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Today I’m thrilled to have friend and fellow Story Empire author, Harmony Kent here today to share the good news about her latest poetry release, “Sorrowful Soul.” I read this powerful book and loved it. Here is my review: LINK

Hi, Denise.

Thanks so much for hosting me today.

It’s always wonderful to visit with you.

Here’s a little bit I’d love to share about my latest book of poetry, Sorrowful Soul. Full of freestyle poems, which provide company and compassion through the devastating journey of grief and loss and onward, this heartfelt collection shows us we do not travel this lonely road alone.

Since Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s excellent book on the stages of grief, we now have an established set of seven stages to the grieving process. Although these stages are non-linear and can be revisited at any time, it’s helpful to have a rough idea of what we might expect during this difficult period of transition. The sixth stage is commonly known as Working Through or Testing.

Here’s an extract from a poem about whether we’d do it all again in the face of loss …

From Part 6: Working Through

(From within To Have Lived and Loved)

A second death

The slow way

‘Oh, good grief,’

I cry

But is there such a thing?

If I had my time again

Would I choose

To lose

The love we had

To avoid the pain

Of loss?

How far would you go to either forget or remember a lost loved one? Chat with me in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this poetic excerpt and would love to know what you think. Thanks for reading 😊


About the Book:

If we’re lucky, we meet twilight at the front door and old age creeps in on the night breeze.

Even if we make it to our twilight years, the more we age, the more loss we must endure as part of the cycle of life. Many of these poems lament death, but they also relate to broken relationships, severed friendships, and the loss of youth. This book of grief poetry is as much about saying goodbye and working through loss as it is about death and love split asunder.

This heartfelt collection provides company and compassion through the devastating journey of loss and shows us we do not travel this lonely road alone. Within these pages we share shock, numbness and denial, catapult into anger, bargaining, depression, loneliness, and guilt, and—eventually—make the seismic shift into testing the possibility of a new normal and finding acceptance.

Universal Sales Link:


Harmony Kent spent 13 years in a Zen Buddhist monastery, where she faced her demons and overcame devastating low self-esteem and found freedom. After a life-changing injury, Harmony returned to the world at the tender age of 40, and her life as a writer began.

Harmony is an award winning multi-genre author, and her publications include:

The Battle for Brisingamen (Fantasy Fiction) AIA approved

The Glade (Mystery/Thriller) AIA Approved/BRAG Medallion Honouree/New Apple Literary Awards Official Selection Honours 2015

Polish Your Prose: Essential Editing Tips for Authors (Writing/Editing) New Apple Literary Awards Top Medallist Honours 2015

Finding Katie (Women’s Fiction)

Slices of Soul (Soul Poetry Series: Book 1)

Life and Soul (Soul Poetry Series: Book 2)

Sorrowful Soul (Soul Poetry Series: Book 3)

Interludes (Erotic Short Stories)

Interludes 2 (Erotic Short Stories)

Moments (Short Stories and Poetry)

Jewel in the Mud (Zen Musings)

Polish Your Prose (How to Self-Edit)

Creative Solutions (Creative Writing Inspiration)

Backstage (Erotic Romance and Thriller)

FALLOUT (Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia) BRAG Medallion Honouree

The Vanished Boy (Psychological Thriller)

As well as being an avid reader and writer, Harmony also offers reviews and supports her fellow authors. Harmony is always on the lookout for talent and excellence, and will freely promote any authors or books who she feels have these attributes.

Harmony’s Website

twitter: @harmony_kent

Goodreads: Harmony Kent

BookBub: Harmony Kent

Story Empire (co-authored blog): Harmony Kent

Harmony’s Amazon Author Page:

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  1. Good luck to Harmony with her new release. Nice new release post Denise. I might be quite scarce on social media from the 16th (going back to the UK for a family Christmas,) so if I don’t get a chance to wish you both Merry Christmas here is the time! 🙂 x

    1. Thanks, Marje 🙂 I’m thrilled to be sharing Harmony great book here. I hope you have a wonderful trip and visit with family! I look forward to my upcoming break and seeing family too. They all come here. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Harmony! To answer your question, I wouldn’t want to forget loved ones even though I miss them. I like to think of them in a better place and ahead of me on a journey. I’ll get there soon enough.
    Hi Denise! I’ve read Sorrowful Soul. I think you’ll like it!

    1. I feel the very same way, Priscilla 🙂 I don’t want to forget them and know I will see them when it’s time. It is a powerful read, you are right that I would enjoy it. I just added my review to the post.

  3. This was a precious read. I loved Sorrowful Soul. My heartfelt congratulations to Harmony for this latest achievement. And a big thank you, Denise, for hosting today. Hugs to you both. 🤗

    1. It really was, Gwen a heartfelt achievement to write on such a delicate subject so well. Always happy to spread the good news of a release. Big hugs right back xo

    1. Yes. You are right so many struggle with this but love always has seemed worth it, I agree, Liz 🙂

    1. I found the same thing even with the later pain of loss, John. Thrilled to share in Harmony’s latest moving collection.

  4. Another beautiful post, Harmony. The answer to the question posed by the poem is “no.” For me anyway. Better to have loved and lost…
    Thanks for hosting our talented friend, Denise. 😀 <3

    1. Always better to have had love, I agree Diana. Always happy to have the very talented Harmony here!

  5. That’s an easy question to answer, Harmony. I have a lot of Rick’s music to keep me company, but I also still have some of his clothes, even after thirteen years. So, I will to any lengths to keep his memory alive! Great post. Congratulations on the new book! Thank you, Denise, for hosting!

    1. I hang on to things to, Jan to remember and keep their memories alive. Music is an amazing gift that you can cherish. I’m thrilled to have shared Harmony’s moving read here.

  6. Harmony really taps into our emotions with this one, with words that unearth how we feel loss, Robbie.

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