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Pride and Fall

by Staci Troilo

“Pride and Fall” is the third book in the Cathedral Lake Series and follows what happens to Faith and her family, after “Out and About.” Faith Keller has PTSD after losing a sister and being kidnapped. The story immediately starts fast with an event where Faith is thrown into danger. She can barely push her panic and anxiety aside to help those who need help. Her being there, and what is found, puts her on the radar of local cop Carter Emerson, who is determined to figure out what is going on—even at her expense. Wanting to find the truth, he doesn’t listen to the warnings to back off from his friend and co-worker. I was completely sympathetic to Faith, but wished she had reached out for help and advice when she needed it. Carter took me a while to warm up to, especially after knowing what Faith and her family had been through between death and past accusations. A couple of times, I wished he would stop looking into the Keller family, too. He was a well-rounded character that allowed me to feel more than one thing about him. Faith was a victim and someone who needed to grow and heal. The dogs had my heart, especially Carter’s K-9 partner, Max. I may have been able to pick out who not to trust, but not for what I thought. A fast-paced thriller with a strong family dynamic that was very hard to stop reading. I can highly recommend this story and the entire series!

Out and About (The Cathedral Lake Series Book 2)

by Staci Troilo

“Out and About” starts a few years after “Cross and Type” ended. Although Jensen is grown up, he unwillingly returns home at his domineering father’s request. Father and son immediately clash when the two find it hard to communicate. I already had a soft spot for the Keller family because of what they went through losing a daughter/sister and wasn’t sure how I felt about the new family introduced, the Perishes. The one Perish I was rooting for was Bella. She also has an overbearing father and is always trying to please him. Both families are flawed and real with miscommunication, pride, and love. There is a chance meeting between Jensen and Bella at Cathedral Lake that begins a friendship. I love how much Jensen and Bella have in common, including the stubbornness of the fathers. Their differences in their strengths make them a compelling connection. I like how they ended up on opposite sides at one point—or Wade—the man responsible for Jensen’s sister’s death. Both Bella and Jensen’s curiosity about what is going on behind his early release from prison, how they are dealing with their family, and personal issues make this a page-turner. I’m thoroughly enjoying The Cathedral Lake Series and jumping right into book three.

Hues Of Hope: Selected Poetry

by Balroop Singh

“Hues of Hope” is a beautiful collection of poems that examines the hope in life. There are so many wonderful poems that it is hard to pick favorites, but I always connect the most with nature poems. Although all the poetry brought vivid images to me as I read them, here are some examples of the words that moved me. In the poem HOW FRAGILE IS LIFE! I could easily relate since I live where fire danger is very serious: “When you watch helplessly/Mother Nature wreaking havoc/Holding your heart in smithereens/You think of those who couldn’t make it/Reduced to bones and ashes within seconds.” MAGIC captured my heart: “I’ve never believed in magic/Yet I look for it everywhere/In the sunshine that lights/Crevices within me.” A TOUCH offers pure hope: “Her magical, dewy carpet/Carries calm whispers/Her Lilting leaves remind me/Of songs that we sang together.” If you enjoy poetry, as I do, you don’t want to miss this collection. I can easily recommend it!

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review in that case, but I have been known to email the author:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

UPDATES: I have been working hard re-releasing my Angel & Evildwel books with new covers, and I tidied them up just a bit. Not a big edit, though, just fixing a few things that bothered me. The first two are done, and I will work on the third book this week. I will post a link to them all when I’m done. I’ve been sharing them on Twitter, though.

During this time, I got my current book to my editor. A Voice in the Silence is looking to have a mid-June release date. So, after I finish re-releasing this week, I will be getting ready to release! Whew 🙂 Plus, I helped my daughter format her book, editing is not my skill set, so I wasn’t involved in that part of it, but I did get a beta read in.

I will have more information on next week’s blog as I start making plans for it; I might skip the pre-order this time and do a release and tour. Stay tuned. I’m planning around a vacation too.

I will be sharing my new cover in two weeks! It’s been ready for a while, so that is is something I can commit to 😉

I try to stop by and visit everyone, but I’ve been on the tired side lately. Hopefully, I will be back to my old schedule once I’m through this.

Embrace that inner child by reading a tremendous indie book! D. L. Finn

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  1. Great book reviews. Congrats to Staci and Balroop. I enjoyed the Cathedral Lake books and all the dynamics in them, and I have just finished Hues of Hope, which completely captivated me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Denise 💕🙂

    1. I loved the family dynamics in the Catherdral Lake Series, I felt like I was a part of the family trying to dolve the mysteries. Hues of Hope was captivating, I agree. Thanks, Harmony 🙂

    1. Thanks, Priscilla 🙂 It’s one of those moments where everything converged at the same time. I’m looking forward to a peaceful nature break in a few weeks.

    1. Thanks, Darlene 🙂 I am of fan of Balroop’s poetry too. Yes, it seems everything happened at once, but glad to be accompaning things I had put off.

  2. You’ve got so much on your plate. Looking forward to everything you have coming up.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews. I’m delighted you liked the books and am honored to have been included today with Balroop.

    1. It all came together, the things I had put off. So I decided to just go with it. At least It forced me to learn more about formatting. I’m excited to share a new story soon.

      I really do enjoy how you can bring the reader into a family’s story so well. All those small details, including food, made me feel like a member of the family.

    1. Thanks, Jacqui 🙂 You have some great reading ahead with Staci’s books.

  3. Great reviews, Denise. I’ve read and enjoyed all three of these books. A huge congratulations to Staci and Balroop.

    And congrats to you as well, on all your progress with book covers and your upcoming new release. Exciting times, indeed!

    1. Thanks, Mae 🙂 All three great reads!

      It’s been a long time coming with those covers and learning how to format print copies and manipulate the covers to fit different requirements. Plus. Fix a thing or two without the full edit. Next, I will tidy up some childern children books.

      And I’m excited to share a new story and first NaNoWri.

    1. Thanks, John 🙂 I’m learning a lot and feel more in control of what’s out there now. Excited about sharing a new story soon too.

  4. Wonderful reviews, Denise. Thank you for sharing. My heartfelt congratulations to Staci and Balroop. And my congratulations to you, Denise, for all the progress with your books. 🤗

    1. Thank you, Gwen 🙂 All good reads. I’ve learned a lot these last few weeks, things I’ve been putting off, so its a good feeling even though exhausting at same time.

  5. Such an honor to be placed with Staci’s books! Thank you Denise for your lovely review of Hues of Hope. I am delighted that you liked this collection too. Congratulations to Staci for the fabulous reviews.

  6. Wonderful reviews, Denise! I need to look and see which of Staci’s books I have waiting for me on my Kindle. It’s time to move them up the list!! And Balroop’s poetry book sounds delightful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great reviews, Denise! All of these books are on my TBR list. And I have to say, I always love Staci’s book covers. They are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!!
    As for your own updates, Congrats on your progress! <3 You have quite a bit going on! Remember to take care of you, friend!

  8. They sat on my Kindle for too long. Once I started reading them, I had to finish the series. You have some good reading ahead.
    It is a wonderful poetry book, that can be read over and over. Thanks, Jan 🙂

  9. Great reviews, Denise. I’m not familiar with this series from Staci, so thanks for the recommendation. I have one of her novellas on my kindle for my travels. And I also enjoyed Balroop’s hope-themed collection. She writes beautiful poetry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Happy Reading. 🙂

  10. You’ve been busy! Can’t wait to see the new covers and count me in for the book tour 🙂
    I haven’t had the chance to read this series from Staci, but it sounds excellent. I’m reading Balroop’s new release and love the depth and emotional impact of her work. Great reviews, Denise!

  11. I can’t wait for the release of your wonderful story, Denise.
    Nice to see Balroop and Staci featured. I loved Balroop’s poems and Staci’s series sounds very intriguing. Looks like more adds to my TBR:)

  12. The Cathedral Book Series sounds like one of those ‘pull you in,’ reads, and Balroop’s poetry is always top-notch. Congratulations to both! Looking forward to seeing the new covers, Denise.

    1. Catherdal Lake Series definitely pulls you in, Mark! Can’t go wrong with Balroops beautiful poetry. Thank you 🙂

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