Poetry in November

fall sun


The electrical current’s flow has ceased

The stillness shrouds the space

And the dense darkness appears endless.

Then, a roar saturates the silence with a shimmer

And some are flooded with modern conveniences.

This constant rumble requires an offering of petrol

We gladly feed this beast no matter what the cost.

The howl of a generator is a small price to pay

For the glowing lights and hum of the refrigerator.

We easily fall asleep knowing the sound…

Is keeping us safe, healthy, and comforted.

When the sparking current goes silent…

The roaring beast awakens at our invitation

We lounge in this brief utopia, feeding the beast

While we wait for the ordinary to return.

Here’s what I’m hoping for VERY soon!


The ground is full of yesterday’s rain.

The drops linger on the rose petals

Trees glow a growing green

Blue peeks from behind the clouds

The birds sing in a joyful tune

The woodpecker feasts on insects on the dead tree

The dog lays in the sun at my feet

While the bees go back to work

Each gathering their needs before the next storm

But for now, I enjoy this day with nature

With a grateful heart for the day after the rain.


  1. Still looking for some saturating rain. Although, no power outages this past week, they could make a come back soon if that storm door doesn’t open up soon!
  2. I hit the 20,000-word mark for the NaNo. I hope to make the 50,000 if all goes well, but life usually throws in a surprise or two. So, I’m focusing on being grateful for every word I have time to write for this event.
  3. I was awarded the incredible honor of being the #RRBC NOVEMBER SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR! I’ll be doing a blog tour that has started and an interview this week. Here’s the link if you are interested.   https://ravereviewsbynonniejules.wordpress.com/spotlight-a…/
  4. I’m also a part of the “RWISA “RISE-UP” BLOG TOUR.” That starts this week, too.
  5. This leaves my time on social media very limited. I will be back in full capability in December until my holiday break:)

Embrace your inner child with some poetry! D. L. Finn

13 thoughts on “Poetry in November”

  1. I love both of these poems. What a way to describe a power outage! Great job! Congrats on the awesome word count for NaNo! That’s amazing! And congrats on the Spotlight Author seat. It is well-deserved!

    1. Thanks, Jan. I thought I’d go write some poetry outside after turning our generator off only to find out how loud everyone else’s was…lol.

      I got more writing done than I thought I would which is good because I had a grandkid weekend with a sleepover tonight:) Your story sounds so good Jan mine is still figuring itself out.

      I was really surprised and honored being choosen to be the Spotlight Author.

  2. This is all good! Your poems take me back to your area, where everyone should be doing a rain dance. Here in NE we also have a generator (thank goodness for the beast) because of our nor’easters and snowstorms. But who knew it would become a necessity in CA? Congrats on the 20,000 words (a big accomplishment) and the spotlight.

    1. Things have definitely changed quickly in CA for sure. We have our beast for snowstorms too. This is a whole new reason to use it. Thank you:) NaNo forces my procrastination away! Happy writing.

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