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Dead of Winter: Journey 9, Doors of Attunement

by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

Journey 9 takes Emlyn, Osabide, and Fotia/Zasha into a new place called the Other Realm. They hope to restore Zasha in this strange place. Here, they find three doors and have to pick the right one. I love how Emlyn is starting to trust herself more, which includes her intuition. The setting and surroundings are a vital part of this story, along with the beings they run into. While the trio explores, an army is massing — which hints at what is coming. I can’t wait for the next installment. Five-Stars!

The Yak Guy Project

by C.S. Boyack

“The Yak Guy Project” takes Ted on a spiritual journey in a strange world. Ted wakes up, not knowing what happened to him. A talking Yak becomes Ted’s guide as he learns his selfish ways of the past won’t work where he is. Ted was a character that I rooted for, but he also frustrated me with some of his decisions. I could see The Fool’s Journey from the Tarot in Ted like the author had compared him to. This story had me not only invested in whether Ted could learn and grow, but the world he found himself in captivated me. It was a place where technology had gone wrong many years before, and they were back to living on the land. There were many well-placed layers with life lessons, humor, war, and relationships that made this a read that I couldn’t put down. Five-Stars!

Maggie’s Revenge (Wounded Hearts #6)

by Jacquie Biggar

I have read and enjoyed the first five books of the Wounded Hearts series, but I’ve been eager since book two to find out what happened to Maggie. She has been undercover for the DEA but then was put into horrible conditions with the other women sold into sex trafficking by cartel leader, Chenglei. Back home, her partner, Adam, hadn’t given up hope of finding her. Adam joins forces with his boss, Amanda, and Ex-Seal Frank in that search. Maggie is an amazing character. She is strong, funny, determined, and caring. I like her interactions with the other women and how she can take care of them and herself. I could feel the heat of the desert or the blinding rays of the sun in the richly written settings. This is my favorite of the series so far and one that I kept reading just one more chapter until I was done. I can’t wait to continue to “The Seal’s Temptation” to see what happens next! I highly recommend “Maggie’s Revenge” and the entire series. Five-Stars!

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review in that case, but I have been known to email the author:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

Oops, I spoke too soon, sorry! Next week will be October Book Reviews Part #3, and then two Personal Short Story Challenges will follow.

Even when the power is out, you can read a great book and embrace your inner child! D. L. Finn

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  1. Excellent reviews, Denise. I’m caught up on Dead of Winter, but still need to catch up on Craigs and Jacquie’s books. Congrats to all three authors on the fabulous reviews.

    1. Thanks, Diana 🙂 I’m still working my way through both, Jacquie and Craig, along with Teagan too! I’m never disappointed when I read their books. xo

  2. Great reviews, Denise. I’ve read Craig’s The Yak Guy Project and really enjoyed it (especially the birds). I haven’t read Maggie’s Revenge but I know everything Jacquie pubs is sterling, and Teagan is always so imaginative with her work. Congrats to all three authors.

    1. There was so much to like in Yak Guy, including the birds:) Yes, all sterling coming from Jacquie and Teagan really is very imaginative in all she writes. Thanks, Mae!

  3. Fabulous reviews, Denise! I have The Yak Guy Project on my Kindle and your review reminded me that it’s been sitting there waiting for me for a while. I look forward to reading it, especially because it deals with the Tarot cards! Thank you for sharing!

    1. It sat too long on my TBR list too. I think you’ll enjoy it and the journey taken. Thanks, Jan.

  4. These are all great reviews, Denise. The Yak Project is my favourite of Craig’s many wonderful books. I have read The Seal’s Temptation but none of the earlier books yet. You are ahead of me with Teagan’s journeys. I will be posting my reviews of Journeys 6 and 7 later this week.

    1. The Yak Guy had a lot of different layers to it that made it such a good read. I’ve loved all the Wounded Warriors books, I am on the last one and I’ll be caught up. Teagan knows how to do a serial story so well, and I’m eager for the next in the series.

      1. Thanks, Denise. I’m fighting with Amazon right now. The dratted “previewer” keeps stalling, and they won’t let me approve the book until the previewer works… I’ll probably be on the phone with them again. LOL

  5. Denise, you treasure. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this Journey. It might be the most “fantastical” of the lot. We’re drawing near the end of the series now. Your reviews mean so very much to me. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Thank you, Anshkia 🙂 All good reads. How many books for the year? Around 80, I do the Goodreads Challenge which keeps track.

    1. I’m so happy to have ready your series. It will be sad to catch up…Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you, Michael 🙂 I’m reading Teagan’s Journey 10 right now. Yay for increased reading speed!

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