don’t believe in evolution and few know much about it. I grew up on National Geographic magazine.

  2. Great reviews, great choices! I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed both of Jacqui’s books and have Sally’s lined up on my Kindle, anticipating the same. 🙂

  3. It’s only the first week and a half into September and you posted part 1 of reviews already, Denise. That’s great. I love your reviews of Sally’s and Jacqui’s books. I have them on my Kindle, better get to them soon.

    1. The month is full of good reading, Miriam! You definitely have some good reading ahead! Hugs xo

  4. Great reviews, Denise. I have Sally’s book on my radar. Have seen lots of positive things about Jacqui’s as well. I’ve not read prehistoric fiction before, and I applaud anyone with the courage to write it.

    1. Thanks, Joan. You can’t go wrong with any of these books. I’d never read prehistoric fiction before Jacqui, and now I’m hooked. There are an abundance of details that I can image being there down to being glad we cook our food… lol I know you’ll enjoy Sally’s too.

  5. Denise, three fantastic reviews and I’m in awe how Jacqui manages to draw the reader into a world of prehistoric man! A skillful world building and fiction writing! Sally’s latest book sounds like a gem and one I look forward to reading soon! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on these books. Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks, Annika 🙂 I agree it is awe-inspiring how Jacqui creates the world and draws us in. Sally’s book is definitely a gem 🙂 Happy reading yo you too.

  6. Excellent reviews, Denise. I enjoyed Sally Cronin’s :Life Is Like a Bowl of Cherries,” so this one is TBR for sure. I also found “Born in A Treacherous Time,” to be an exciting read. That’s 2 for a TBR! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to Sally and Jacqui.

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