#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry #Challenge No. 277: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry! #poetry #poetrychallenge #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity

Here’s Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge #277. This week’s theme is Taste the Rainbow!

after the sweet rain
rainbows contour the landscape
magic-infused air
sunbeams warm my jaded soul
I breathe in nature’s healing

39 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry #Challenge No. 277: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry! #poetry #poetrychallenge #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity”

      1. We do, Denise! 🙂 2022 is California’s driest year on record so far. We’re in trouble. Like many states, the weather turns upside down. 🙁

    1. It is scary, Miriam. They say some areas are sinking a foot because water table levels have dropped. All we can hope for is a mild summer. Stay safe!

    1. I love both too, Staci. I think I appreciate all the more with our lack of it.

    1. Thank you, Colleen 🙂 That smell reminds me of the world being cleansed and give a new chance.

  1. This is lovely and so refreshing, Denise. We are still waiting for the rains- in fact, that’s what my tanka is about 🙂

    1. I hope you get some rain. I will be heading over soon to check out your poem too 🙂 I hope some rain makes it your way. We will take any we can get.

  2. So so beautiful, Denise. I felt the lovely damp richness and could breathe again. 💗

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