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Fifteen First Times: Beginnings: A Collection of Indelible Firsts

By D.G. Kaye

“Fifteen First Times” is a group of personal stories told in a humorous yet perceptive manner. It felt like I was sitting with Ms. Kaye having a cup of tea while she shared some of her life stories. I found it easy to relate to a first kiss, first heartbreak, or first-time driving. It got me reflecting on many of my firsts and how I navigated life after. The author’s strength, fashion sense, and humor shined through the words, painting a picture of her moments. This is a book of youthful reflections and what we can learn from all our firsts. There was also a loving dedication to her departed husband that touched my soul. This is a beautiful collection of coming-of-age stories I can easily recommend.

When Evil Chooses You: Book Three in the Dreamer’s Alliance Series

By Dan Antion

“The Evil Chooses You” is a fun sequel where Zach quickly discovers the FBI isn’t through with him and his exceptional skills. Zach wants to enjoy his retirement, but someone from his not-too-recent past has other ideas. His ability to go into his dreams and travel is too hard for some to resist using. Agent Dyer has a personal vendetta against a Senator, a Mob boss, and a local cop. He will stop at nothing to take them down, using Zach and murder to get what he wants. I enjoy the relationship between Zach, his daughter, his brother, and his best friend, Billy. They are good support for him when he needs it. He must learn whom to trust outside this circle and, in an interesting twist, find a new ally. I kept thinking about the show and movies Mission Impossible as their plan unfolded. An entertaining and unique series that offered an ending I found satisfying.


Origins: The Legend of Ava

By Ivy Logan

Having read and enjoyed the first two books of the Breach Chronicles, I was excited to see there was a prequel to the first story. Ava is a Heichi Sorceress who can see the future and sometimes end up there. She helplessly watches a girl racing deep into the forest. Her attempts to help or change things have repercussions she has to deal with. Ava is a character full of compassion that isn’t always appreciated. I loved she followed her heart even in the worst of situations. This quick read can be a stand-alone, but it is a great addition to a series I can easily recommend.

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews here! If I don’t like the book, I won’t finish it. It wouldn’t be fair to leave a review for an unfinished story, and life is too short not to enjoy my reading journey!

Embrace your inner child, and read a good book! D. L. Finn

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  1. All of these sound excellent. I am particularly drawn to Debby’s Fifteen First Times. I’ve read other books by DL Kaye and always found them worth the time with a sense of humor that I believe makes everything work better (like that spoonful of sugar).

  2. What a lovely surprise to find my book as one of your reviews Denise. Thanks so much for reading, and I’m so glad you took so much from it. Hugs <3 xx

  3. Excellent reviews for all three authors, Denise. I read and really enjoyed the first book in Dan’s series. The remaining two are on my reading list!

  4. Thanks for the reivews, Denise. I’ve only read Debby’s book, and I enjoyed it for the same reasons you did. I’m behind on Dan’s series, and your review made me want to catch up soon. And thanks for the intro to Ivy and her book. I’m glad it works as a standalone. It’s tempting! Happy Reading <3

    1. Yes, Debby has a great way of sharing life. It’s hard to catch up, Diana 🙂 I keep trying. Glad for the introduction. Happy reading!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these, Denise. Ivy Logan is a new author to me and you’ve piqued my interest. I enjoyed Debby’s 15 firsts. It was so relatable. I have Dan’s book waiting for me. Congrats to the authors!

    1. Glad to pique your interest, Jan 🙂 Yes, Debby’s work is very relatable. I have so many books waiting for me, glad they are patient.

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