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I’m thrilled to have a new author here to talk about her upcoming debut release, and I might take a small moment here to be a proud Mom!

Here’s my youngest daughter, Danielle, to talk about “The Darkness of Placata Montis.”

First of all, let me introduce myself. You will get to know me in this space as DLM Johnson, daughter of D.L. Finn.

Like my mother, I have spent many years expressing myself through words. Mostly, I wrote poetry, trying to understand my own emotions and feelings as I was becoming an adult.

Writing without expectation. What a joy, right?! So who in the heck thought it would be a good idea to put my fancy words into an entire book?! Well. Me. And my friends. And my family. Darn supportive bunch of people.

That being said, this journey of mine started six years ago. It’s been through many journeys as I fought my way through accepting my own mental illness and job changes and loss and COVID and… AND.

You get it. You’ve been there. Not only that, but that first book is your BABY. It can do no wrong! And anything people say about it cuts deep… even when it’s a compliment like “I can’t wait to read it when it’s finished!” when you’ve just let them read your full 100k word book.

*large deflate*

Anyway. After letting my edits sit for nearly a year, I finally came back to it. I let go of this idea that it had to stay how it was from the beginning because that’s the only way the words would be true. But honestly, even reading back on that vs what I can say nowadays… Well, it actually makes me excited for what more I can come out with in the future. Book 2? A crime thriller? Why not! Give me it all!

That being said, thank you to everyone in this community who has helped me at some point along the way, even if it was just a favor to D.L. Finn. I will do what I can to return the support (though time isn’t really something I have much to spare).

Either way, I hope you find some joy reading my words. Well, if you so choose to read my words, I hope you enjoy at least parts of them. I hope it releases you temporarily from this world and plunges you into another. And, if you find yourself wanting more, know that I have indeed planned out a second book, and hopefully it won’t take another six years to reach its end. But, who knows!


“You were never meant to fight this on your own.”

The words might have provided some level of comfort if everyone Eliana loved and trusted hadn’t let her down. Twenty-two years ago when the prince had abandoned the people of Panis Montem, that fight fell onto the shoulders of a young girl. She used the pain she felt from his departure and transformed it into a driving rage. When her parents lost their fight against evil one evening, Eliana was transported to a different world. While the chase continued, she did everything she could to vanquish the enemy. But as The Darkness continued to consume the land, those with magic would have to fight back or else themselves become consumed.

Will Eliana be forced to finish this fight alone, or will she find another way?

“You were never meant to fight this on your own.”

The words might have provided some level of comfort if everyone Eliana loved and trusted hadn’t let her down. Will she be forced to finish the fight against The Darkness alone, or will she find another way?


The night was heavy as a storm consumed the sky, casting a chill into the unusually humid air. A lightning bolt shot across the clouds, momentarily revealing a breathless figure lurking in the shadows among the trees. Her green eyes widened with frantic searching as she supported herself against the unforgiving bark. When the world went silent again, a gust of wind blew the rain sideways, stinging the bared skin of her arms as she shielded her face.

In the distance, a raven cawed continuously, as if in warning, and a rumble of thunder answered, shaking the ground. The electricity-filled sky joined in on the conversation, brightening the surroundings enough to reveal a large, crooked house in the distance. The raven’s persistent beckoning called through the chaos of the sky.

When the shadowed night returned, the woman crept from the shelter of the trees, chancing the dangers of being revealed. A quiet step onto the rocks of the beaten path caused the excess water to squeeze from the sides of her leather shoes. She paused a moment, listening in the silence between the unrelenting rain as it cascaded down her clothing.



While DLM Johnson is new to the world of publishing her written work, she is not new to the world of writing, or even sharing her art. She holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Computer Engineering and one in Dance. Just like her degrees might allude to, DLM never wants to be boxed in by one label. What better way to break down walls and apply a plethora of skills than writing?

When DLM is not filling her free time with creativity in its written form, she spends her days working as a Software Engineer for an augmented reality company, and her nights she splits between teaching dance and GYROKINESIS®, attending rehearsals for both aerial and modern dance works, playing RPG, and catching up on TV. When she finds a moment to spare, she also enjoys taking motorcycle rides with her husband, being out in nature, and going on hikes.

If you want to keep up with more of the happenings inside of her mind, subscribe to her blog https://tinyurl.com/dlmjohnson, follow her on Twitter @dlmj18, and follow her explorations on HitRecord https://hitrecord.org/users/damnielle01/records.

Where else to find Danielle:

Amazon Author Page



55 thoughts on ““The Darkness of Placata Montis” by DLM Johnson, Cover Reveal and PreOrder! @DLMJ18 #writingcommunity #newrelease #fantasy #debutauthor”

    1. Thanks, Robbie 🙂 It is exciting to see happen, and a pretty excting story too!

      I appreciate you stopping by and supporting her.

  1. It’s amazing how busy folks still manage to write and publish a book. Well done! You must be very proud Denise. I wish DLM all the best and many more publications.

    1. I know it amazes me too, Darlene 🙂 I am very proud. Thank you for stopping by and supporting her!

  2. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉🎉🎉 Proud Mom and Daughter! Danielle, the book cover is one that speaks to me, and I love the blurb. Wishing you all the very best with your FIRST book! And for your future writing career. Hugs and love, Danielle and Denise. I’m doing my happy dance 💃 for you both 💕🙂

    1. Thank you, Harmony 🙂 I love the story behind the cover, she found the artist through a drawing my son gave me at Christmas one year. Hugs and love right back to you. Dancing here too! Thanks for stopping by and supporting her!

    2. Thanks! I am definitely pleased with how the cover turned out. It brought my ideas to life in a way I wasn’t expecting

  3. I’m so excited for you, Denise. A daughter with a first book baby is almost as thrilling as a daughter with a first human baby. I love that she’s following in your footsteps. Congratulations to DLM and a big hug to you both. Wishing her much success.

    1. Thank you, Staci 🙂 It is pretty darn thrilling and a good comparison. Those furry babies are a joy too. You sure do have an adorable human one! A big hug right back, and thanks for stopping by and supporting her.

      1. You know, I thought about our furry babies when I wrote my reply, but I didn’t want to clog up my comment. You’re 100% correct, though. They bring infinite joy, too.

        And thanks for the kind words about Luna. 💕

    2. Book babies can replace human ones?! Guess I’m all set. I hope my mom is ready for lots of book grandchildren.

      Thanks for the support!

      1. I wouldn’t say “replace” but they certainly bring with them a ton of joy and pride. I know your mother must be beaming right now. Getting to introduce her daughter and her book baby to the world must be an indescribable feeling. And I know she’s excited to welcome a library full of book grandchildren. (Wow, we carried that metaphor far.) Congratulations and best wishes to you!

  4. Nice to meet you, Danielle, I’ve just preordered my copy. Looking forward to reading it! What a thrill it must be, Denise, to have your daughter follow in your footsteps.

    1. Thank you, Mark 🙂 It is a thrill, and interesting from a Mom POV. Happy reading, and I appreciate you coming by and offering your support.

    1. Thanks, Joan 🙂 I sure am feeling a bit on the proud side. I appreciate you dropping by with your support!

  5. Congratulations Danielle. I like your cover, and I know your mom is proud of you. Motorcycle rides with your husband, where have I heard that before?

    1. Thanks for dropping by and offering your support, Craig. I can’t imagine where you heard about the Harley riding before 😉

  6. Congratulation, Danielle, on your first release! I’m so excited for you (and your proud mom). Your book cover is perfectly creepy, and your excerpt is fantastic. Well done! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Yvette for coming by and supporting her. I agree about the cover. She found a great artist for that creepy effect. Xo

    1. No it does not, Jacqui 🙂 Thank you and your stopping by and supporting her is appreciated!

  7. Oh, Denise, I know you must be over the moon happy and excited for your daughter! I love the blurb AND the excerpt. Congratulations to DLM Johnson!! I wish you a ton of success and many more books to come!

    1. That describes it well, Jan, over the moon:) I appreciate your support!

  8. Congratulations, Danielle on your first book, and congratulations, Denise, proud mom! I know you both must be very excited. New releases are always fun but a debut release is extra special. I enjoyed the excerpt and the cover is eye-catching. All the best to you as yo venture into the world of writing, Danielle!

  9. Congratulations, Danielle. I am so happy for you — and your mom. This is cause for real celebrations. I enjoyed the blurb and will pre-order after this comment. BRAVO! 💗

  10. How exciting, Denise, to feature your daughter. She caught the writing bug from you, it seems. I’m a fan of fantasy and it sounds like Danielle is too. Love the blurb, but even more so the excerpt. Huge congrats and the best of luck. She has the best possible mentor on her author’s journey. 🙂

  11. Thank you, Diana ) Yes, she sure did catch that bug! It’s one bug I don’t mind sharing. Fantasy is sure a great genre to exore and read. Hugs xo

  12. Welcome to the ups and downs of publishing, DLM. I like the blurbs, and you have some lovely description in your excerpt. May you go on to write another book, and another after that! : )

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