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Today is my first From Finn’s Forest where I’ll be sharing my love of animals, nature, and a bit of magic I find in this forest or even the ocean as I explore the world around me. The posts will vary between poetry, photos, stories, updates, or some interesting facts. This will come on weeks when there isn’t any book reviews. I’m limiting book review posts by putting more into one post.

I have shared that my husband created a trail for me to walk on that we call the Magical Trail. This last winter it took a hard hit with all the unusual storms. So, I thought that would be a good place to start. We are already heavy into clean up, have fixed the part of the front deck that collapsed, and are focusing on clearing around the house first.

Here are some photos from the storms and when I was first able to get back on the trail. After the pictures is a poem from my upcoming book.

sun and snow on front deck
This is a shot from the front door and the part of the deck that had no problem with all that snow.
bird in snow
Some visiting birds that I offered food.
bears in snow
A mama and baby bear got up early from their winter nap. They not only got into our garbage but cleaned up the bird food.
feather by snow
I saw this at the beginning of the Magical Trail one day. The white feathers reminded me of angel wings.
fallen cedar
This cedar came down right in the middle of the trail. It is scheduled to be cleaned up soon.
tree top down
I watched when the top of a cedar snapped off during a storm. It is laying on a couple of other trees. It reminded me of Dominos when it happened. Not sure how we are going to clean up this mess.
burn pile
We spent a day burning the branches and debris from the tree that fell in the driveway and the large oak branches that broke near the house. I ended up with a burn that looked like a human bite. Didn’t hurt much though but strange looking.
spring arrived. dogwood and bleeding heart flowers.
Spring finally arrived in May. Here are some dogwood blooms, and bleeding hearts, along with the lilac that I got last year for Mother’s Day.
red flower
This camellia bloomed late this year, in May, but very glad to see it!
river rocks
Here is the latest batch from the rock tumbler. We picked these up at the Yuba River. There is mostly quartz, lava, jasper, and, granite, and epidote. Another batch of river rocks is tumbling right now. I use a rock app on my phone to identify them.

I will be sharing photos as we get everything all cleaned up! Here is a poem that is a reminder that magic is never too far away no matter what life or nature throws at us.


The raging river

Releases in a final thrust

Over the jagged cliff

Into the peaceful pool

Where its journey begins.

In the silent reflection…

On a warm winter morning…

Over the river’s roar…

I heard the fairy’s sweet song

That awakened my magic.



  • I had a fabulous time on my vacation. It was busier than normal, but fun packed. Under the warm tropical waters, I was able to write three haikus on an underwater tablet while snorkling. I also went to a coffee plantation, beautiful gardens, explored caves, saw wild bottle nosed dolphins, sea turtles, and flocks of parrots. There are some pictures on Facebook and Instagram from the trip. My writing reset button was pushed 🙂
  • Next week is June’s Book reviews.

Embrace your inner child. D. L. Finn

34 thoughts on “From… Finn’s Forest #1! #poetry #photos #writingcommunity #nature #forest #readersoftwitter #authorblog”

    1. This was a change I was very happy to see, Craig. Yes, it is going to be a banner year of flowers 🙂

    1. Thank you, Yvette 🙂 We will take the clean up slow. Yes such a great trip. Xo

  1. Hurray for a new series, Denise! I look forward to what you are going to share in Finn’s Forest! The photos are great and I love the poem. So glad you enjoyed your vacation! Welcome back!

    1. Thanks, Jan 🙂 I apprecicate the encouraging words for the new series. I really did enjoy the vacation and all we did and saw, but now I need a restful one after… lol.

    1. I would miss the forest too if I wasn’t there but there is so much other beauty in the world to enjoy, Marje 🙂

  2. I forget about how much damage that much snow can bring. It’s a lot of clean up when you have trees down. But I’m glad you had a great vacation. We need to make time to just relax and enjoy. I could sit by that River right now. And you wrote haiku underwater!! I love that *laughing*.

    1. Yes, it can do some damage past a certain point, otherwise, I really love it. Had a wonderful time and get that reset I needed. I would be sitting by the river too. It was fun but hard to get into that poetry-writing zone too…lol Might have to try it at the river too. It was an experience… lol

  3. Your wonderful trail and beautiful poetry is proof that we don’t have to go far to see magic, Denise. I’m glad you enjoyed the vacation. 🙂

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