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Contemplations of a woman turning sixty-five

by Pat Garcia

“Contemplations of a woman turning sixty-five” is a fun, fast read full of promise. Tessie is about to turn sixty-five and is thinking about what is left for her in this life while dealing with the death of a friend. She is a never-married virgin who had always dreamed of love and a house full of kids. As she dives into the darkness of reality, there was an unexpected twist and a new option she had never dreamed would be possible for her. Is it for real and should she take it? This story offers hope that dreams can come true no matter what age you are. A sweet tale to brighten any reader’s mood.

Escaping the Woods: A Short Story 

by Yvette M Calleiro

“Escaping the Woods” is a children’s story set in the 80s in Mississippi. Isabella and her family have moved to a new town. Isabella immediately meets a new friend, Janine, who suggests they go to her brother’s fort in the forest. Fearful of what could be in those woods, Isabella follows Janine until they get lost. I enjoyed this fast read and felt like I was in the head of an eleven-year-old in 1982. There was humor and I could feel the girls building fear as they kept walking. This short story made me feel like the author was sitting next to me telling a vivid story from her childhood. A fun tale that can either be shared with a child or as an adult being brought back to their youth. I can highly recommend this quick read.

Gateway to Magic

by Annabelle Franklin

A fun story for middle-grade readers about a spoiled boy, Steven, who has everything he could want. Steven spends his time playing video games until one day he sees something unusual in his game that makes sense later. His cousin Tracy talks him into going into the forest and presses that red button that says Do Not Push. Steven ends up in Fairy Land, where everything differs from what he knows. This reminded me a bit of Dorothy trying to get home in the “Wizard of Oz” mixed with the whimsy of “Alice in Wonderland.” I loved the characters he ran into along his journey. My favorite was Nigel, the shapeshifter. Technology is banned in this new land of magic, which makes it hard for Steven to navigate. The food he eats has unusual side-effects, and he has some lessons to learn along the way. The Fairy Queen is supposed to give him the job he is required to do to earn his keep. She is another fun character, and I liked her realm, but he has some miles to travel to get there. I bought this to give to my granddaughter and I know she will enjoy this magical tale as much as I did.

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review in that case, but I have been known to email the author:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

Embrace your inner child this summer, read a book! D. L. Finn

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    1. It was a fun read and I’m happy to share it. I also passed it on to my granddaughter to read 🙂

  1. Pat’s book reminds me of a friend’s daughter who is 50+ and just got married for the first time two days ago. There’s always hope. Great read and excellent reviews, Denise.

  2. Good Morning!
    Thank you. I do my best to not go on Twitter on Mondays and so I am late. I truly appreciate this shout out. I have been looking through your website and like the way you have it structured, and I also found one of your books, A Voice in the Silence, that I plan to read because I like to dwell in a good romantic book with paranormal elements and relax.
    Thanks once again because this was a very nice surprise this morning.
    Shalom aleichem

    1. Thank you, Pat 🙂 It is nice to take a break from social media. I hope you enjoy meeting Drea and the animals as much as I did reading your story.

    1. It was a quick fun read, Sandra 🙂 Thank you, I hope you do too. My muse decided to take a vacation…lol. I hope yours is dancing. Xo

  3. All you need is a YA book in here and you’ll have something for everyone. Great selection, Denise. I haven’t read any of these. Contemplations appealed to me since there are so few books (it seems) with older protagonists. Thanks for sharing your reviews!

    1. Good point, Diana! Too bad I didn’t have a YA in the mix 😉 I enjoy older protagonists in stories and glad when I run across them.

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